Immediate Results w. Mental Fitness Challenge Groups

Mental Fitness Challenge

Immediate Results w. Mental Fitness Challenge Groups

Wow!!! Orrin Woodward, one of the creators of the Mental Fitness Challenge, told me this was going to happen.  Last night (Tuesday) was the first time for about 90 percent of the Kaizen community to conduct challenge groups.  The response has been both immediate and overwhelming and skeptics were turned to steadfast believers with the amount of responses and testimonials of people wanting to share their stories about the Mental Fitness Challenge.

I received so many texts and emails from the Kaizen community over the past 24 hours, including from great leaders such as: Wayne & Raylene Macnamara, Joce & Cynthia Dionne, Terry & Ann Franks, Alex & Leighann Nickerson and Jean &Tamie Belanger.

I didn’t plan on posting for a few days because there are still so many people talking about the Mental Fitness Challenge post of yesterday but I needed to express my enthusiasm.  I really appreciate hearing from you and how the MFC has been helping you or your loved ones.  Not only are these stories great to hear, I would also like everyone else to benefit from them. Fight Fiercely.

Yours in victory,


Immediate Results w. Mental Fitness Challenge Groups - Claude Hamilton


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  1. You are so right Claude. Last night was the best challenge group sessions we have had so far! It is so exciting to listen to others express core values and principles and how they will begin to apply the things they have learned. Thanks to you and the leadership of LIFE we are truly seeing a difference in people who are taking the challenge!!

  2. I had the pleasure of hosting the Challenge group at my home last Tuesday. I really enjoyed the group setting and getting to hear the different comments/stories shared by those who were in attendance. The questions put together to discuss were great. It challenged me to really think about what it is I want to accomplish with my life. And it is very rewarding to get to share those dreams with fellow 5%’ers who want to help you obtain those dreams. I cannot wait until the next challenge group. Again thanks to Orrin and Chris and the entire Policy Council for all they do.

    I am especially proud to be part of Kaizen and appreciate all you and Lana do for our community.

    Rock of Kaizen

  3. We had an amazing time at our first Challenge Group last Tuesday night. Even for someone like me, who is reserved and doesn’t always feel comfortable sharing ideas in public, it was a relaxed environment where everyone was at ease. It’s a great, safe place to conquer the fear of speaking in front of people!

  4. Merci d’avoir apporté le programme LIFE en français au Québec. Vous êtes les meilleurs pour moi!

  5. Thank you Claude and the rest of the LIFE founders to bring us this amazing program :) It’s already making an impact in the French community and it’s only the beginning! Your work and dedication is really appreciated for all of us.

    God Bless

  6. look how many people are doing this. this is a proves that the MFC is of great value to people!

  7. We had a small group at a fellow rascal’s home a couple nights back, and we were able to thus dig into the questions re: Resolution 1 on Purpose deeper than we might otherwise have. It was a really insightful hour+ that we spent, and I’m glad for it and it made me look forward to the next Challenge Group even more than I already was! A 10-10 idea from the minds of leaders ( PC ) who truly understand servant leadership, the information age, & how to re-grow social capital in our leader and wisdom starved culture & age. Blessings!

  8. I think our challenge group was the first time some of us have gotten together to share community and also pursue growing ourselves together. I am so grateful for the MFC, and support Claude and the LIFE/TEAM.

  9. Claude,

    As I told George,

    The feedback from our Challenge Groups have been nothing but encouraging. People who have been attending meetings for over 2 years as unknowns have shared their input and become known. People who were separate people have bonded to come together as a Team.

    What a great new beginning.

  10. Claude,

    As I told George;

    The feedback from our Challenge Groups have been nothing but encouraging. People who have been attending meetings for over 2 years as unknowns have shared their input and become known. People who were separate people have bonded to come together as a Team.

    What a great new beginning.

  11. As Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best “It is not length of life, but depth of life.” These Challenge Groups nudge us all in the right direction to do what is right and purposeful. I love that the entire community is focused on building/strengthening real relationships with real people online and offline. We are redefining the true meaning of community…

    One Challenge Group complete and a lifetime left to go;)

    Be courageous!

  12. Hey Claude,

    MFC Tuesday was a success and with JL& Nicole of course we had a blast. I am amazed how high the Team leadership has grown and how it affects everyone involved. I see it in our leaders here and best of all how it changed my life. I have and incredible relashionship with my daughters and as they”re coming into the teenage years I’m happy they feel they can come to me for advice to guide them about anything they encounter. I guess its part of the results of the big rocks in the Jar.

    Thank you Claude and Lana, JL and Nicole, Joce and Cynthia
    Frank Richard

  13. […] Cluade Hamilton tells the story of how he used mental toughness to stay the course in a very difficult Navy dive school. […]

  14. Our challenge group was unreal last night, unlike anything I could have imagined, it went so smooth. We’re super excited to branch out and create a huge expansion and explosion of Kaizen culture on PEI and soon enough over in NL!!! The MFC is where it’s at!!

  15. We had our first Challenge meeting and it was awesome! I was excited about the whole thing and it blew my mind when we heard about other peoples story. Love the discussion and what came out of the meeting! I look forward to the next one in 2 weeks!

  16. Awesome!!
    Being a person who has difficulties defining my purpose, it was great to ear the others expressing their passion and goals in LIFE.
    It gave me many ideas to explore and maybe it will eventually help me find mine.
    It will also be real good to help create better connections in the team.

  17. Great discussions. Great information. Makes a perfect combination. Mental Fitness Challenge gives us all an opportunity to be challenge to grow while being able to measure the progress.

