Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Alex and Leighann Nickerson

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Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be posting profiles showcasing some of the awesome people I have the privilege to work with. Every week or two, in no particular order, a different Kaizen leader will be highlighted.

My social media coordinator, Bethany, will be interviewing these terrific people via Skype, so you can read about them from her perspective, and get to see for yourself just how great they are!

Alex and Leighann Nickerson are first up!

Lana and I have known Alex and Leighann for close to twenty years now. We’ve enjoyed having them as both friends and business partners. They’ve been incredibly loyal and dedicated, not just to me and Lana, but to all the people they lead. They have the utmost character and are fantastic leaders.

Like Alex says, I know they’re only just getting started!

So here you have it: Getting to Know Alex and Leighann Nickerson, as written by Bethany Sampson.



When I first met Alex and Leighann (via Skype, that is) I was struck by their outgoing and enthusiastic nature. Parents to four children under the age of five, the married couple of six years is still full of energy and zest, talking easily about their woven past and their exciting plans for the future.

Both Alex and Leighann were still in university when introduced to this industry. Leighann, a kinesiology student at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was studying with the intent to pursue medicine. Alex, a small business and entrepreneurship student at St. Mary’s University, also located in Halifax, planned to execute his business education in a traditional route.

Leighann, at nineteen years old, was introduced to the profession first, describing this as the “night [her] whole life changed.” She’d expected to make money the conventional way: go to school, get a good job, and then work 45 years. Realizing that she could live her dreams and one day be a stay-at-home mom was an opportunity that changed everything for her, and she committed from the very start.

As a single female in a couples-dominated industry, Leighann set forth on her own, hoping to achieve success and freedom, while also paving the way for those that would follow behind. She described this experience as a way to show other women that “it doesn’t matter if you’re a couple or if you’re a single, the opportunity is the same or everyone. As long as you commit and follow the pattern, it can work.”

Still, this experience was not without challenges, and Leighann remembers saying in response to other couples, “Well, of course they can do it. There’s two of them!” Claude, she assured me, was always able to help her focus on the positive, by reminding her that when she makes the money, she would get to keep it all.

When Leighann began, she was insecure, had low self-esteem, and was afraid to talk to people. She’s able to laugh now at the irony, as she was getting into a people business. Claude and Lana began directing Leighann to books and CDs, while providing her with constant encouragement, which is what allowed Leighann to grow in what she calls her “incubation period.”

“It really just became eliminating distractions,” Leighann says. “Staying focused on the prize, and just putting my head down.”



With the help of this focus, Leighann met her now-husband, Alex, for the first time in 2001 by sponsoring him through his sister. Leighann was looking for anybody ambitious, focused, and outgoing. Alex’s sister and brother-in-law thought of him immediately. Alex was a full-time university student at the time, but Leighann recalls him recognizing the opportunity immediately. He, too, saw this as a chance to achieve financial freedom.

Alex was a business student, but he saw this profession as a more outside the box approach to what he had been studying. He was excited to learn more, as he saw this as a chance for both he—and others—to change the directions of their lives and move ahead.

Though Alex was ambitious from the start, the journey was not without challenges as he stepped outside of his comfort zone. He struggled, initially with public speaking, laughing at the memory of his first attempt. Leighann, he says, describes it as a special evening, occasionally using the word “terrible.” Alex struggled to relate to the crowd, but as he grew older, more experienced, and delved into learning as much as possible, meeting people and public speaking became easier.

Claude also played a part in Alex’s success, lending life experience to the then-25-year-old Alex, who describes his younger self as “very young, very immature” and lacking life experience. Since then, Claude has become more than just a mentor to Alex, but also a friend. Alex describes him as someone you can go to anytime to help overcome anything. The two, Alex says, are best friends—brothers of sorts—with Claude even standing at Alex’s wedding.



Today, Alex is able to name his business as one of the greatest things in his life, as it’s given him and Leighann the ability to live the life they’ve always wanted. Despite the personal success it has brought, they’re both quick to say their favorite part of the business is helping other people.

“The only way it works for you is if you help other people.” Alex says. “There’s no success without helping other people create success,” he says.

Alex now finds himself lending advice to those embarking on a journey in this industry, encouraging them to “dive in and learn all [they] can.” The only thing he says you need to begin is a “hunger level to learn.” Once you know what you’re doing, it all comes down to hard work.

“Dive in with both feet and we’re going to show you the ropes,” he says. “The faster you go, the more exciting everything gets.”

For Alex and Leighann, the most exciting chapter has just arrived—parenthood—bringing with it a new set of challenges.



The couple has four children—Jaxon (5), Marik (4), Baileigh (3), and Brooklyn (8 mos.). Though they had kids before Claude and Lana, they still found their mentors to be a huge resource for them in learning to balance their business with marriage and kids. Leighann says it’s with Claude and Lana’s guidance that she was able to figure out how to be a mom and a business owner and Alex’s wife, and how to do of all of those things really well.

The two also point out how the skills and knowledge they’ve acquired as business owners has helped to make them better parents. They describe parenting as “raising little people to be responsible adults, and to eventually become leaders themselves,” which is why they find the skills and knowledge of both roles—parent and business owner—often coincide.



Thanks to their hard work and their business’ success, Alex was able to leave his construction job when their youngest son was just ten months old. Getting to both be stay-at-home parents is something Leighann says you can’t put a price on. This lifestyle also allots them the time and means to embark on international travels. They both laugh as they attribute their fresh tans to a recent trip to Mexico, and tell me with enthusiasm about their many upcoming adventures taking place across North America in the next few months.

