A Leadershift is Coming Soon

A Leadershift is Coming Soon

A Leadershift is Coming Soon

Good Morning!

I just put my son down to bed for his morning nap, he gets up at 7am and is back in bed by 9am! We basically get up, eat breakfast, play for a bit and then time for a nap. As we play I put on Treehouse which is a commercial free children’s tv station. Mostly for noise as the house is so quiet at that time and he really doesn’t watch the TV.

There is a tv show called Max and Ruby about brother and sister rabbits who apparently live at home alone without parents but somehow Ruby the older sister rabbit has become a massive nag!! Max clean up your toys….Max make your bed….Max eat your food….Max this and Max that!! Its unbelievable, I half expect to hear Ruby in my nightmares nagging me. Anyways, needless to say, Wyatt has a little less Max and Ruby in his life!

It makes me excited for Wayne and Raylene who are new Policy Council members but also first time expecting parents. I love everything about being a dad and I know they will love it too.

Yesterday was valentines and Manaia who is 3 sent Wyatt a video where she is dressed as a heart and asks Wyatt to be her valentine. So cute. I sent it to Wyatt’s email and in 25 years he can see his first valentines day request!

Lately I’m reading a lot of great books on fatherhood and parenthood that I get thru the LIFE business. I get so much insight and love the feelin DONT g that I am becoming more wise in raising my boy, thats one of the things I love about reading. As I read thru a book I think about all the people I have met who DON’T read and it makes me a combination of sad for them and frustrated for them. I am sad for the information they miss out on that i know could help their situation and I get frustrated because its so easy to pick up a book filled with great principles and information and read it and they don’t do it.

As an example, I LOVE and have read the book “Personality Plus for Parents” by Florence Littauer a few times now. Its a simple book about personalities in children and it has been amazing in helping me with Wyatt. In fact, being a LIFE distributor, I easily do my customer volume required to get paid just with that book! I keep copies with me always and when I meet people who talk about kids,which is now a favourite topic of mine, I talk about how the book helped me. They always ask for the name and author of the book and instead I pull out a copy. I offer to give it to them but then say, you should buy it from me so that you pay for it and that  hopefully makes you more likely to read it!

Lastly, my next blog post is about a book my friends Orrin Woodward and Oliver Demille wrote called “LEADERSHIFT“. I finished this book as a while ago as I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and its amazing.  You can pre-order it from Barnes and Noble, and if you are a LIFE distributor you can actually get some credit towards your LIFE volume. I will talk more about this book soon!

In the meantime, talking about parenting and kids, here are some hilarious family Christmas pictures that will make you laugh!

Fight Fiercely

Claude Hamilton


Dad realizes that if the 40 pounds of tinsel catches fire on that tree,

he has a better chance of survival without the flammable matching pj’s.


I don’t know who’s more horrified, Santa or the “Death Becomes Me” kids.




I can see why they won’t let you have children of your own.




It probably seemed like a better idea in their heads.


OMG – it’s like Christmas “camo”!


What’s with the Clown??? And the eyebrows????????


Yeah, that’ll keep him quiet for a while.


Batman, Batgirl, Batdog and Robin.


Is Santa being held hostage?


These guys are trying way too hard to be bad. It’s painful.


Merry Christmas from the Dork family, thank you, thank you very much.




They have entirely too much time on their hands to dream this one up.


I don’t know what’s more horrifying – the family pj’s or the hideous furry couch.


To you, an your kin, we wish you peace and joy!


The first signs of little Jimmy’s psychotic break.

13 thoughts on “A Leadershift is Coming Soon

  1. Thanks for the pictures I am still laughing.

    That is a great idea about the email for Wyatt once is has grown up. I think Pam and I will have to do that for Emma. There is so much I want to tell her now. Thanks again.

    • Love your Christmas pictures. I appreciate you taking the time to come to Mansfield Ohio. Thank you for the great tips on growing the business.

  2. Great post, Claude! Reminded me of your ‘Don’t Do This!’ talk with the pictures you included & how you combined both the family & fun F’s together ;-)

    Look forward to your next post about the #1 seller on B&N to this point ( last I saw ) , ‘Leadershift’ ! My multiple book pre-order was in on B&N.com a while ago :)

  3. I tend to do the same with 5 Love Languages. I find a lot of people have read the book workout a real idea of how to apply it. They also don’t have a community that Talla about it often enough to keep it fresh in their minds, and I’m thankful I do!

    The fatherhood books are a very good reminder that we need to be fathers, not just boys that happen to live in the same house as our kids. Point Man is one of my favorites for this.

    I’m looking forward to leadershift and can’t wait to get it into the hands of friends and associates and watch the change.

  4. Claude, Julie hands that book out like candy to the parents at her Paediatric practice. She cannot keep them in stock. It’s such a simple read and an invaluable resource for parents. Thanks foer the amazing article once again. Your awesome!

  5. Great blog Claude! Can’t wait to get a copy of the new Leadershift!!

    Those Christmas photos are hilarious!!

  6. So neat the timing of me reading your blog! I just finished meeting with some parents regarding their girls. I will now suggest that they read the Personality Plus book for parents. This would be great information for them at this time!

  7. Thanks for the blog, as always much to be learned. Where did you find those pictures? tOO FUNNY!

  8. The things you do for family! What a great post after a stormy Monday.

    I could not agree more for the value of learning and reading. I have two young children and the learning we have received throught this business has helped us enourmeously and we continue to apply ourselves to be better. Our kids are noticing as they now ask to read before the usual tv and movies they were used to before (thanks to a great CD in the parenting pack).

    I enjoy seeing a father express his love for being one. Some thought I was strange when I would say I’d love to be a stay at home Dad. Now I can achieve that plus have tools to ensure my kids will enjoy it as much as me !

    Thank you Claude!

  9. Thanks for the blog, Claude. Having copies of “Personality Plus for Parents” onhand is a great idea, as it would be so helpful for so many families. The materials available through the LIFE business have something for everyone, which is truly amazing. Thanks to you and Lana for being such caring, motivational leaders!

    Thanks too for all of the pictures..we had a great laugh this morning.

    God Bless

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