  18. Great night last night! Denis and Phil were awesome! Learning from someone elses mistakes is way better! We have plenty that we can make without the repeats! MFC is truley a game changer! Way to go Claude ,Orrin, Chris and the rest of the Life Founders! Getting paid to learn and grow and become better people for your family,community! Thanks for everything you do!

  19. Wow, if there be any skeptics out there let them scroll through the pages of comments on this post. Amazing! The challenge group totally exceeded my expectations. It was exciting to exchange views and ideas with a group of friends that truly care.

    We closed out the evening wishing we could have stayed to talk a little longer, and we all agreed there was nowhere else we could have spent the evening and had such quality conversations except, of course, at another challenge group location :)

  20. MFC challenge group was great. It was actually above my expectations. The group really opened up when discussing the video and questions.
    Can’t wait for the next challenge group

  21. Hey Claude…..sooooo cool to see your reaction and excitement with the MFC, total trickle down effect….I realize Joelle and I don’t know you and Lana that well yet, but we will!!! It truly is amazing to see and really start to understand the impact you and Lana have had on Wayne and Raylene……there is no stopping them!!!! Congratulations once again on becoming parents

  22. The knowledge in the Mental Fitness Challenge is exactly what this country needs. I have to agree with the many comments already made that we are certainly blessed to have this available to us. It is time for us to learn and grow in every aspect of our lives.

  23. We haven’t known Claude and Lana very long, however, it doesn’t take long to experience their generosity and support. We are truly honoured to have met the people we have in such a short time. You are a true inspiration to us as we start down this road of LIFE!

  24. We are on the right track thanks to you guys coming up with the mental fitness challenge. We are all blessed to be able to find out our weaknesses now, we can then through our wonderful materials, do something about them!!! Come on people get on it…everyone should jump on this chance to grow!!

  25. I’m feeling left out!! I unfortunately wasn’t able to make it to the challenge group last night, but it was a just cause. Hearing from my group today and reading through these comments has been thrilling!! Being a part of the LIFE Team Community has meant being a part of group with a sincere sense of belonging and where vowels and consonants at the end of your name truly don’t matter. I considered myself to possess qualities and traits that are in tune to the new career path I’m pursuing this coming September. But in taking on the MFC I’ve realized these traits and qualities are only in a budding state. I finished Orrin’s 13 Resolutions book not more two weeks before the Major in Columbus in April and I’ve been careful to make sure that it sits high on the bookshelf, in view and dust free because it’s a book that needs to be revisited and I’m thrilled to be starting the MFC off with this book!! My MFC challenge will finish just in time for September and I can’t wait to be better equipped with a new me: Ready and Able to take on my new path.

  26. As the moderator of an MFC Challenge Group meeting I was amazed at peoples obvious desire to open up and be heard in a non-threatening, non-judgemental environment! People hunger to be part of something right and the Mental Fitness Challenge gives them permission to truly discover who they are and what they think when they are given the freedom to express. Love it!

  27. Its so nice to see that Our Loyal PC member are actually reading and commenting on our posts. Very Cool !

  28. What a great first night challenge!!!!!Last nights challenge discussion was a very exciting evening. I loved how everyone shared and expressed their ideas on what their purpose in life is.

    As some people say, they don’t know what their purpose is but everyone has a purpose, they just have to find it. Today I reflected on the questions that were asked last night and finding I am really looking into it deeper than I have ever looked.

    Looking so forward to the next meeting, people can really bring out the best in other people by sharing ideas they have never talked about before.

    The MFC team “you are awesome”

  29. Hey Claude, Paul and I hosted our first MFC Challenge group and it went extremely well…..better than expected! I was worried (…..who me, worry? :) ) that there would be awkward silences throughout the evening but, that was not the case at all. We really learned a lot through listening to each other’s thoughts, opinions and life experiences. I think that we are a tighter, stronger team because of this learning opportunity as well. Association IS powerful!

  30. What Claude and Lana have done for my family me my son Gavyn, Karyn Campbell, Mikayla, Raylene and Wayne MacNamara I can not thank them enough. The Life Business is amazing how I am growing and learning and how Gavyn is. There little guy Wyatt is gorgeous he is one lucky guy to have such awesome parents!

  31. Hey Claude
    Driving back from Halifax last night and my phone didn’t stop buzzing from all the people texting me with great comments on the Challenge Groups. This is another gamechanger!! Excited to be on the journey with you guys! Thanks again for the time yesterday! Always very appreciated!

    Denis & Lisa

    • Hi Denis ,
      Yup! MFC is a game changer that will help us with our ” Winning attitude! ” What a Success talk last night you gave; it kept us all talking about it all the way home! You work well under pressure, well done! =)

    • Yes, we were so excited about how well the Challenge Groups went! What a great way to connect, open up and move forward. Can’t wait for the next one!

  32. Claude and Lana are a shining example of what it means to be selfless and servant leaders. They are passionate about the success of all members of their community. We are honoured and blessed to have them in our lives. It is wonderful to see them grow as parents to their new precious son Wyatt. To see people with such wisdom still be so open to new information as they strive to be the best parents possible is inspiring. We appreciate all you do.
    Thank you both so much!

  33. We have known Claude and Lana for 12 plus years now and we have and will continue to follow them whereever they go in life. They inspire us to be better people and better leaders. A large part of our purpose is to pay that feeling forward to as many people as we possibly can before God takes us home

  34. Having only met Claude and Lana a couple of times, Lisa and I truly appreciate how down-to-earth and genuine they are when you speak to them. Their vision and dedication are what make them great leaders. We are honoured to be associated with this awesome couple and their team!

