Do You Need to Toughen Up?

Toughen UP Book by Claude Hamilton

Think about the toughest person you know. What makes them tough? Are they physically strong? Are they able to deal with a lot of stress without showing emotion? Or do they know how to get what they want, no matter what the odds?

When I was in the military, we thought of “toughness” as a purely physical characteristic—how well we could handle physical demands and keep going, despite the challenges. But as I’ve moved through the various phases of my life—as a cadet, a diver, a husband, a father, and a business owner—I’ve redefined the word. I’ve watched those around me build businesses and families, and I’ve noticed that the difference between success and failure seems to come down to one, simple skill: the ability to take punishment and keep your original intentions. That’s how I define “toughness.”

If you’re a parent, think about your goals. Likely, you want to raise a healthy, happy child, guiding them with as much love, patience, and compassion as you can. But what about those long nights of teething and ear infections? The days when you can hardly keep your eyes open? Do you still manage to crawl out of bed when you’re needed and spend the night cradling and soothing your child?

Maybe you’re a business owner. If you are, you probably have a mission statement and a long-term vision for your company. But every business has its own challenges. Whether you’re experiencing an unexpected financial issue, a supply shortage, or a customer service complaint, how you handle it is often the factor that determines the outcome. Do you stay true to your mission statement? Do you continue working toward that ultimate vision?

True “toughness” is shown by the parent who makes it through stomach bugs and teething and still provides all the love and comfort their child needs, night after night. It’s demonstrated by the business owner who, in the face of a customer complaint, keeps their overall goal in mind and addresses the complaint in a calm, respectful manner.

As I write in my book, Toughen Up!, “a truly tough person is gentle and caring most of the time but knows how to stand up for something, overcome challenges as needed, and keep doing his or her best even when the odds are overwhelming.”

Remember, a positive attitude can be the difference between success and failure. If you stay positive and stick to your beliefs and your goals, good things will start to happen for you. If you let the challenges bog you down, your attitude will suffer—and you’ll lose focus on your vision. Positivity keeps you on track, while helping you defeat challenges and obstacles in a way that leave your integrity, your confidence, and your mission intact.

Over the coming months, I’ll be writing more about what it means to stay tough as you navigate life’s ups and downs. Have you had a recent challenge? What did you do to toughen up?

11 thoughts on “Do You Need to Toughen Up?

  1. Thanks Claude! Right on are very inspiring with the muscle nuggets, memory muscle, in keeping the business flame burning!!! Go Team!!

  2. Claude, you are the best example I know of someone who has toughened up! I admire your mental toughness to get through anything. What an example for all of us. Thanks for leading. I would follow you anywhere. -Melanie

  3. I love the book Claude – it’s a phenomenal read and I have a number of loved ones who will be receiving it as a gift at Christmas. I know it will be as impactful in their lives as it has been in mine.

    We’re super excited to be seeing you guys soon. God bless, and #Keepstroking!

  4. Thanks Claude!!

    Doing what it takes throughout life’s many challenges is so difficult, but so rewarding. Attitude makes all of the difference. You and Lana truly show what toughness is all about..”gentle and caring most of the time but know how to stand up for something, overcome challenges as needed, and keep doing his or her best even when the odds are overwhelming”. Thank you for your incredible example, your amazing leadership!

    Keep Stroking!!
    Love yas!!

  5. Great post Claude! Thanks for sharing and being the “tough” example for me to follow. Can’t wait to see you!!

  6. Great post Claude!
    Love reading about toughening up! Especially from someone like you who has experienced many moments in your life when you have had to toughen up.

    Kody Ellis

  7. Hi Claude,

    I will leave my answer at yes. It’s been a long year! Your book is truly amazing and the balance I’m trying to add daily. They say God doesn’t give us more then we can handle. Your book and attributes will help with a many of problems.
    Thanks for your knowledge & power! May we all find the balance!
    God Bless.

  8. Great perspective Claude, I think we often forget that strength and being tough begins with having thick skin and a soft heart. Both you and Wayne exemplify the quality of toughness. Thank you for your continued servant leadership and friendship.

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