Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

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Today on the blog, Bethany profiled Wayne and Raylene MacNamara as a part of the Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders series.

Wayne and Raylene are such a success story. They have reached high levels in our business, and the reason they’re so successful is because they’re very good at helping others. They’re leaders of leaders! They represent our biggest organization, and I consider Wayne one of the key leaders of the Kaizen organization.

Through this journey, Wayne and Raylene have become best friends with me and Lana, and now they’re some of the closest people in our lives.


Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Wayne and Raylene MacNamara, as written by Bethany Sampson



Wayne and Raylene MacNamara didn’t start out in the leadership industry. Wayne was a welder and Raylene was a tire builder. Financially, the couple was doing okay, but when a workplace injury occurred, Raylene was forced to take time off from her job.

It was around this time that Raylene’s sister introduced her to the business. Since Raylene’s injury, finances had been tighter for the couple, so they decided to take a chance on the business. If they could replace Raylene’s salary until she was able to go back to work, or until she decided on a new career path, the couple would be happy.

Initially, Raylene was drawn to the idea of having the materials shipped to her. Due to her injury, she wasn’t able to go out and shop on her own. As soon as the material would arrive, she and Wayne would read or listen to the information.

Despite their initial interest in the business, Wayne and Raylene declined their first invitation to attend a big convention. Claude, however, wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Claude called Wayne directly and the two spoke about the business and its financial benefits. After the phone call, Wayne told Raylene they were booking the tickets. Raylene wasn’t thrilled about the decision, but she saw the chance to visit her friends and family in the area as a positive.



Claude and Wayne and Raylene met in person for the first time at that major. Despite geographical obstacles—the MacNamaras lived in Ontario whereas the Hamiltons were in Nova Scotia—Claude encouraged them to commit to the business. In fact, Claude said more than that; he told the MacNamaras that he would fly out to Ontario once a month to help their growing business.

Claude stayed true to his promise, and for the next four years he flew to Ontario for monthly opens.

Though Wayne initially saw this distance as a negative, he later realized he helped him and Raylene to become more independent leaders and to grow confident enough to run seminars and opens on their own.

The Hamiltons didn’t just help Wayne and Raylene’s business grow; they helped their family grow, too.

Wayne and Raylene had been together since they were teenagers, but were uninterested in marriage.

“I didn’t want to get married because my parents got divorced,” says Raylene. “I thought if I didn’t get married I couldn’t get divorced.”



Claude and Lana, however, were able to sit down with the couple and help them to confront the hard, but important, questions.

In 2004, Wayne and Raylene—a couple of 23 years now—were married. This past July marked their eleven-year wedding anniversary.

The couple also has a two-year-old son, Beau.

Wayne and Raylene consider Beau to be their greatest blessing, and are grateful for the time and freedom allotted to them by LIFE, as it allowed them to become parents.

As a tire builder, Raylene would’ve been working 12-hour shifts, and the couple isn’t sure they would’ve been able to balance parenthood on top of such long work hours.

In addition to the logistical aspects, the LIFE material also helped the couple to feel prepared and confident in their decision to have a child.

They’d been exposed to many children with great lives whose parents are in business. Knowing that they’d have both the support of other leaders, as well as the knowldge and preparation from the material they were consuming at a rapid pace, the couple felt confident in their decision to bring a child into the world. This confidence also helped lessen the fear that they wouldn’t do this well, or that they would fail as parents.

2014-11-21 15-01-53       2014-11-21 15-02-35

This association with other leaders has been crucial to the MacNamaras’ many successes.

“Associations are the number one key factor why we’re still around,” said Wayne.

And both Wayne and Raylene say this proves to be true for new couples starting out.

“Motivation is such an individual thing,” says Wayne. “You have to get around someone who’s highly motivated, then you get to see that they’re real people, and their motivation is what makes them get up to do work that they don’t have to do everyday.”

In addition to being inspired by others’ motivation, surrounding yourself with leaders serves as a reminder of how well the business can work.

Starting out can take time, but seeing others’ successes can help you to actualize your own dreams.

Raylene echoes the importance of surrounding yourself with other dreamers, because it allows you to feel comfortable with sharing your own goals and ambitions.



Wayne and Raylene were hundreds of miles away from Claude and Lana when they first started out, so they used audiotapes and books as a way to stay inspired by other leaders.