  35. We’ve only begun our journey with Claude and Lana however they very quickly opened their hearts to us and shared their stories. Once Claude linked that my name and its pronounciation were different we had a good laugh, for a bit it was a mystery!! Watching two people who sacrificed so much for all of us and now how they are being repayed with their bundle of joy Wyatt is extremely touching. We love you guys!!

  36. I love I Love the MFC. I love doing the physical fitness Challenge thing, but I got thinking that being a big muscle (well maybe a medium size muscle) and mentally unfit is ……. you fill in the blanks.
    Buy all the best fishing equipment and go fish in a lake with no fish. Not to bright hey. Anyways I figured I needed to build my mental fitness and make my little (I’m joking about the little) muscles bigger at the same time.
    MFC It’s GAMe ON!!!!!! Tons of thanks to Claude Hamilton

  37. Great point on the vision. Claude’svision and passion are so strong that I (we) borrow that when we don’t always have enough of our own to progress and take action. I love that about Claude!

    • Agreed, well said Wayne!! I love when we get the chance to be around them, just hoping that a portion of the passion and vision they have rubs off.

    • We are truly blessed to have leaders with such vision that it was worth hitch hiking across Canada to see the journey through. Their incredible leadership has allowed us to have exceptional leaders in Wayne & Raylene MacNamara and a multitude up and coming future leaders!

  38. I’ve been thinking alot about Wayne’s question, “Can someone be passionate without purpose” ~ I believe that everyone has purpose within them. Its up to us to be brave enough to passionately take off the media/ society’s blinders, remove any obstacles to uncover that God given truth that He has placed in our heart.

  39. The MFC has clearly knocked the ball out of the park. The MFC was the hot topic at last nights Halifax open. During the break people were getting together in small groups and were actively talking about the assessment test and what it revealled to them. This after only one week of the challenge, can’t wait for next week. The open format last night was engaging and impactful with Denis Leger and Phil Wall doing a masterful job of bringing the information to the crowd. Go Team

  40. I must agree that it was good to hear the insights of others on topics that really matter and can make a difference in one’s life

  41. Colleen and I went for breakfast today and both of us coincidentally listened to orrins last cd “truth isnt for everyone” which lead to an awesome discussion over breakfast! One of the things that jumped out at me was how he said that when we are timid about sharing fantastic material such as the MFC with others, it is selfish! Lets go out with courage and purpose and change ourselves, our family, our city and our country!! 1 million here we come!

  42. i am so proud of all the leaders and upcoming leaders that hosted and took part in last nights MFC challenge groups. this team is truly inspiring to be part of. I think we all owe Claude n Lana a HUGE shout out for their commitment to all of us in Ontario. Claude you are an amazing guy with passion spilling out of ur pours. thx for being not just a friend, not just a mentor but also being one of the most enjoyable guys to hang out with. we WILL togehter change the tide. if you all had one sentence to sum up what Claude means to you………..what would that sentence me to you?

    • Well said Wayne! Claude & Lana has always had nothing but open ears and arms for Rhonda and I, as I am sure everyone they come into contact feel. Without their leadership and the tough desisions they have had to make in the past and going with there hearts we would not have access to the mental fitness challenge or the discusion meetings! Thank you Claude & Lana!1

      • its so much fun to chase our dreams with the biggest dreamers in our lives. i agree wade, Claude n Lana are living the fruitful life today because of all the decisions that were not easy to make.

    • Claude did what few people were willing to do so that we could all have hope for a better future. Forever grateful

    • He makes we want to be a better man – in all areas of my life. He is the example that I use to measure myself against (wwcd – what would Claude do).

      I can’t imagine my life without the impact that he has had – through you and Raylene. Love ya lots.

    • One word “Blessed”. Thanks Claude and Lana for the time you have poured into us and paving the way to the life we’ve always wanted. You lead by example just as you always say Claude “you can take the hard way now and life will get easier, or you can take the easy way out and life will get harder”. Thanks for going the hard route and making ours so much easier!

    • I’m not sure I could sum up in one sentence – maybe one word “Amazing”. Claude and Lana have such huge hearts for the people on their team and the whole team. When they say “love ya” they mean it! We have been so blessed to be part of Kaizen with both Claude and Lana and Wayne and Raylene. Thank you for your friendship and mentorship. Thank you for leading with your hearts!

    • As long as I have known Claude & Lana, I could see that they just throw down barriers and build strong connections with everyone they meet. They are two people with HUGE hearts who love each other, they obviously love Wyatt, and they love the thousands of people associating in the LIFE community. This couple inspires all of us in Canada and around the world to grow personally so that we can all make a difference in the lives of people!

    • Well, I agree. Thanks are in order to all of the great people that we work with. From our teammates in the Trenton/Peterborough area, to Wade and Rhonda at the local helm. And you and Raylene, Wayne. We are truly blessed for knowing all of you.
      And, to acknowledge all of you without knowing that the leadership we follow is top down, coming from Claude and Lana, would be missing the point.
      The first time we met Claude, he was sure he’d already met us. That just showed me how plugged in to his community he was. And Lana is so capable of making everyone feel comfortable, it’s amazing. You are both inspiring in your ability to uplift and encourage.

  43. We held our first Mental Fitness Challenge group last night and everyone said it was FANTASTIC that it was the missing piece in the community, and they can’t wait for the next one.

  44. Ive been thinking about all the positive response from the Challenge groups and I think that may be the first time that many people felt as If they fit in and belonged to something (community) outside of immediate family and 1 or 2 friends. What a great bonding experience!

    • i agree pal, what a great way to have our peers be heard and thier opinions respected it is truly an awesome experience. it makes you crave more great challenge nights

    • Scott, that is so true! There aren’t many places people can feel they belong and are comfortable being themselves and sharing without fear of judgement. These challenge groups are an awesome chance for building personally and growing in relationships with others.

