Caring When It Counts and Your Positive Attitude

Claude Hamilton blogLast week I wrote about a business rejection that made a big impact on me— because it made me worry about the future of my business and whether or not I had the strength to keep going when the going got tough. But there was another rejection that really bothered me, in an entirely different way. It was an experience that I may never forget, and I wrote about it in Toughen Up.

This rejection happened during those early days of my business, when I was constantly busy setting up meetings, making connections and just generally working hard to get my business off the ground. I was meeting a man at his home to talk about what my business had to offer. I pulled up into his driveway, next to a car with a safety rejection sticker plastered on the window. I glanced up towards the house and saw a big satellite dish in the yard, and flickering images from a large TV in the living room window.

As I walked towards the door, I began to make connections in my mind:

  1. The owner of the vehicle obviously couldn’t afford to fix whatever problem had warranted the reject sticker—or else they would have had it done at the garage. As a result, the car couldn’t be used.
  2. I’ve noticed a strange trend over the past few years. The bigger investment people make in their TV, the less money they seem to have. This man had made a pretty significant investment.

These two conclusions led me to make an assumption—this man needed to earn more money. Why else wouldn’t he fix his car? I wanted to help. I was welcomed into the home, and I spent some time talking with the man and his wife about what I had to offer.

Now, rejection is one thing, but nothing could have prepared me for his final response. He said, very matter-of-factly, “I don’t think there’s anything I want bad enough to do more work for.” I was floored. I wanted to blurt out, “what about the brakes on your wife’s car?” but I held my tongue and glanced over at his wife. When those words came out of his mouth, she paled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more helpless look than I saw on her face that day. She was about eight months pregnant and she was still getting up every day and going to work. That woman was tough.

But despite her positive attitude, her spouse’s attitude—which featured a serious lack of self-discipline and focus—had caused her to lose her personal freedom. And although she was trying to push through, doing what she could for the family, the toll she was paying was written on her face that day.

I left the home feeling sad for the family. There was nothing I could do to help someone who didn’t want to work, and couldn’t recognize the needs of his family. And unless his attitude changed, his family’s situation would never improve.

I wanted to tell this story because it illustrates how critical it is to have a positive attitude. But even more than that, I wanted to express the kind of impact a negative attitude may have on your loved ones.

14 thoughts on “Caring When It Counts and Your Positive Attitude

  1. Attitude is so important and I find it sad that there are so many people out there with such negative attitudes. I am so glad that I am associated with Life Leadership and started to control what went into my head and learned to only think of positive things.

  2. Claude..great of the greatest things about your information and observations are the first hand experience behind every thing you teach…not going to lie thought you were well full of canadian garbage at first. But Iv come to greatly enjoy your honest experience. Your knowledge of freedom and american history is really hard to match..had a great time learning from you last saterday in wisconsin.

    come visit often its a great state..

    • Kyle
      I LOVE Wisconsin, the people remind me of people here in Nova Scotia. Just great people. Dan and George have an amazing community there. thx for reading my blog and commenting
      ps “Canadian” is capitalized
      pps i think “Garbage” may need to be capitalized also since its a proper noun once u describe it as being “Canadian” garbage. but you are right, we do ship most of our garbage to the US to be buried in your landfills so it doesn’t mess up our environment!!

  3. Soo true Claude! Having a great attitude especially when your family’s sucess or happiness is on the line! Thanks Claude.

  4. Loved your article, I found nows days that some people are just so consumed with their own lives that I have had people ask me not to be so positive all the time. I laugh and just say ” Sorry honey, the only person I will change my attitude for me”

  5. Hi Claude
    Thanks for another great reminder of the fact that it is not only who we affect with our attitude but sometimes it’s who we infect with our attitude . I can so easily think it’s all about me. Thanks for your great reminders about the important things (like attitude ) and teaching me that success is what happens on the way to the goal it’s not the goal itself .
    God Bless

  6. Thanks for the great post Claude. I remember hearing this story before. It strikes me in two ways. First, how sad it is that people are willing to settle even when a great opportunity for a different way is presented to them. But second, how important it is for us to have a good attitude when we are meeting with people so they can see a difference. I am so thankful for my husband, John, and the influence of men like you and Wayne MacNamara in our lives. You are men who are in the battle fighting for their families, keeping a good attitude even when faced with “interesting” thinking. Thanks for leading the charge

  7. I’m still new to LIFE but am amazed at how your blog helps bring things into perspective. I am learning to look at the whole scene before judging. I’m shock to realize how many people are unwilling to change to help not only themselves but countless others. My heart has been opened & I feel truly blessed to have been given this opportunity. Thank you!!!

  8. Claude,
    Thank you for another fantastic post.
    I don’t understand attitudes like these, either. We interact with a few family members who were raised with positive attitudes and a good work ethic, but spend their lives seeing how much they can get for the littlest amount of effort. We try to pump good information into their lives, but until they want it, they continue to refuse to either accept or act on it. It just boggles the mind . . .

  9. Thanks for another great post, Claude! It’s so easy to have a negative attitude, and it definitely affects the whole world around you. The book, “Leadership and Self-Deception” opened my eyes to how selfish we can be and not even realize it. I love the information and association the LIFE Program offers, without it, I might not have realized just how much I was affecting my loved ones around me.

    Looking forward to the next post!


  10. Hi Claude!
    Great article! Unfortunately, for the time being at least, these types of negative situations are all around us. The best thing w can do for them, and for ourselves, is to keep shining light into their lives. The more that we can ‘toughen up’ and not allow these negativities to effect our own attitudes, the more our positivity can be contagious. Random acts of kindness, a warm hug, a bright smile..with the little things, we can really change someone’s day.
    Thank you to you and the founders of LIFE for the information that helps us all to be the change that we want to see. Thanks for your continued leadership and your great attitude!

    Keep Stroking!

  11. Hi Claude,

    People like that really bother me as well. It makes me wonder if my approach is wrong or are they just broken? The personality books help me understand a bit but I just don’t understand sometimes. My effort to help my family I do what ever has been needed. And think of the consequences later. For example I’ve been doing drywall before an upcoming surgery which now has me bed ridden but it had to be done so I did it…. That’s not to brag by any means (quite stupid really) but if there’s anything I can do to advance my families future I do it. It’s just survival. Maybe it’s our family background? Maybe it’s in our dna…
    With my strong family values and believing a mom and a dad should raise their kids (not strangers) that bothers me too… a lot.
    Hope that comment makes sense.
    Your a man of integrity and honor and please always keep leading as we know you will!
    God Bless

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