Though Raylene was doubtful of the business in the beginning, not thinking the success could happen to her, she soon realized it all came down to attitude. She says her emotional intelligence used to control her, causing her to focus on the negative of a situation instead of trying to find the positive and to move forward.

Raylene worked hard to change her attitude, and she sites John Maxwell’s book The Difference Maker (which she received as a gift from Claude) as a game changer for her. This book served as a reminder for Raylene that attitude truly is a choice, and so she began to believe that this could and would happen for her and Wayne.

The couple’s relationship with Claude and Lana was also crucial in their successes.

“They’ve gotten us to where we are today,” says Raylene. “Everything we have today is because of their leadership.”

The two couples have been best friends for over ten years now.

Wayne and Raylene both admire Claude’s and Lana’s unprecedented leadership. Claude is tough, but treats everyone as an equal. Lana is gentle and soft, but “if she needs to roar, you can hear her roar,” says Raylene.

They both speak of their gratitude towards the Hamilton, knowing they can never fully repay Claude and Lana for all they’ve done; all they can do is treat them with respect, says Raylene.

2014-11-21 14-21-30(2)


Though the concept of working together was initially daunting, Wayne and Raylene came together as a couple to make their business blossom. They ask each other questions, work to find the best solutions, and most importantly, they dream together.

The couple’s relationship has only strengthened since going into business. Wayne and Raylene consume the LIFE material quickly, and the audio CDs and books have allowed them to read and hear about others going through similar stages in life.

“Dating brings out the best, marriage brings out the rest,” quotes Raylene. She says the LIFE material, including books like The Five Love Languages, helped strengthen her relationship with Wayne, as their understanding of each other and their relationship continues to grow.



Wayne nods in agreement. Though he’s believes he and Raylene would still be together today without the business, he’s confident their relationship would not be what it is today.

In addition to what the couple has learned and how they’ve grown, they’ve also been financially free for eight years now, allowing them to spend more quality time together and with Beau.

The couple knows they’re blessed to have this life, but it didn’t come without hard work, a willingness to learn, and, of course, a proven business model.

“When you struggle for anything in life, the moment you get it, you just appreciate it that much more,” says Wayne, “whether it be a child, your money, your time, your freedom, or your relationships.”



Wayne and Raylene are careful not to take anything for granted, and are always looking to help others improve their lives, as well. Even if you just get in for the money, they say, all these other amazing things will happen on the side.

“This business has affected us in so many areas and it has helped us to grow tremendously in order to have the life we have today, which is incredible,” says Raylene. “And I did not see that the first night we saw the business.”

“When you get around other people that are motivated and that are dreamers, it’s almost like you catch a dream of your own,” says Wayne.

And it’s clear that this couple has indeed caught a dream.




To find out more about Wayne and Raylene, you can visit them on Twitter or Facebook.

If you know Wayne and Raylene, and have more to add, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!!

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  1. Bethany, you have accomplished a massive feat here…..capturing the essence of Wayne & Raylene MacNamara. They are an excellent example of great followers who became great leaders but have not lost the principle of following greatness to become great. They continue to stand on the shoulders of giants even though they are giants themselves. 3 words Courage, Resilience, perseverance!

  2. If I hadn’t already fallen in love with Wayne & Raylene prior to it (which I did with their first story CD), hearing them in June in Ottawa would have cinched it! Their hearts were on their sleeves and their lives laid out before us. I love the CD from that talk!

  3. What an incredible story about 2 incredible leaders. Wayne and Ray are an amazing couple that have and continue to inspire us to be the best we can. Their story gives us so much hope that we can and will get the lIves we have always wanted, and the dreams we’ve dreamed. Their selfless attitudes continues to help any and everyone around them. We truly are blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with them. Can’t wait to watch them cross stage as new life coaches!! Can’t thank them enough for their time, encouragement, and overall wonderfulness!

  4. Hi Claude:
    I have only recently met Wayne and he has made me feel welcome as a newcomer. I look forward to hearing him talk whenever possible. Very few people I have met have made an impact on my thinking. He has a way of capturing my attention and keeping me focused on what he is saying. Wayne is an inspiration and I can only hope to learn as much as possible. Someday maybe I can achieve such success.