    • Thats so true! Our discussion was filled with closeness and people feeling so good to be in a group of like-minded thinkers, wanting to make a difference. The MFC challenge meetings will be the association people aren’t finding on facebook!

  45. I found it interesting how instant connections were made while people were sharing their thoughts and quite impressed how much respect each person had for the person speaking.

    • Good point! I met people last night that I had seen before at other events but had never spoken directly to. Taking part in the group with them was a pleasure. The discussion was intentional but not overly managed so we had a lot of opportunity to speak from the heart.

      • I really do think that this will help grow our teams stronger and very quickly at that!!

      • Elma, great job last night. so many great things on the horizen for all of us that truly understand if we change ourselves first we then can have infleunce with others. so glad your a part of this community

    • You bet pal, the mutual respect of everyone that attended was outstanding. People were hearing from people that may not always be heard. This will be a game changer and a relationship builder for sure!

    • I was impressed with that too, Aage. Almost like everyone knew that this was not like normal life where you have to fight to be heard. We all knew instinctively that this was a space of acceptance and service to each other’s need to be heard. I was impressed.

  46. yeh i see this alot as well. i also believe that a purpose can grow and foster off of someone elses purpose. when i first met Claude and never had a specific purpose for my life but over time developing a relationship with him and lana my purpose became clearer. its funny how one person can impact so many people with strong convictions and a HUGE purpose.

    • Waynes purpose when i met him was his motorbike!!!! and his big pickup truck with oversize tires!! and he has now become a selfless driving force for raising people up to live the life they always wanted!

      • thats so funny, i remember Claude coming into town for one of the first times and I was so worried about how my truck looked i washed it waxed it kissed it lol then he asked me to drive it home from our massive 10 people leadership open in kitchener, I almost had a heart attack when he took off off road!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • In my opinion, Wayne’s purpose was always being a great leader in LIFE and TEAM. I think the ‘toys’ just got in the way until it was truly his time to shine!

      • I didn’t know Wayne was a “big truck with oversize tires” type of guy… hahaha! I can use that on Wayne sometimes in the future…thanks for the nugget Claude ;)

        • HAHAHAHAHA he kissed his truck but always wanted Ray to let him keep the Motor bike in the house. And he does keep his office spic and span, he may be a bit like OW, if u move a pen on OW’s desk he notices!!!

    • Their impact didn’t stop there – you guys are a massive positive impact in so many other people’s lives as a result of Claude/Lana’s influence in your life!

      Thanks for everything that you guys do!

      • surprised???? – i didn’t know what he was going to do…lol…after I realized i wasn’t dead after driving over the median – i was waiting for the aftermath of wayne’s reaction….and nothing …lol…i think he enjoyed the excitement of it – just not using his truck – lol

  47. Ive been thinking about all the positive response from the Challenge groups and I think that may be the first time that many people felt. If they fit in and belonged to something (community) outside of immediate family and 1 or 2 friends. What a great bonding exercise!

  48. It was great to see the confidence and encouragement that everybody at last nights challenge meeting left with. I know we were all a bit nervous of the new format, but I think it’s going to change how we view ourselves and view the purpose of what we really do on the Team.

    • That’s a great question! Wow – amazing the thought that was going into the meetings! We had lots of conversation about why so many people were motivated by negative consequences (for purpose) but many struggling to find the positive before they actually got into action ( quitting smoking due to Doctor’s warning – but not before that).

    • Absolutely! I think our purpose is implanted in us by God before we are born. Finding our purpose is how we grow and develop.

      • I agree – our purpose is God-given and as Claude says below, it is our duty to find it.

        In the video last night, I believe Chris talked about carefully dusting away the sand in our lives to get to that purpose. I believe you have to make a deliberate attempt to discover your purpose and then be called to action to fulfil it.

    • Our group looked at that and decided that purpose can grow, develop, and sometimes change. You may be in a stage of life where your highest purpose is to raise Godly children into adults who become valued members of society. Naturally, that purpose over time is going to be fulfilled (God willing!) and change into a purpose that may look something like – helping your kids be Godly parents…. We also thought that people could pursue more than one purpose in life as different ideas, opportunities and knowledge come our way. Truly majestic purposes evolve into legacy items that then become the purpose of following generations.

      • Wow! Great comments Elma! Some of our younger attendees explained how they may have started out striving for excellence in athletics or school and over time, the concept of living for a purpose evolved or matured into an area that will leave a legacy. It’s so inspiring to see the youth thinking about these topics.

    • I think purpose changes as you grow as a person. I am pretty sure 5 years ago I never even thought about what my purpose in life is. Today through Life and the MFC the picture is becoming a lot clearer! Great question!


    • Absolutely! I think it starts as a vauge idea at first and then through more growth personally you can then narrow in on what your exact purpose is. As Orrin mentioned once you know what your purpose is you then know exactly what your “big rocks” are and from there you can start to prioritize the other things in your life.

    • Se had that question come up too. We had some people mistaking what I see as the roadsigns to your purpose for purpose itself. Like someone who brightens lives fro, behind the Timmies counter. To me that’s a directional sign towards purpose more likely than an end-result purpose.

  49. hahaha, I think sometimes people can mistake passion or excitment. true passion comes from a deep seeded conviction of our purpose. People see others get excited about a hockey game or a baseball game but thats not true passion, true passion is conviction X persistance to chase down our passions

    • I agree totally Wayne. I have a more reserved personality so even though I may be passionate about something it may not come out as overwhelming visual excitement. Obviously you have a more excitable personality and we see that every time you speak from stage. can you imagine how reserved I would be without passion and purpose. lol

      • yesterday my pastor quoted something Bruxy Cavey said at a recent conference. Something to the effect that we must be careful not to confuse passion for plain old anger!

