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LIFE Is Interesting - Claude Hamilton

LIFE Is Interesting

Living LIFE at Full Speed

A few days ago, I posted a video of Wyatt walking and was pretty excited to show it off.  Well about 3 hours after posting that video, Wyatt fell and smashed his teeth on the tile floor.

LIFE Is Interesting

Wyatt is walking!

Well, that started a pretty crazy 24 hours. First to the emergency room – then to the emergency dentist – then today back to a paediatric dentist.

I can tell you that when the Paediatric dentist manhandled Wyatt’s teeth with his fingers and thumbs with no anesthetic, it killed me. We are hopeful everything will heal fine and his adult teeth will be ok.

Thank you for all your prayers and support during all this!  I know all kids are going to get bumps and scrapes, Wyatt’s wasn’t serious compared to others. Just recently I had read a blog post that sent chills up my spine and all I thought was, it could be a lot worse! Thank God.

It’s amazing how personalities never turn off. Wyatt is a huge sanguine. As we rushed to the emergency and pulled in the driveway, I saw the emergency waiting area was packed. It was obviously hours and hours wait. But I thought with all the blood all over Wyatt we should be whisked past everyone and seen right away. Well as soon as we walked into the emergency room, everyone looked at us to see who was the new meat on the table (that is the triage line), Wyatt broke into a huge smile!!!! As if to say “HEY EVERYBODY!! I am here let the party begin!!”

Well I thought, that’s not going to help us see a doctor any quicker!  It was short lived and soon he was crying again and we were seen quickly. Thankfully.

LIFE Is Interesting

Joce Dionne w./son Kaleb


Meanwhile, against my better judgement, I am going to reinforce a stereotype that many Americans have about Canada. In New Brunswick they have received quite a bit of snow this year.

My friend and LIFE business partner, Joce Dionne uses his time during the day to build and maintain a hockey rink in his yard. (Is that 2 sterotypes now? Lots of snow and every Canadian has a outdoor rink in his backyard?)

Here is a picture of him walking with his super cute son Kaleb from the rink to his house…. in the snow.

Fight Fiercely

Claude Hamilton

26 thoughts on “LIFE Is Interesting

  1. awww poor wyatt… and poor mom and dad. this is how you get your gray hair that you will later lose! our daughter went into one of those play tunnels at Chuck E. Cheese (do you have those there?), and came out bloody with all her front teeth kicked in. same deal, emergency room, nightmare procedures, and finally a toothless kid for many years at ages that she shouldn’t have been toothless. the adult teeth grew in just fine though… xo

  2. The first of many young boy accidents. Our two boys certainly had there fair share. The picture with Joce reminds me of why I want a second home in Florida.

  3. If Wyatt is anything like you he’s tough. Just the other day I stubbed my toe, I cried like a baby LOL

  4. In horrible pain and he still finds it in himself to smile when he enters a new room LOL; what a charmer.Saw him today and he looked great.

  5. Ouch! So glad Wyatt will be okay, Claude. Say, when are you and Lana coming to Southfield, MI? We miss you guys………

  6. Hope Wyatt is feeling better! I can only imagine what that 24 hours was like for you guys. We were thinking of you. Glad everything is on the mend.

  7. Sending prayers your way for your son Wyatt. It is always hard when my son is sick or hurt from an accident. A parents love is an example of Gods love for us :) You and Lana are in my top 3 favorite speakers list and have blessed our family so much due to your comitment to the team and by being an example of leadership for us. Praying for a speedy recovery, God bless you and your wonderful family!

  8. OMG…we heard about Wyatt, ouchhhhh to say the least! Happy to hear he’s ok, I hope you & Lana have recovered as well…:)!

  9. Hi Claude & Lana! parenting is so rewarding yet so scarey! When I seen Wyatt with all the blood pic, my stomach turned and I quickly flashed back to my son’s teeth going through his lip at the tender age of one, dental visits etc, plus he actually had stitches 4 times before 4! Our daughter, not a stitch, and hardly a bruise,guess that’s where the saying “boys will be boys” comes from.Praying for all of you as the adventure’s continue! Louise

  10. Hi Claude –

    Hope your & Lanas’ hearts & minds were made known by God this morning that some prayers for Wyatt came from Terry’s team in Ohio — at a Mens’ leadership class I attend at my church each Sunday before the service, I put up a prayer request to the former elder who leads the class discussion, and a dozen men prayed for Wyatt :-)

    On a diff note, Many blessings to you all & it’ll be a privilege and honour for all of us w/ Terry down here to see you folks next weekend – both Saturday & Sunday.

  11. Claude, sorry to hear about Wyatt. If it makes you feel any better I fell and smashed my front teeth when I was about 18 months old. I didn’t have front teeth until my adult teeth came in, but other than that I am perfectly fine (dentally speaking anyway :P). I am sure Wyatt will heal up just fine, especially with positive, loving parents like you and Lana.

  12. Now lil wyatt looks like a real hockey player!!! He’s a champ that’s for sure, and its all because he has great champions for parents. Thanks for teaching me to keep stroking!

  13. Hey Claude, Every parent remembers that first race to the hospital with their kid. I remember Elijah fell and jammed his tooth brush down his throat and started couching up blood, so we grabbed him and drove (fast) to emerg, we showed up there and triage, lets just say didn’t seem to think it’s a big deal, now unfortunately i didn’t see it that way and 2 hours later we were seen. I know I’ve had the misfortune of having regular visits to the hospital over the years, but I’m used to waiting, kids should definitely get squeezed in quicker if at all possible.

    My last trip for me, I finally brought a book, set a personal record for fastest wait time: triage, seen a nurse, saw the doctor, got stiched up and discharge in less than an hour, then right back to work!

    I hope Wyatt heals up quick and everything will be fine with his adult teeth. We feel for you guys.

      • I can remember my first race to the hospital with my son. He fell out of the neighbour’s tree and broke his arm. I carried him down the street, jumped in the car and didn’t even tell my wife what had happened. LOL 4 weeks later hockey tryouts started and the first practice he wore his blocker over the cast and still went on the ice!

  14. Wow!! That is a story he will be able to share when he gets older – “The day I started walking… “. It is when we become parents ourselves that we have some idea of what our own parents went through. They are tougher than we think, and so are we. We just get to hurt in the heart and add a gray hair or two!! Love to you all.

  15. Good news he’s ok…it looked really bad on the picture not knowing the extent of the damages!

    Not to add another Canadian stereotype…but guess he really wanted to look like a hockey player with this teeth missing ;) He’s a tough kid!

    God bless

  16. Wow. What a story. In that picture you both look so clam and collected. I hope his little teeth heal ok.
    We’ll send a bunch of extra prayers, for fast healing.

  17. It’s amazing the emotions that surface once we become parents, or at least it was for me. My daughter broke her arm falling off a friends bed when she was two years old (her forearm was literally bent!), and you know about Joshua. I’m sure you were horrified to see little Wyatt bleeding so bad. Anyway, parenthood certainly tests our EQ from all sides.

  18. Claude, it is great to hear Wyatt is doing well. I saw that picture you tweeted ans wondered how i would have handled that if it were my boy. You looked so calm and Wyatt seemed to content. Bless the three of you and everything you do.

  19. Glad to hear that Wyatt is doing alright. You guys have been in our thoughts and prayers. In regards to Joce’s rink path, I was down that path a few days ago. I don’t know if your picture actually captures the true extent of how much snow there really is there!

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