  5. Thank you Phillip, You have been a great student of our leadership information. Keep striving for excellence and we will see you doing Opens very soon. God Bless

  6. Wayne and Raylene have been an inspiration to me right from my first exposer in the business. From the factory background they came from to the success they had achieved (in business and their relationship).
    I too was at a factory so this was a huge inspiration for me!
    As I have gotten to know them better over the last couple years they inspire me even more.
    They not only teach us success principles, they live by them themselves. They set amazing examples for all of us to follow.

    Thank you Wayne and Ray for your inspirational leadership!

    • Wonderful and loving are these two awesome people. I have watched Wayne and Raylene grow over the years, and watched them work hard and push and grow. Work hard is the subject word, because without hard work in life, not much is achieved! Thanks foir sharing this great couple. :)

  7. Hi Claude:
    Thanks for this amazing write up on Wayne and Raylene McNamara. They truly are gifted leaders. My life has been blessed by being able to get to know them, and watching them make their own dreams come true. They truly have a heart for their teams, and want to help everyone have the lives they have always wanted. They motivate me to dream bigger and work harder every time I am around them.

  8. Thanks for the awesome article on this amazing couple. I meet Wayne and Raylene several years ago when we lived in Nova Scotia. They came to speak to us in New Glasgow and we had the opportunity to hang out with them and get to know them a bit. Even then I knew they were going to succeed at whatever they did. They were so passionate and excited to serve our community of leaders at that time. A few years later we moved to Ontario and Claude suggested we talk to Wayne and Raylene about working together in business. We jumped at the opportunity and have had the pleasure of working together as business partners ever since. Bu tit is the friendship and trust that has made the deepest impact in my life. I know that they would do anything they could to help us in any area of our life, not just business stuff. Wayne and Raylene continue to grow personally and professionally and I just hope to someday be more like them in all areas of my life . They are tremendous role models and I know their son Beau will be very proud of he awesome parents throughout his entire life. We love you guys and look forward to many amazing years travelling the world together and making a difference together. Thanks again Claude and Lana for believing in us for over 14 years now!


  9. Getting to know Wayne and Ray has been a blessing. Every time I see them it brings joy to my day : ) Can’t wait to get to spend more time around these amazing leaders.
    This article is truly heartwarming and I know more and more blogs and articles will be written about them and their family as they go out and serve/help more people :)
    It is always a pleasure hearing them talk, seeing the struggles they go through and watching them overcome. Can’t wait to see them again soon! :)

    I know I’ll be back to re-read this article soon, it really was a delight to read and see. (Also hilariously amazing wedding picture haha)

  10. Great post! What an amazing insight to Wayne and Raylene’s story. I have the pleasure of being in Wayne and Raylene’s team and watching their continuous growth, in their relationship, in their business, and as parents. Their love of their son, Beau, is always such a joy to watch, that it makes one want to step up and become better parents. Just as watching their love for the business makes one want to step up and become better leaders. Thanks for always leading from the front, Wayne and Ray! I look forward to years of getting to know you both better. God Bless!


  11. Thanks Claude & Lana for inspiring so many great people to see your vision and in doing so giving many of us hope for our own futures.
    Meeting Wayne & Raylene in the beginning it was obvious that they were motivated to hit levels of success that most never even dream of. For as much energy as Wayne bring to the table, Ray counters that in specific intent. She doesn’t say as much but what is said is filled with the mentored wisdom of a great student to Lana. Wayne also conveys and demonstrates a hungry, loyal student to Claude. I am proud to call them friends and even more thankful that Wade & Rhonda Hamblin thought enough of us to introduce us to Wayne, Ray and the leadership industry. Watching Wayne & Ray grow as leaders and receiving their mentorship has been amazing but I must admit I’m most impressed with seeing them on their journey as parents. Beau has introduced many new aspects to their lives and to see how just telling a Beau tale lights up their eyes, you know that the struggles they’ve endured on their journey to success and victory is worth it! Personally I’ve learned humility, giving grace just to mention a couple areas that have impacted my life since Wayne has become my friend and mentor. Above all else Wayne & Raylene represent HOPE, as they could have quit many times but their FAITH in Claude & Lana as their friends and mentors. I firmly believe that we will also achieve our victories with HOPE, FAITH in our mentors, hard work and specific intent. Thank you Wayne & Raylene for all you do but most of all for never giving up!

