so God made a leader

Hey everyone!

After receiving┬ámany requests for a video I recently presented in Moline, Illinois, I’ve decided it’s time to get back on the blogging horse!

The Ram Trucks 2013 Super Bowl commercial is an all-time favorite of mine, so we decided to emulate it in a Kaizen Leaders version.

Here’s the original:

Great, right? Now, here’s our version:

A special thanks to Lewis Thibault, Alicia Pilo, Scott Lacrosse, and Denis Leger for helping bring the video to life.

Until next time!


23 thoughts on “so God made a leader

  1. Amazing video of an amazing Team – Thanks Claude for sharing and thanks to all those who prepared the video. Go Change the world – Team Kaizen , thanks to Life Leadership !!

    Team Kaizen Steadfast

  2. Thank you to all Kaizen Leaders for showing us where were we are going. And blazing a path for us.

  3. Well done thanks for always thinking ahead for us all .
    You are a true Leader always serving others .
    So proud to know you and the whole Kaizen Team .
    God Bless you .

    Thanks Faye

    • Wow – thanks Fi and Kathryn! I’m glad I just gave in to my laziness – di;21#8n&7dt feel like looking it up and thought I’d just ask instead. I’ll let my colleague know.

  4. Brought tears to my eyes Claude…
    what a great snapshot of the dynasty your are creating and
    a lesson in the power of ONE!
    Thanks for being the rock of Kaizen!

  5. Awesome video Claude. Like someone said up further it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Truly blessed to be part of Kaizen.

  6. Very Cool! What a Team of Leaders we are associated with! Thank you all for staying in the FIGHT for FREEDOM… for one more day!!!

  7. Wow… if that don’t make your hair on your neck stand up….
    Nothing will..
    It truly cuts to the heart an wants me to stand an be the leader I have been called to be..
    Awesome job

  8. Wow!!! That’s incredible, absolutely love it!! So honoured to be a part of the Kaizen Community !!
    Exceptional leaders that we have the opportunity to associate among and chase our dreams with!!!

    All the glory
    Goes to him
    Rick & Linz

  9. Awesome video of the great Kaizen Leaders, the reason more hungry students are following in their path ! Looking forward to your return to blogging Claude !

    • Love it!! Or should I say them.!! But way too short………’s like going down memory lane quickly!
      Great to hear that you are back in the saddle, so that means we should see more stories, trials and tribulations of our cross line friends.
      Personally I have been out searching for a good horse, you know one that is black, sleek, with 4 white socks, white on face, has excessive speed, and with great shoes that can take us absolutely anywhere. The saddle? Silver of course!
      Thanks for all you & Lana share.

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