Enjoy LIFE

Enjoy LIFE

Enjoy LIFE


My friends and new Policy Council members Wayne and Raylene Macnamara spent the weekend in Halifax at our house with their Turbo 50s. Although the house is big we still had people doubling up in rooms and even some sleeping in the spa and the gym. Its a nice problem to have when there are so many people winning and moving on that you can’t fit them all!  :)

It’s so nice to spend time with winners, talk about the future and plan to help others to win. It always amazes me that when we get together with our leaders or the PC, we basically are sitting around planning to help people win and get the same results we have achieved, only faster and bigger. I watched the MacNamara’s start at  ZERO; they didn’t have anything handed to them. They started the same as anyone else. By helping others, building relationships and building themselves, they put together a HUGE community that will last their lifetime and be passed to their children.  The LIFE business is just barely past it’s first year and we are EXPLODING! I hear a bunch more PC are ready to break at the next major; all over North America, LIFE business owners are going on the trips they earned. These are exciting times!

Speaking of Exciting times in LIFE

Wyatt started walking! I think all the encouragement, the clapping and cheering from all the turbo 50s whenever he took a few steps really helped.

Here is a video below but I want to mention a few things. Yes it’s super cool and exciting that he walked but look at what he is holding in his hands when he took his first few steps. Also once he gets to where he is going you can see he starts digging with his hockey stick. What I see when I watch the video is a future hockey player, dumping the puck in the corner and skating into that corner full blast then digging and fighting for the puck!!

I love every minute with this little man I’m raising, such a blessing.

Fight Fiercely,


Wyatt Walks

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  1. Tremendous!

    Wayne & his team are a wonderful wonderful inspiration to Terry’s tribe – it was an honour to be on the floor that evening in Louisville :) Great to hear that the leaders who earned the privilege to spend time at the house enjoyed and grew from that experience!

    Tremendous x 2 to hear that numerous others are going to break the PC barrier in June — I recall Orrin mentioning that on his blog around the end of last year as well :-)

  2. We certainly do our best and truely enjoy serving the Team and all our friends! You and Rhonda are 2 of the best leaders on Wayne’s team my friend. Keep rolling!

  3. Thats truely amazing, Wyatt’s first steps, and 13 months old, I always said 13 is a lucky number, most disagree, but thats ok, I believe it is and thats what counts. We are soooo pumped up, the LIFE business is exploding and we are very fortunate to be part of a community that genuinely cares and respects one another. We cant wait to come to your home and have big steaks with our leaders, fired up!!!! Were on target for our goals, running hard, chasing our dreams!!!!! Thanks for sharing your lives with us, its truely inspiring, especially the wee man’s first steps, awesome, hockey player definitely in the cards for him, see it, believe it, achieve it!!!!! Nite xo

  4. Great Post Claude. I love that you and Lana have such fun opening your home to others. That’s really what LIFE is about.
    Thanks for sharing your hearts and your home.


  5. Association is such a huge part of life. It is fantastic how many opportunities we all have to get around our leaders, with open meetings, seminars, conventions and all of the wonderful promos. Life is awesome!!!

  6. The steam room the steak the Hummer the fire the theater and house were all great but the fellowship was life changing and will be one of the high points of our journey with Claude an Lana and all of the leaders.

  7. The is an amazing Team of winners in Kaizen and it all started with Claude and Lana and their awesome servant leadership and loving hearts. We have been on this journey with them for 13 years now and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. God Bless you guys and thank you for bring wayne and raylene into our lives.

    • You and Julie are truely servant leaders that have watched Claude and Lana and took that home with you!

  8. I heard that is was great weekend , an after seeing that picture of those steaks we will do what it take to make it there lol. Also from the way rico an chad talked about the information you shared with them aswell the way you made them feel was priceless…… cant wait till lindsay an i look forward to some day being out east to spend some time with you an lana.. god bless you an your family, and keep standing out as the great leader you know you are..

  9. I loved this blog, and the vid made me laugh. This is the reason I stay in this business. The people that I have met all with like minded goals.

  10. You shared something with us about what drove you and I will take that info and grow this amazing business.

  11. We look forward to yet ANOTHER opportunity to spend time with you guys and the other leaders of Life. This time, we won’t let it go by without qualifying. These are amazing stories… Sure makes those of us who missed out, not want to let it happen again!!