  12. This was one of those stories you read over and over seeing the dedication creating more love for the MacNamara’s each time. Wayne and Raylene is such a tremendous amazing awesome couple. They are true leaders from the bottom as being faithful and eager students. To the top leading the way and helping so many people change their lives. Mentoring with these two powerhouses has been amazing and look forward to continuing the growth of our friendship and learning. They never been in the place we are and we never wish anyone to be here. But Wayne and Raylene is a couple that wears their hearts on their sleeves and we have been first hand on seeing this. Through our great lost they have been there every time we needed someone to hear us. The MacNamara’s flood us with prayers, caring encourage words and continually make sure the path is visible to us even when we don’t see through it. They give So So much Love out you need to thank God every day that He gave them abundance amount. We are proud to be in the family with leaders Claude, Lana, Wayne, Raylene and all of the Kaizen family.

  13. Thanks for the article. It’s wonderful learning more about this amazing couple. We love when Wayne and Raylene come to speak at one of our Opens or other events. They are both so inspiring with their obvious love for all of us and passion for LIFE. We count ourselves fortunate to be part of their team and look forward to growing under their tutelage!

  14. Wow ! You guys are amazing I couldn’t be more proud as a friend and a brother of both you ray and beau you guys just keep pushing the bar love yas and see you guys again soon ! Brother this year is going to be awesome !

    • Haha, yes B you will love the LIFE community leaders and all the amazing information we have. keep the Faith bro, love you

  15. I have many blessings in my life and becoming a member of Life Leadership is one of my new ones! Thanks Wayne for coming to share with us in Smiths Falls. I came to that meeting to support my sister Laurie Anne and came out feeling happy and excited! God bless you!

  16. Wayne and Raylene have known me since I was little and I’m really glad they have because they have been a big impact on my life; On my family’s life if my dad didn’t meet Wayne at bud our life would be sooooo different and I know I wouldn’t have started going to seminar’s everyone has a mentor or mentors mine are Wayme and Raylene.

    I don’t know Wayne and Raylene that well but if Jhon had never met Wayne I would have never gotten a chance to go to a couple of seminar’s with my best friend Mikyah, and experience the inspirational speeches. I hope that I could go to more seminar’s and one day join the business!

    • Mikyah you are super awesome, your parents are some of the nicest people I know. Keep learning and never stop dreaming crazy big dreams. Paula I am so happy that you came out to our local seminar, Dream Big!

  17. What a great blog about such a great couple thank you Claude and Lana for paving the way for all to get what they are willing to fight for and Wayne and Raylene are truly becoming the best at paying it forward and helping so many others fight to get their goals and dreams. You both have taught us by leading the way doing and standing for whats right and being the example striving for excellence in everything that you do daily. We are so proud to be part of the Kaizen family and look so forward to this coming year, moving forward and seeing everyone reach new levels helping more people succeed by helping families stay together, play together through the implementation of different information allowing them to be changes that they want to see in the world. Today is the day and the leaders of Kaizen are leading the way thank you Wayne and Raylene for the great examples that you set for us to follow for we look so forward to being on the journey with you.

    Joseph Keller

    • Thanks Joe, its been a pleasure becoming great friends with you and Marianne. You are one of the hardest working guys I know. Keep rolling my friend. God Bless

  18. Fantastic blog. I always love hearing Wayne and Raylene talk weather it be at an open, biz launch, leadership, or seminar. They always have phenomenal nuggets to share and are always leading from the front. Waynes passion always hits my heart. I truly feel blessed to be apart of this organization wouldn’t want it any othere way.
    Wayne I can’t tell for sure, but your wedding picture, was that on a old school ship?

  19. Wayne and Ray are tremendous examples of servant leadership. Their no-excuses approach to achievement and success sets an example for all of us. Thanks guys for being a blessing to so many people!

  20. We are truly grateful to be associated and mentor with excellent servant leaders who work tirelessly to help build other leaders. You both have such a positive impact on the many people you mentor and throughout the entire Life Leadership organization. Thanks for your guidance, friendship and strength. We are truly blessed,
    Troy and Julie Stellingwerff

  21. I only just met Wayne on Tuesday night for the first time. I really liked how proud he was of his family and open. I felt very comfortable listening and inspired by him. I am looking forward to getting involved with such positive supportive people that are in Life Leadership.
    In case you are wondering Sandy MacDonald is my sister.
    The pictures reflect your happiness. Especiallywith Beau..Looking forward to meeting all of you one day!!!