    • Wayne
      i dont think u can be passionate without purpose, in fact when i sit with someone who has no fire and no passion i know they have not found their true purpose in life………..or like in Lana’s case they could just be hungry haha!!

      • Passion without purpose would look like frenzy. It’s that desperate way of rushing from thing to thing in life without ever really accomplishing much of anything significant. Sadly, I believe it is the image of many lives today – frenzied activity without purpose.

    • That’s a great question, Wayne! I don’t think you can have genuine passion for something/someone unless it is part of a purpose. So then, can you have purpose without being passionate????

    • I don’t think you can be passionate without purpose. Driven, yes. But not passionate.
      Driven for a task that has a completion date sure. But with passion, you’re never done.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen some driven individuals but, over time, they burn out if the energy is not being directed to something that defines them. Working in your purpose actually re-energizes you, rather than wearing you out. Wayne & Ray just keep getting more & more energized each week so we can tell they are doing what they were meant to do!

    • Passion without purpose sounds a lot like frustration, or living in a fantasy world. I love the environment here because it does challenge us to look in the mirror and grow – intentionally with purpose and focus.

      • Passion on fire, Trumps Knowledge on Ice as you have reminded me time and time again. Without purpose just what would I have to be passionate about for now its the fire that burns to wake me up and strive to make a difference how ever small or large to move toward the life I’ve always wanted.

    • If you aren’t passionate about your purpose… you don’t know your purpose yet. Amazing how many people don’t know their purpose… but we aren’t taught to think about it. Just follow along and do what everyone else is doing. It feels so good to share the MFC with people and get them thinking about their LIFE purpose! Thank you Claude Hamilton, Orrin Woodward and ALL the LIFE leaders. You have given me a chance to actually figure out my purpose and begin to live it!!! MFC MFC MFC for EVERYONE!!!

  50. I’ve seen some people say that they got into deep conversations in their groups. On the surface our didn’t seem all that deep to me. What it was, though, was comfortable. We had two brand new people among our 7 and never did we have to do anything to ‘get the ball rolling’.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  51. I always knew i was meant for something, when Vicky introduced us to this business and to Wayne and Raylene i knew it was LIFE, i always enjoyed helping others and in the process i actually helped myself, the MFC is opening up so much more possibilities for me to use what God had always given me but i never dug deep enough until now for my purpose….Thanks Orrin and Chris and Claude and Lana for helping me dig deep.

  52. Loving the feedback and electric vibe I’m getting from the whole Team on the MFC and the Challenge groups!! This is the start of something bigger than any of us have ever imagined!

  53. Thanks to you and Lana, and Wayne and Raylene MacNamara for being such great servant leaders in helping us toward success. This is a great foundation to build on. The end result will be massive!

    • Last night went so well and was so simple, I feel like everyone who attended this one could run their own in 2 weeks! Imagine the explosion if there were 10 times as many Challenge groups next time!

      Thanks to Claude and the rest of the LIFE founders for putting this together. There is genius in simplicity. And thanks to the LIFE office for making available everything we needed on time to have such a successful evening!

  54. Hey Claude just pulled off the 401 to comment on last nights Challenge group to say how amazing it was and how receptive the people were. It was great to see people truly thinking about there purpose and the visions that where being opened up. Walking into a room with just your own vision and walking out with the strength of all. Like its been said in our groups there is someone with the strength for every weakness and now everyone can walk out more prepared for the world around them and open to different views. Together we can change the world one person at a time.

  55. Our Challenge group included a variety of ages, background, and personalities. I was blown away by the extent to which people participated, people were gracious and polite to make sure every voice was heard. It’s so unusual for teens to have a conversation on purpose & significance. It was inspiring!

  56. Our group was as good as I hoped with one added bonus. More than on person came in saying “I have no purpose” and left noticeably brighter having gotten a step closer to understanding that EVERYONE is here for a purpose!

  57. I think these challenge meetings are going to develop leaders faster than ever before. More of the people with smaller coomunities will feel more comfortable stepping up and hosting smaller challenge sessions versus a large organized presentation. The video leaves the teaching to the professional speakers.I love it

    • Hey Pat, thats right!! Making it a stronger foundation for more leaders… more “rascals”….leading those that are hungry to the people with true fruit on the tree! Duplication at its finest!

  58. Our challenge group was incredible last night!!! Some tears, some smiles and many great discussions. Helping each other grow and improve together!!! Amazing! Thanks to you, Claude, the MFC and ALL the LIFE products!!!

    • Great time had by all Scott all meetings huge success and everyone talking about the fact that its time to introduce this to everyone. Can’t wait for the next one!

      • For sure, we need to share the MFC with everyone!! This is such an amazing opportunity we have to take advantage of!!

  59. Meeting last night was awesome!! So great to sit down and get everyones perspective on the video. We will all learn so much more, not just from the videos but through each person’s different experiences and examples givin through these small group disscussions.

  60. I can’t wait until the next major in July! This group has always been close-knit, but with the discussions and transparency that occurred in the first meeting alone, our group left completely fired up! I can totally see how this is a tool for group explosion!!

  61. It was great having everybody give insight last night. Hearing people think about purpose young and old, It’s amazing that for the most part people are running around with their head down, last nights group was definitely talking about writing down and examining their purpose. If the challenge group can just accomplish this, it’s more that well worth it, thankfully there are more coming and this will definitely make a difference in our community!

