2 Responses to “Think back to when you first received The Gift”

  1. “Receiving the GIFT”-what a perfect description!! The business, the information and the association are a huge gift..and have changed my life in numerous ways, in so many different aspects: my family, my faith in God, my belief in myself, my friends and associations, my finances, my attitude, my confidence, my relationships…the list goes on and on. I will forever be thankful and grateful for receiving this gift. Thanks for sharing Claude! You and Lana are a blessing to so many!!

  2. Hi Claude, we talked at your book signing in Milwaukee last fall. Your book was great. As we talked I mentioned that I would have something for you and Lana for the next Major. My wife is a knitter and she has made a lovers mitten set for both of you. I am not sure how I can get it to you at the Major next week. I hope you know how much your book and your talks have helped us through our financial times. Delayed gratification was a new and well worth the change to better our lives. I hope to be able to get this small gift of appreciation to both of you.
    Thanks for everything Ray and Karla Powell

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