  22. Amazing article ,Wayne &Raylene are a phenomenal couple . I love how they always walk the walk and set the example of being a a awesome husband and wife ,father ,friend ,biz partner ,,thanks for leading from the front and giving us taillights to chase

  23. What an excellent article! Wayne and Raylene are a wonderful couple and dedicated leaders. I’ve enjoyed learning from them both! We have been blessed this summer with them being in Brockville and Kingston with their serving heart. They inspire me with their dedication to our team! Thank you Wayne and Raylene for everything you do!
    Btw….love the newborn family photo…it is adorable! Enjoyed the glimpse into your personal life too through all the pictures.

  24. I have had the honour to begin to know Wayne and Raylene for just a little over the past year. I credit Wayne for sponsoring me into Business, and for opening the door of my heart, to what LIFE had to offer me: My Marriage.

    When I first saw the LIFE opportunity, I wasn’t looking for money, riches or wealth. I wasn’t looking for a greater lifestyle. In fact, though I understood and appreciated the appeal of material success, Wayne captured my imagination by modelling the thoughts, Ideals, behaviours and results that I wanted.

    The way that Wayne edified his wife, his partner, and best friend, Raylene, the manner in which his Love and Respect were abundantly displayed, I thought to myself, “Phillip, this is your last (and perhaps, ONLY) chance. This guy is the kind of man that you were meant to be like.”

    I committed to following his lead, modelling myself after his courage, bravery, honour and conviction, and to doing whatever he told me, as i knew then, as I know now, he would never steer me wrong.

    I believe, that if I read like him, listen like him, and associate with he and his leaders, then one day, perhaps, I may have results like he and Raylene have. A joyous, loving marriage, wonderful familial relations, abundant relationships and friendships, and a wonderful, independent and free lifestyle.

    He is to this day one of the men I most respect & admire, and when I grow up, I want to be just like Wayne MacNamara!

  25. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What a question! I picked my partner For Life (Janie) because I knew she would give me a tremendous advantage in this Life journey. We have seen Wayne long enough to believe that he felt the same way about Raylene. And we have known Raylene long enough now to echo those famous words, Raylene completes Wayne. Then you start with an unbelievable Claude and Lana and we have the answer to our question.
    With Claude and Lana, Wayne and Raylene, our specific great up line and our personal running mate the Victory is only limited by the size of our DREAM. I am truly blessed.

  26. What a fantastic blog Claude. Wayne and Raylene are truly an amazing couple. I feel like I have known them forever and they care about all of the people around them. They have worked so hard to help us succeed and for every missed goal, they are always cheering us forward with, you can do it.; don’t stop now.

    I know that I am a much better person for being around wonderful leaders like Claude and Lana; Wayne and Raylene; John and Michelle; Ricky and Lindsay and our own Joe and
    Marianne just to name a few. I pray that one day SOON, I can be part of the inner circle of Life Leadership.

  27. Great article … briefly describing the tip of the ice berg that Wayne and Raylene have gone through and the impact they have on our teams!! We are blessed to have them as leaders. We are old enough to be their parents so it has been great to watch them grow spiritually as well as in their leadership. Beau is being raised with amazing values, principles and much Love not just from his parents but all of us too!! Keep the dreams flowing for yourselves, your teams, and ultimately this world!! Thank you again and again!!!!

    • We are blessed to have met you guys, Thx for all your help and prayers for our family thru some crazy times. God is great! Appreciate your friendship! Dream Big!

  28. Wayne and Raylene both are amazing leaders they serve and lead from the front by setting the example. They are what Kaizen is all about. It has been a joy to get to know them both and we fell blessed to have such good friends mentors and leaders in our lives. We love seeing them striving to be the best parents they can be as we understand how much of a blessing Beau is to them both.

    • Thx Marrianne , You are both awesome friends and very hard workers. Dream huge dreams, LIFE is amazing!

  29. Dave and I appreciate all that you have done for us, Raylene your grace never ends for us,Wayne your excitment and passion for us to grow and be better. Thank you for being great friends and business partners. Proud to be part of your lives.

    • Amen guys, Raylene does have tremendous grace. You both have been so awesome for helping Ray and the entire LIFE community for running our seminar location for tools.