      • As a business owner, I know that I need to grow, people count on me. I know that there are already several specific life products that have helped my business, and Terry Brady’s parenting cd’s are absolutely amazing, such great insight. I know that with this information I save money, I spend it with more scrutiny of expenses, and one thing I’ve learned very well is don’t starve your business, If you need a tool, figure out a way to get it!

        The best lesson I’ve learned through working with Claude and Wayne is to strive to eliminate the word “can’t” and emphasize “can”. It’s a simple re-framing of the mind, these two men are phenomenal examples of determination, character and I always look forward to time with them, I’ve never left without learning something.

        Thanks Claude,


  62. Had an awesome time at my challenge group. Excellent discussions, loved the conversation!

  63. Hi Claude! Our challenge group last night was awesome! We shared some great thoughts about finding our purpose. I didn’t quite think of my purpose before, but it’s been on my mind all day. This is definitely an on-going thought process. :) Orrin and Chris really made the video light and humorous…..though the approach was professional. Way to go LIFE!

  64. I think these challenge meetings are going to help make the canadian team the ones to follow. This casual and more personal atmosphere is what we do naturally in Canada anyway.

  65. We had the pleasure of hosting a Challenge Group in Stratford, ON. LOVED it! In our group we had a range of age groups, married and singles, old friends and new friends. We all laughed a lot, everyone contributed significantly, and best of all, we all gained insight into what “purpose” can look like, why we need it in life, and the value of discussing it honestly with other like-minded people. The variety of points of view was enriching and we all left with new perspectives. Can’t wait for the next one!

  66. Last nights discussion group was incredible. I learned some very valuable information to implement into my life. Its great to watch a video and get 6 others opinions and perspective on it. The discussions that occured were very helpful in understaning the concepts of your “purpose”. Thank you Claude and the rest of the PC for creating such an amazing and valuable product! The MFC rocks!

    • I believe we were all profoundly affected and surprised at the results from last night and how much reflection it inspired! Proud of you Pal!!

  67. Hey Claude, Aage and I had a group of quite young members and we were amazed at the depth of the dialogue that was produced! What a great way to get people thinking and opening up their minds to the possibilities that are available to them. Thanks again for all you do. It is the leadership of you and Lana and Wayne and Raylene that inspire us all to do better.

  68. We had a great time at our Mental Fitness Challenge group last night. It was awesome to see the group edifying each other as they discussed personal challenges. Everyone, even the most shy, shared their take away from the evening.
    As John mentioned, people didn’t want to leave! We had a lot of positive feedback on the format! Can’t wait for the next one.

  69. It was great last night. So many different perspectives on one subject. It was nice to hear where different people came from so that I could reframe my idea to a better understanding.

    • You are so right Phil, the process of reframing is so important for growth and what a great spot to apply it.

    • LOL!! I had the pleasure of being in the same Challenge Group as Phil last night. He was a valued contributor but you’re right Claude, we don’t want to tell him that too much!! Love you Phil :-)

  70. Our experience with the challenge group left us all hungry for more! A venue where anyone and everyone can speak from the heart about things that really matter. We are all about community and this is an incredible way to develop amazing relationships with people that are both new and those who have been around for a bit. A huge thank you to Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Claude Hamilton, Wayne MacNamara for tying us into this incredible group of people.

  71. these challenge meetings Rock and I cannot wait to get some of my friends into this atmosphere so they too can reap the rewards from these discussions

  72. The Challenge Group Meeting is a great way to get FIRED UP. So much great information put forward and the MFC is going to change the world; no other business or program can offer this type of transformation! Thanks to our team leaders Wayne & Raylene MacNamara for showing me this amazing opportunity, and better yet Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady for EVERYTHING! Had it not been for these hardworking men the success thats available , wouldn’t be possible.

    Tamrin; KF.

    • Well said Tamrin, Kathleen and I are so proud to have you in our challenge group and to hear all the insights from people who wouldn’t normally say much! We are so looking forward to the next one and showing our other spots that this information will grow our group!

  73. Thank to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady for developinng this program it is going to change many peoples lives. The Challenege group last evening was amazing..sharing was unbelieveable ,know we have a direction that we can move forwrd with our lives.

    • It’s incredible what the LiFE founders have created here. Social Capital just took a huge jump in value last night (unlike my stock portfolio!) Glad to hear all the great, positive comments today!

      • there is some good old stockmarket trashing just like I love hahaha, yesterday the greek people took out 894 million from their bank accounts, its amazing whats happening over there. another election 9 days after the last and i bet the next government gets formed with AK-47’s doing the most voting

  74. What a amazing business. The mfc is amazing where can u get life changing info. As well as be payed back on it.

  75. Feedback from last night still pouring in! Many people weren’t sure what to expect, and had reservations going into it – now they can’t wait for the next 1!

    • Our biggest issue was getting people to leave when it was over! Everyone wanted to keep going. It has started to generate so much conversation and sharing. Awesome!

    • we can’t wait for the next one, the responses we are receiving back are very positive…thanks to the LIFE founders for providing this awesome material.

  76. Hey Claude,
    Participating in my first challenge discussion was very interesting. What I took away from the discussion was a renewed need to uncover my purpose. It is the foundation upon which our lives will find our true path.
    I can’t wait for the next session!

  77. It was a breath of fresh air! I feel like we learned much more about each other and ourselves in one night than we have in the last 6 months. The focused discussions really help bring perspective on all the amazing principles we are learning. A wonderful environment for self discovery and growth! Can’t wait for the next session!

  78. Hey Claude! The attitude section couldn’t have come at a better time! Who could have a bad attitude after hearing “The walking, talking good deal” ?! “Probably the simplest way to start the restoration of one’s mental garden is to focus upon one’s blessings”. We got a real taste of that this weekend, with the amazing blessing from Jean and Tamie!

