8 Responses to “Are You Headed in the Right Direction?”

  1. Thanks for being the example that you are to so many.

  2. Awesome clip – I love the thin threads on how people in the past were instrumental in helping to shape your future and now you’re doing the same thing in return, as well as for many others.

    Thanks for all that you do!

  3. Wow Claude,
    You are such an amazing guy thank you for showing thousands and thousands the right direction in life.
    You have shown me so much direction in many areas of my life through appearance, through CDs and through your awesome book toughen up.
    thank you!!

  4. Great clip Claude. The FLC 2013 in Ottawa was an incredible event packed with great talks and teaching. Op 180 is sure to help business owners to get headed in the right direction. I want to thank you, Wayne and all the policy council for the direction you have set for the LIFE business. We can all have the LIFE we’ve always wanted!

  5. Hi Claude!

    Love that talk and it shows why you are who you are! Thanks for leading the path that we may all shine our lights in the right direction!
    Merry Christmas
    God bless.

  6. The people attending the Ottawa conference from our team said this talk was amazing. And they were right. Thanks for leading.

  7. Excellent point regarding “Be Careful who you listen to”. Love it

    • It’s amazing to hear all the “thin thread” stories from leadership. Proud to be part of an awesome legacy! Keep ‘em coming!

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