  30. We have seen Wayne and Raylene grow so much over the years. They have truly been exceptional students and now teachers of the Life Leadership information. Their story is one of Dream, Struggle, and Victory! We are privileged to know this couple and they write the next chapter in their amazing life!!
    Thanks Wayne & Raylene
    Thanks Claude & Lana

    • Thanks Robert, we all have a story to tell, keep chasing your dream and one day others will know your story. God Bless

  31. Looking back, there have been only a few times in my life when God has divinely placed certain individuals in my life with the purpose of creating massive shifts in my life….my gorgeous wife and best friend Stephanie….my spiritual father, Apostle Gary…..and now, my business mentors and Leaders Wayne and Raylene. I’m looking forward to an amazing future and growing as best friends with this with classy couple !
    Thank you Wayne and Raylene for your courage and relentless leadership !
    Love yas lots !!!

    • Your a Godly man Dan, your friendship is awesome. We will have so much fun traveling all over helping others reach their dreams. God Bless

  32. Phenominal blog Claude on Wayne and Raylene! Amanda and I have gotten to know them well over the last few years and they have really helped us grow in our marriage from the example they’ve set and taught us! They are the hardest working couple I know and have deserved everything they’ve accomplished this far!

    • Thanks a lot Kody, You and Amanda are going to be able to live an incredible life based on success principles. Keep dreaming big dreams bro. God Bless

  33. Approaching 9 years since we first met Wayne n Ray. So many changes over the years – but their leadership has been constant – in that it’s always been growing!

      • A lot of fun along the way – I remember sitting beside Raylene when you stp in Kirkland Lake… That was awesome! Lol the look on her face..priceless!

        So appreciate being in the fight with you guys!

          • Still working on hiding those facial expressions…LOL although under the circumstances I don’t think all the practice in the world would have helped – LOL – definitely a story!!!!

  34. I have hearing Wayne talk at the Brockville/Kingston open meetings now all summer. I have personally met him more than Raylene but I believe they are committed to helping anyone who wants to change their lives. It has helped me so much and a lot of the things he has said has struck me in the heart making me such a better person. I have grown so much by listening to him and I will continue. Being part of life has made me grow professionally!

    Thanks Wayne and Raylene for everything you do and teach. Awesome couple!

    • Thank you Janice , we have been blessed with a great biz with a vehicle to help others achieve their goals n dreams. Keep Dreaming!

  35. I may only be 16, but for 5 years both of these amazing leaders have always been there for support and advice. I love watching them serve their team because they care and put others first. Their story shows how hard time are only long term if you let them control you. I have and always will be proud to call them leaders, mentors, friends, and my roles models. Such blessing in many peoples lives; Thank you Wayne and Raylene, you have put hope into so many futures.

  36. Susan and I have had the pleasure of knowing Wayne and Raylene for a number of years now. This is a couple committed to helping anyone who wants to make their dreams come true. They are a great couple to follow as they continually demonstrate a level of integrity and character that far surpasses most other people. They are also a couple that our daughter looks up to as role models, something that has certainly helped make her a strong determined young lady.

    Thanks Wayne and Ray for everything you guys do.

  37. The Wayne and Raylene story never gets old. Every time I hear it, it re inspires me to keep moving forward in my leadership journey! Thanks for leading from the front and being the example we all need. Not only as a business leaders but in your marriage and as parents. Thanks Wayne and Raylene.

  38. Wayne and Raylene are great encouragers. You can see this in all of their teams. I’m proud to call them my friends.

  39. Awesome! This peak into the past is just spectacular and exciting. It’s awesome to know that we’re working with such spectacular leaders and I am excited to be a part of the next chapter. Excellent

  40. We so appreciate Wayne and Raylene’s leadership. Any time we get around them is a blessing. The wisdom they impart to others is truly life changing. Their example is a beacon for all the follow. Beau is fortunate to have such loving parents who dug their well early in life. Love you guys, Irene and Roman

    • Thank you guys, your family is very strong and supportive of each other. Its great to see the love all your family displays. Great job guys. We appreciate your friendship and looking forward to a lot of fun trips together.

  41. Just learning about how awesome these two fantastic leaders are. They are an inspiration for anyone on our team who is aspiring to do more in their life.
    We are so blessed to have them as our leaders, thank you for all you do for us.

  42. This couple are some is the reason my wife and I have the dreams that we have and the drive to chase them. They are great friends and awesome mentors

    • Bart your future is going to be awesome brother. Keep leading in your area. Appreciate your friendship n commitment.