  79. Claude, I have to say that me and Micheline share your excitement. After the challenge last night we kept talking about “deep” subjects for hours! I feel that the challenge groups are already helping build stronger relationships both through teams and at home. This is what society needs. Intelligent conversations through important topics.

    I’m already excited for the next one! Fired up!

    • Absolutely!! Nicely put, not only stronger relationships with the team but at home as well.

  80. Hi Claude! What an awesome night! The video with Orrin and Chris really set the tone for our first Challenge group night! everyone felt like they were live in our living room. So cool! And when we all got into groups to discuss it was so great to see everyone sharing their opinion on how they saw their purpose and how they could apply the information directly to their lives! Can’t wait for the next one!


  81. Hey Claude! The Challenge groups last night were a great hit!!! Because it was the first one people didn’t know what to expect but now we all can’t wait for the next one which should be extremely fun and insightful! These are good times!!!


  82. Hey Claude, I was not so sure how things were gonna play out last night. It did not necessarily go according to plan-but the bonding that occurred through the process as a group was powerful. Our core group shared and grew closer last night than I ever would have imagined. MFC is both sharpening individuals and strengthening our pocket communities. Looking forward to the next Challenge Group!

  83. The Challenge Group meeting I was a part of was amazing. It was a small group but with the video and questions the conversation lead in some extremely thought provoking directions.

    I can’t wait for the next one!

  84. Claude, we held our first Challenge groups last night as well. It was amazing in that by the end of the evening, even the quietest and most reserved people in attendance were sharing their insights! All are looking forward to the next Challenge group meeting already. Feedback from other groups still coming in – but all had similar experiences with everything from laughter to tears (good tears), including guests!

    Thanks for all that you do!

  85. Hi Claude

    What a huge success the challenge groups were last night. People walked away asking about the next one. People were eager to talk and share their experiences with the group. When people are walking out the door still talking about it, we have to be doing something good. Cant wait for the next one.

  86. It was our first mental fitness challenge last night and it was a big hit! People were sharing their thought and appreciation and we grew from it.

    My personal experience was revealing… In my head, it’s like a puzzle and now I know where to start my journey to see the big picture! By looking at what I saw yesterday about the MFC, I know now that great discoveries is awaiting :)

    Looking forward to the next one!

  87. Claude we had a great time last night, people sharing and talking. The topic of Purpose was incredible – it really got people thinking and asking themselves some internal questions to figure it out. People truly loved it. The texts and email responses have been extremely positive.

      • We had such an amazing night out our first MFC meeting at Wayne and Ray’s last night. I think we all learned that even though we all have our own set of circumstances and situations that we still have a lot in common when it comes to finding our true purpose. The discussion group was totally open and transparent, I look forward to the next challenge meeting in 2 weeks. Wayne and Ray are simply amazing leaders and examples to follow. Thank you bringing them into our lives.

      • I agree Raylene it opens everybody minds and make them think about their lives and where they are goin.

    • The topic of Purpose was very impactful with our group, the disscussion questions made alot of us really think about what kind of inpact we want to leave…..

      • Gracie, I agree – as I shared last night, I’ve been working through this myself the better part of this past year. I’m glad that I now have a wonderful business support team and set of tools such as the LIFE business, the MFC, and Orrin’s book RESOLVED to help me figure it all out.

    • Amazing hearing from everyone, so positive just what the doctor ordered and looking forward to the future!

  88. The challenge group I attended had a profound impact on everyone who attended. Sharing our thoughts and experiences on leadership topics was an amazing way to learn and bond. No one wanted to leave after it was done! What a great example of social capital that #6 Leadership Professional Orrin Woodward ( recently discussed in his blog.

    We can’t wait for the next Challenge group!!! Thanks Claude for your leadership!

  89. Hey Claude, I was at Alex’s group on Monday night and I have been blown away from the response. Looking forward to the future!

  90. Challenge group meetings will be a huge tool to bring a strong bond between teams members. We all opened up last night with our vision and it was awesome… And it’s only the beginning! FIRED UP!!!
    BTW Claude, Tamie told us yesterday how Jean and her had a great time in Halifax last weekend. :)

    • PS: We in Halifax sooo enjoyed Jean & Tamie ! Awesome leaders! Plus we will forever look at “Change” in a better light! =)

  91. We had our first Challenge group at my house. I was a little nervous, my husband was sick so didn’t join us. (For fear of sharing :-) Everything went really well, people were really open to sharing, and I had the opportunity to hear a little more about people I though I knew well.
    We were doing so well that we even had a surprise guest.
    Only just moving in to our house a month ago, we didn’t know we that we have very brave mice :-{ One popped out right at the end to make his apearance. Thanks to the fellas there, he was taken care of well. :-)
    I believe the whole night was a success, and can’t wait for the next one.
    Thanks for all the effort it must have taken, to put this all together.

      • Ya, but we all laughed about it. Probably because I was trying not to dance around like a scared little girl. Hard to try and look professional standing on a chair.LOL The group I had here were great, and no one seemed to mind. Even suggested that I add it to the blog…. :-)

  92. The MFC has helped me focus on what I really need to do to get ahead. I’m only 2 weeks in, but I feel the jolt of good information in mind like how a good energy drink jolts your body in the morning!

    It’s phenomenal!

    The challenge group last night was one of the best experiences I’ve had in regards to this, and It helped us all take a step in the right direction towards success in our lives!

    • Yes Lee, the sharing is what I found awesome. We all got something positive from the materials in are group but sharing that with each other is so much more. Hard to explain.