This freedom, they say, is a direct result of the decision they both made to pursue this alternative route and the hard work that followed.

Together, they’re looking towards their bright future, already excited for what it might bring.

“We’re really just getting started,” Alex says. “We haven’t even really made our true mark in this yet.”


To find out more about Alex and Leighann, you can visit their website
or find them on Twitter: @leighnicker @kaizendynasty 

If you know Alex and Leighann, and have more to add, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!!

19 thoughts on “Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Alex and Leighann Nickerson

  1. Am amazing article about amazing people. Super proud to be on board with these two. We couldn’t ask for better people to be following, looking up to and be friends with.
    Thank you Alex and Leighann, foe everything you’ve done for us

  2. Thanks Bethany this is certainly a great article you have written about a great couple. You have been able to capture the essence of Alex and Leighann magically in only a few short paragraphs. I have had the opportunity to associate with Alex & Leighann many times and the article you have written absolutely says it all. They immersed themselves into a success system and through growing themselves and helping others they achieved.

  3. I love to read about Alex and Leighann this way! I have worked with them for many years and their perseverance, dedication, organization and hunger has been incredibly inspirational. I feel blessed to have them as mentors and friends and look forward to following them into the future with Life

  4. Alex and Leighanne truly signal important aspects of leadership . “Hunger & Heart” I enjoy listening to them share aspects of truth they applied into their lives to achieve the success thus have today .
    See you both soon in Ottawa

  5. What an amazing article about a fantastic couple! Alex and Leighann both touched my heart the first time I met them. Their humor and ability to inspire people is like no other. Their compassion for others is truly a gift that they convey the moment you meet them. I am thankful for their friendship and ability to speak from their heart. I admire them as parents, as mentors and mostly as friends. Thank you for the opportunity to share in this expression of gratitude for Alex and Leighann. Can’t wait to see them hit Life Coach!! XO

  6. Over the last year Pat and I have become a part of the Kaizen Team. We always wondered how Claude and Lana created such a great relational culture. Our first meeting with them produced immediate trust. Then we spent time with Kaizen leaders like Alex and Leighann. This young but wise couple amazed us. Their kindness, respect and welcoming nature made us feel as though we have been friends forever. Their knowledge, and hunger for knowledge is to be admired. And talking about fun. What a great time I had with Alex snowmobiling in -36 degree temperature. They play hard, work hard and are dedicated to their family. Both their children and their team. Pat and I are proud to be teammates with them on this journey.
    Tony and Pat

  7. Over the years, both Alex and Leighann have played such a huge and special role in our personal development, relationship growth and business mentorship and coaching. They are committed not only to pursuing a huge business, but living life to the fullest. Their inspiration and love welcomes you into their life and you stay because of the fire and commitment coming from their souls. You can tell they live a life of purpose and it’s contagious! They are a special couple and we are blessed to have them in our lives and call them friends.

    • Excellent article Claude! They are a great couple and very inspiring on stage. It was nice to hear a little more about them. Thanks!

  8. Claude, Thanks for the great article. Alex & Leighann are great people that we have the pleasure of calling friends. I love the fact that we are running in the same direction with such excellent teammates.

    Joce & Cynthia

  9. We met Alex and Leighann in October of 2010 and our lives completely changed because of these two wonderful strangers who saw more in us than we saw in ourselves. We are blessed to call them our mentors and friends. Thank you for all that you do.

    I saw a quote the other day and immediate thought of Claude and Lana and Alex and Leighann

    “Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in our absence.” – Sheryl Sandberg


  10. Every time Alex & Leighann walks in the room they make you feel like the most important person there. Thank you for posting Bethany’s perspective Claude.

  11. Seeing our Kaizen Leaders Featured like this is awesome. I have the privilege of working and mentoring directly with Alex & Leighann and I so blessed to have them in my life. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting this couple will always be better because of it. They are very transparent in their journey and teach through their own personal experiences. They certainly inspire me to be the best I can be. Thank you to Alex & Leighann for paving the way for each of us to follow.

  12. This couple is one of the most amazing couples we have ever met and that’s why we call them our best friends today. They’re truly an inspiring couple. They’re passion,energy and commitment to helping people is impeccable. They lead by example an that’s why so many people are following them. We know this couple is on their way to Life Coach and bringing many people with them. We thank god everyday that our lives have crossed passed. This couple has truly changed our lives. Because of this couple we have a marriage we only dreamed of, we are parents of three amazing boys and get to stay home at home parents. We know None of this would be possible without their mentorship. We will follow this couple anywhere.

    Paul & Tara Ferrusi

  13. Most certainly an amazing couple who have made a huge impact in my life. Alex, even only being a few years older than myself, is a huge role model to me. I hope someday to follow in his footsteps and achieve many of the successes he has already accomplished at such a young age. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this power couple and I’m delighted to have a front row seat!

  14. Alex and Leighann are fun to watch and inspiring to so many people. They are true ambassadors of LIFE Leadership and the 8 Fs.

    We are all blessed to know them.

  15. Alex and Leighann are a huge inspiration to so many. As a single woman growing the LIFE business, I have always looked to Leighann as a role model, and attribute a lot of my belief in my own ability to succeed to her personal successes. So proud to call this couple our Kaizen cousins!!

  16. They’re an awesome couple, inspiring leaders – and some of the best teachers of truth and LIFE principles there are!

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