  43. Awesome post, Wayne and Ray are two of the most selflless people i kmow, i am very blessed to have them in my life, as my mentors, bestfriends and most inportantly my family. Seeing them go from where they were to where they are now is amazing and it is because of Claude and Lana and Life Leadership, thanks so much for always being there for me

    • Thx Gracie, you have been one of our longest friends in our community and still go out of your way always to help us in an way. Thank you for your grace. God Bless

  44. Thanks for the great post Claude. Wayne and Raylene are incredible selfless leaders. We are grateful to be mentored by them, and honoured to call them friends.

    • Thx Michele, its been a great time building our community with your family. Keep fighting the good fight. God Bless

  45. Wayne and Raylene are a big part of why we are still around and enjoying the association of the Life Leadership organization. They’ve always been so gracious with us and let me tell you our lives are changed forever just from having met this amazing couple. I appreciate all they do for us and love that I can call them some of our best friends.

    • I love hanging with your family. Always a good time. Keep chosen your dream and never let anyone steal it. Its yours, getter done!

  46. The MacNamara’s are a such an amazing couple! The ripple effect that they have caused has help people achieve their goals and has gone above and beyond as true leaders! They are such a blessing to so many!

    Thx for sharing!

    • Thank you Rick, you are on your path to financial freedom. Fight the good fight, push through any and all obstacles. God Bless

  47. Wayne and Raylene are truly selfless leaders who continue to grow and encourage everyone around them. We have been blessed to have mentorship from this couple and we learn something valuable every time we are around them. They are an inspiration for anyone who is aspiring to do more in their life.

    • Thank you Kathleen, this journey has been such a dollar coaster of feelings and emotions. Your journey will be different but the feeling of running your race will feel so special to you when you cross the finish line and reset a bigger dream. God Bless

  48. I had the privilege to work with Wayne as a fellow welder in the automotive industry when he was just a young buck so to speak. Always excited about what was going to happen in our new dreams of “cash for life” job. Over the years of depressing times of trading time for money I realized Wayne was able to keep his smile big and wide. I couldn’t understand this! Doesn’t he know that work sucks?! I then learned that he had teamed up with some awesome leaders and he to had started the journey. It was truly inspiring to see how much he had changed from the materials he’d been feeding into his brain. To this day I’m amazed at what he and Raylene have accomplished together by helping and serving many others. I feel blessed to still be friends with them. They are definitely the number one combo…”Big Mac”

    • Johnny boy, your are a super awesome friend and one of the funniest dudes I know. Thx for always being so loyal to Ray and our family. Keep the Faith brother, God Bless

  49. Wayne and Raylene are great if not the best leaders and mentors out there. Every time I hear or read their story, I am motivated to reach my goals and dreams as well motivate others to meet their goals and dreams.
    Thanks again for everything, Wayne and Raylene!!!

    • Tim, we have just started our journey to success land. Keep growing and I will see you at the top bud. God Bless

  50. We have been blessed to know Wayne and Raylene since the beginning of their journey to success. They have always been awesome friends. They have grown to be such great leaders. We are happy to have been there to catch some of the star dust sprinkling along their path.

    • Thx Kim, You and John have be super loyal to Ray and I and we really appreciate your friendship. God Bless

  51. Wayne and Raylene are the real deal. I have watched them for the last 5 years and have seen what they are made of. They have been great students and great leaders, the best combination. They are a poster couple for LIFE Leadership and what you can accomplish with hard work and commitment with the information and training.

    Thanks for continuing to be the leader out front Claude!

    • If there is any one reason why we have see such amazing lifestyle change, it is because we stand on the shoulders of GIANTS in our industry.

  52. Thanks Claude! That is a great post and the pictures are great. The MacNamara family have already touched thousands of lives, including ours, and will continue to do so. Thanks again.

    • Growing old together is how I see our families Aaron. You have a previous gift with your family. God Bless

  53. Wayne and Raylene a true examples of what Life Leadership offers, when someone is willing to put efforts and personal growth into play.
    We love being around them both, and are blessed to have them in our lives.

  54. Wayne and Raylene are such gems. It has been incredible watching their growth as people over the last decade. Truly an inspiration.

  55. Macnamara’s are a blessing on everyone who allows them ‘in’ to have influence. They’re a great example of what leadership in action is. Thank you for starting their journey – and starting a domino effect as a result.

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