    • Lee, me too, at first I was a bit awkward but then people started talking & sharing. This group stuff is exactly how Marc Millitello said “game-changer”!!

      • Yea, it was a bit awkward at first, but once people got into the groove it seemed to pass by too fast! Positive feedback from everyone and I really believe it will make all the difference in ensuring the MfC is successful for all who decide to follow the process

  93. Have to agree with you, Claude…response to the inaugural evening for the Challenge Group meetings has been amazing! Love to hear the personal stories!

  94. i had the great opportunity to be in the Mental Fitness Challenge Group last night it was AMAZING. Its great that we are now able to sit around ans discuss the 13 Resolutions. This is going to be something we are all going to be talking about for a long time to come. Its great to be able to talk among our peers in LIFE and discuss and grow personally and as a TEAM! Thank you Claude and the rest of the founders for changing my LIFE. And Thank you To Wayne and Raylene Macnamera for for showing us what is possible.

    • Well said Tonia, and with all the modesty I can muster after last night our group truly rocked!! So proud to be in the same challenge group with you!

      • Thank you Aage, our group rocked! It was great to hear that we are going to be in the same challenge group, and we had some younger people in our group that are going to grow in leaps and bounds in the next 6 months to a year i cant wait to see there growth.

  95. Claude, our challenge group went amazingly smooth. People are hungry to grow & change & improve themselves, we just gotta help them get it out! The challenge groups will simplify it for everyone who is aiming for personal growth. luv ya bud! J

    • I loved the last part at the end, where we all said what we were getting out of it. It showed how just in that short session, everyone grew, and will continue to grow!

      • The take-aways were so inspiring and EVERYONE could think of something they wanted to apply right away! This is where the big expensive corporate programs fail because the binder you get at the conference makes it back to your office and starts to collect dust.

        This approach is so much more effective.

    • Wow…the excitement is getting people’s elephant buzzing!
      This is going to spread like wildfire! Team LIFE is just amazing !
      And that includes our awesome mentors/leaders! ;)

    • You know I’m not to tech savy but I just had to let you know how much better these challenge group meetings are than I ever imagined. Ours went alittle over cause my group just didn’t want to stop.

    • Our group was incredibly deep with insight and feelings from the heart, we’re so proud of all of them!

  96. Claude, our Challenge group last night was so inspiring. It was so nice to get together and share our thoughts on the MFC. It has had a huge impact on us so far….I cant wait to get up everyday and start brand new!!
    Josh and Ellen

  97. The MFC challenge groups are an amazing wait to challenge each other and learn more each day. Such a successful method of learning and growing together that we can use in everyday life!

    • It was great to hear what everyone was going to take away from the evening and how they planned to apply it before the next challenge group!

  98. Claude, we held our first challenge group as well last night and it was a home run! You’re right people couldn’t wait to share their excitement about the Mental Fitness Challenge!!! We can’t wait to hold the next one!

  99. Thanks to Claude and Lana for helping team Kaizen provide us with such great Leaders, we are thankful to share the MFC and LIFE with so many friends, families. Thanks to Claude and Lana for being such great leaders and leading Joce and Cynthia in such an amazing way, you have truly changed our lives.

  100. Our first Challenge Group meeting last night was great! Everyone eager to share how they want to discover their true purpose, learning from each other at the heart level. It was awesome!!

  101. Claude, your posts and Joce’s yesterday sum it up well.
    This MFC is soo HUGE! So many people fired up just on it alone ! The fire will only get bigger as they see the changes in themselves and THEN… the subscriptions and all the association with such a fantastic one of a kind business opportunity!!! Who knew getting better would provide such a significant income , trips, and so much fun! So stinkin’ fired up about our future! woohoo! Big shout out to Orrin, Chris as well as all the PC & awesome leaders,not to forget the leading ladies…. =)
    Louise & Alan

  102. Hey Calude!

    We had a great time at our Mental Fitness Challenge Group last night. It’s so fun to see how people are changing and growing for the better. I know for Andrea and I we would be at wits end if it wasn’t for the materials and association of Team LIFE. Keep on Leading from the Front and setting the best example for us to follow like you always have!

    Scott & Andrea Seeley

  103. Woohoo! We were so excited about how well the Challenge Group went last night, with everyone sharing and getting excited about what the MFC and Life has been and will continue to do for them. Thanks to Claude and all the PC for all their work and servant leadership.

  104. Hey Claude, I had a chance to get one of our communities together Monday night around a bonfire. As the community started to share their thoughts on the topic, it was amazing to hear everyones take on their time with the LIFE Team so far. For three straight days I have been receiving thank yous and appreciation for putting that night together. That community is a tighter community because of it. Challenge groups are going to take the LIFE team to the next level. I’m so excited to be part of it.

    All the Best in LIFE,

    Alex Nickerson (

    • I was one of the people around that campfire Alex mentioned. It was one of the best nights we’ve had the pleasure of being part of. I’ve always wanted to be a part of something “special” and the people around that fire are some of the most special people I have ever met. Proud to be a part of it! Proud to be lead by some of the most amazing examples of leadership possible. Thank you Alex & Leighann, Claude & Lana!!!

    • Alex, I agree wholeheartedly. I think the challenge groups will enable us to create something truly special for LIFE members and for MFC participants alike!

  105. As the host of my challenge group I had no Idea what to expect in regards to how things would go…. My gosh! it was a really fun night, everyone really opened up including myself. I now see the power in the open discussion session. When I read the 1st resolution in Orrins book I did think about what my purpose was however I was absolutly blindsided by how talking aloud with a group made me focus in. The Bryan, OH group loves this challenge format!!!!!

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