    • The oppertunity is their Scott let’s make it happen buddy. Hut one hut two

      Joe and Marianne

  12. Melissa says my blog comments don’t make sense. So I says to melissa I says, I don’t need to make sense, I make dollars!!! Bahhhhah

  13. I think that Claude could make another ‘Dont do This’ on operating the steam room. Was pretty funny seeing guys running in the snow in their bare feet though..

  14. Great post Claude it is so cool to see the little man walking around. He is blessed to have such a solid father as an example. Keep leading the charge.

  15. I can only imagine the conversations and unbelievable time that everyone would have had. I look forward to experiencing your amazing place myself in the future and feeding that elephant that much more!!

    • We look forward to having you there with us the next time for with the leadership skills you and so many more are displaying it won’t be long -Your going to love Claude’s steaks !!! Joe and Marianne

  16. We are running the roads this weekend and sharing what a blessing this life community is. Thank you Claude and Lana Wayne and Raylene for filling our cups and showing us what servant leadership is all about. I like the annology about taking your first steps and getting cheered on -Life is really like that with everystep you take somebody is their to
    cheer you and lift you up. We love seeing some of Wyatts first steps just as we love being around the Life community and seeing people stretching and taking their first steps. Love to you both
    Marianne and Joe

  17. Wyatt is so adorable! You and Lana are so Blessed to have such a great boy. Looking forward to our kids growing up together.

    • Your kids are already awesome Wade! It’s so nice to have people that you can feel comfortable having your own kids around.

      • Thanks Matt and Kathleen, they are purdy cute kids!! Product of our LIFE material for sure. Lots more to learn.

  18. Ohhh Wade… What are we going to do with you!?!? LOL
    We will have to teach you how to surf though, as long as you leave this habs talk out of it ;)

  19. Absolutely Claude – GO LEAFS GO!! Bleed blue for life. You may have to talk to Matt about his team of choice ;) lol

  20. Love it!!! Surfing pipe is on our bucket list, I can’t wait to master the sport!! We can’t wait to help enough people get what they want to be able to live the life we dream about

  21. Imagine the hockey team that your school will develop!! Canadian school athletics will finally be world class!

  22. There are a lot of parents who need to work hard and get around the hamiltons just to see what its like to be proper parents. I’ve seen some kids these days and can’t help but to shake my head. Being financially independent is what Mel and I are striving for, so that we too can be there for as many moments with our future kids as possible!

    • You guys are totally going to hit those goals! We are so proud of you both. It is awesome to see such a young couple learning to set priorities and work hard for a future together. With the information and environment that this business offers, you guys are set for an amazing marriage. We will be honoured to continue to witness your growth.

    • With the information you guys are getting now you will make awesome parents and I think your children will benefit like Wyatt.

  23. I’m already looking forward to the next major – the Bannister effect has been created with Wayne n Raylene going PC – by next major it will be awesome to see the belief that victory created in everyone, and how it helped to explode their own growth and victories!

  24. Get him a Leafs jersey ASAP!! This is awesome!! Just think of how great all of the LIFE leadership information is, with that and an awesome coach he could be captain someday ;)

  25. That was an amazing weekend. They are the most down to earth people I have ever met. Sharing that experience was priceless. Love it.

  26. It’s great to see the joy you take in fatherhood Claude. As a father myself i feel it’s the best thing I’ve ever done or ever will. My family means the world to me and I thank you for sharing your family with us.

  27. Its awesome recognizing the personality of your children and knowing which ones are motivated by the cheering and clapping/performing for an audience. Elijah our oldest is a sanguine like Wyatt. We r on a vacation right now in the States and everywhere we go he asks if his “friends” are going to be there. Thats after trying to bring every friend he had at home along with him! I can’t wait to be going on trips to Disney and Hawaii with friends that we’ve made in this awesome biz. Not to mention Round Table shopping trips!!!

    • No doubt Rose! The next leg of this journey is only going to be better than the last! We are so fortunate to be part of this amazing group of people. Watching all our kids grow up in such a positive environment brings hope and joy to our community. Soon we’ll all be hitting those vacations together! Enjoy.

