If You’re On Social Media Get Out of the Box

If You’re On Social Media Get Out of the Box

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The Twitter Train Is Leaving The Twitter Station!

Are you on board? With the coming of social media, it’s never been so easy to make your message known to the masses.   In the matter of seconds, your tweet can go way across the world, spreading your message virally. Now, that is pretty awesome.  Let me give you an example….

Several weeks ago, I (Norma) made a mistake. Unaware of what was happening, I accidently tweeted something out on Claude’s Twitter. Now watch closely at how things happened:

  • My tweet went out
  • A few of Claude’s followers saw it
  • It looked suspicious, hmmm… that’s not Claude
  • An out of town tweep notifies Claude of the tweet
  • Immediately, Claude calls me, inquiring
  • I panic!  My heart… Pitter Patter! (Tee-hee)
  • I rush to delete the tweet on Claude’s Twitter
  • Now… we can ALL breathe, again! :)

That’s the POWER of Social Media!

Can you imagine? From Moncton, NB – to – somewhere in the USA – to – Halifax, NS then back to Moncton, NB! And all of this happens in the span of 15 minutes?  Tell me HOW you can advertise any faster than that??

The point I’m trying to make is that using Twitter for business is a massive tool!

Did you know that if twitter was a country
it would be the 12th largest nation?

That’s how huge your audience is on this platform. Everyday, millions of people use Twitter to share their ideas with others. People are turning to Twitter as an effective way to reach out to businesses too. From local stores to big brands – from brick and mortar to internet based services; entrepreneurs are finding great value in the connections they make on Twitter.

Some Primary Things You Must Do On Twitter 

1.  Fill out your profile. Nobody wants to be friends with an egghead.

  • Upload a picture of yourself
  • Tell the world who you are
  • Share why you are there
  • If you have a blog, share your link
  • If you have facebook, share your link
2.  It’s not possible to make friends if you don’t give of yourself. Let me say it like this:
  • You meet someone for the 1st time. You see what they look like.
  • You share; who are you? What do you do?
  • You assess if you like this person enough to build a relationship.

3.  How would you react to someone you just met if they:

  • Slide a bag on their head, refused to let you see their face.
  • Mute. Won’t share anything about themselves and who they are.
  • They want to be friends BUT you will have to guess who they are.

How ridiculous. You would get out of there so fast! That is kinda what you say to the Twitter world without your picture or any profile information.  You’ll NOT be taken seriously, that’s for sure.  It’s most likely people will not follow or interact with you. In the physical world, you see, hear & smell people. Online, you look at their picture and profile information.  Simple as that. It’s how you begin your friendship. :)

The goal to being active on Twitter is to build friendships & relationships – exactly as if these people would come into your store.  Online, it’s called networking and to be successful, you need to be a real person.

Be wise and do not share private information: your personal address, numbers, you know… private information. But you can share who you are as a person, your values, your character… and what you do.

This is how it works online:

  • You meet a new person
  • You share from both sides
  • You get to know each other
  • Trust is built as you communicate
  • People do business with people they trust
  • The possibility is there to make lifelong partners & friends

The speed and ease of Twitter connects you to a raving network; the larger your connections, the larger the audience your message reaches daily. Petty basic.  It’s very easy to begin conversations, to reach out and begin to send your messages into the world.

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In Gratitude,


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Norma Doiron


Norma is a teacher & coach to Small Business Entrepreneurs – It’s where new & budding business owners start, build & grow their business online. Her passion is to instruct and guide, helping you reconnect with your dream, reach for your goals and rise above the chaos of information overload. Her specialty is helping you develop systems and grow results.  You will find her systems simple and easy to understand…


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  1. I really never understood social media, especially twitter. THANK YOU for creating this post so the non tech guys (me!) could understand and leverage it!

  2. Claude,
    Thank you for a great post. To follow people and yes to make friends and true ones is hard in life as in the social media we get defriended for associated with people others do not understand.

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