  28. Lil wyatt already has a real stiff spine, he’s surrounded by the boldest of the bold! Super awesome example of great parenthood!

  29. I gotta admit – that was significant! The way he was in the digging for the puck – no slapping in that…lol!

    Thanks for everything – from opening up your house, to opening up your hearts and serving the team. I appreciate you guys so much for all that you do!

  30. It was so great being there to see some of those first few steps! Catherine & I really enjoyed watching your inneractions as a family!

  31. Thanks Claude for another great post. Wyatt is so precious and it is easy to see how much love is in your home. I’m equally excited to see the next series of PC babies! Our business has a way of uniting so many great people and as a result awesome families add numbers too!!

  32. Staying home with your kids instead of running the wheel in the rat race is truly awesome. Well worth the effort of doing something the average person won’t do

  33. Sounds like it was an amazing weekend. Thank you for the video Claude. He is such an adorable boy. I loved watching my boys walk for the first time. It’s exciting!!

  34. It’s wonderful to see inside the lives of incredible leaders, like yourselves, Wayne and Raylene, and the other leaders in Life, and find that they’re pure, honest and real. So many “leaders” out there wouldn’t be able to write these blogs that show inside their homes and family lives without having to dress it up to align with what they claim to stand for. You are a person that deserves every bit of the following you’ve developed and people can feel good about the leaders they’re following and the destinations they’re taking them in this Life community. Were proud to be a part of it.

  35. Great post, Claude. We feel so blessed to be in a business that is truly about helping each other win. We’re grateful to have leaders like you and Lana and Wayne and Ray to follow.

    And, what a priceless video. Good for you for enjoying every minute of your little man.

    • Lenny and Colleen, you guys set an amazing example yourselves. Your children are a wonderful product of the efforts that you guys put into your family life. Your team is lucky to have you. We’re lucky to count you as friends and partners.

  36. I shared the video of Wyatt walking with our kids and they watched it over and over! They were telling their grandparents all about Mr and Mrs Hamilton’s son Wyatt walking with his hockey stick. So much fun. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

  37. What an amazing weekend that must have been. Just another example of amazing servant leadership! We won’t miss another one. We want to bring that energy back to our team!

      • You and Sue are another great example of servant leaders. Your team is lucky to have you leading them. I know we’re lucky to have you as team mates and more importantly as friends.

  38. Haha lil wyatt is going to be a star for sure!! He’s going to have the frame and I hear he’s already started to look like a real hockey player! How are his teeth anyway? I hope that when Mel and I decide to have children that both of us can be stay at home parents as well! Super awesome!

  39. That’s awesome Gavyn can’t wait to play mini sticks with Wyatt. Thank you, to you and Lana for everything u done for Ray and Wayne and our Family!

  40. That is so awesome Claude!!! The steps of a Champion!!! Thank You and Your Family for being PC and Super Amazing Leaders!!!!

  41. Wow ! Way to go Wyatt :-)
    I really like to comparison made about being in business. Its a lot like learning to walk, scary and tentative at first, than its off to the race.
    Soon, your dumping it in the corners and digging for all your worth.

  42. What a miracle to watch a child walk for the first time. That is the stage I am at with LIFE. Taking steps tentatively. I have watched and studied how others are walking. I’m still wobbly, but becoming more steady with every step. And all the cheering and clapping from the Turbo 50’s absolutely helps.
    LIFE is as simple and as complicated as a beautiful child taking that first amazing step.
    Thanks to all of you for bringing that childlike joy back into my life.

  43. That’s so awesome Claude!! Congrats brother. Both of those moments must have been incredibly rewarding as both a father, a friend, and a mentor. I look forward very much to seeing Wayne and Raylene Macnamara speaking in Saginaw on March 9th. It’s going to be a night to remember for certain :)

  44. Great Blog Claude!

    I want to express all our thanks that was there and mention how You & Lana and Wayne & Raylene were just there to serve us and show that everything you got came from the same thing were doing now!

    Thanks so much again for opening your home and charging our Elephants in more ways then one! I loved how You and Lana had nothing but positive things to say especially when talking about each other to Wyatt! He’s quit the walker already!
    See you soon

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