New Policy Council Members Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

New Policy Council Members Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

New Policy Council Members

Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

Well, as much as I intend to blog more often then I do , it seems most of the time I don’t get to it.  However, the past few months have been amazing and so memorable that I have so much to share and can’t put it off any longer! Wayne and Raylene MacNamara are new Policy Council members!!

I remember crossing as a new PC and it was definitely a huge accomplishment that meant a lot to me. However, watching Wayne and Ray go PC was a million times better.

We met Wayne and Ray ten years ago, they were in their early 20’s and both working at factories.  Over 5 years we became best friends and although their business didn’t explode, our relationship grew to be rock solid. Wayne and Ray had been going to seminars and digesting books and listening to CDs, basically becoming professional students of success.

Then we joined TEAM led by Orrin Woodward and things changed.  Both the MacNamara’s and our business started to grow, fast then faster then crazy fast! Wayne had only a handful of people on his team, although super committed, and now those people are his closest friends and also big leaders themselves earning their own success.

That’s what I love about the LIFE business. No one makes it without helping others make it.

I loved watching MacNamara’s team so excited to celebrate their leaders success. I loved watching MacNamara’s families in the audience as Wayne and Ray crossed and gave an amazing inspiring heartfelt speech. I loved watching Orrin and Laurie, great mentors and best friends of mine, give Wayne and Ray, also great friends, their PC ring and pendant.

I loved Wayne’s first PC meeting, having him get to be part of such an amazing group of men is such a blessing. I loved all the stories and memories we shared with the MacNamara’s as we spent 2 weekends in a row with them celebrating and reminiscing about the journey to PC.

MOST AMAZINGLY WE LOVED meeting Wayne and Ray in Louisville, after they left at 3am in the morning from Toronto, having just gotten positive results in a pregnancy test!! THAT’S FREAKING RIGHT!!! They found out they were pregnant hours before crossing as PC for the first time!!! CAN U BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

I could barely hold myself together. Lana and Ray cried all weekend, we all thought Wayne would get too excited and just blurt it out on stage!!!

So there you have it, Wayne and Ray are new PC and expecting parents!!! WOWSERS!!!

I have a million great stories about the MacNamara’s. I will try to tell a lot of them over the next few blog posts. But one I will leave you with something Ray said about Wayne during their PC speech. Wayne and Ray met and fell in love when they were 15. (this is quite normal in Cape Breton Ha Ha!!!)

They have been together since then, 20 years!!! Ray said “I knew him as a boy, and watched him grow into the man he is today”.  Now she will get to watch him become an amazing father. I have so much passion for them as friends and partners.

We are so proud of them!!!!

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  1. WOW! Thank you Raylene and Wayne for the vision! You have inspired me more than you can imagine watching the PC recognition …. The hug between Wayne and Claude … that was the symbol of victory! Everything was exciting “the hug” the ring pendant the hugs and of course the beautiful dress … and all i could think about was .. what if she didnt have the Courage to pursue this … where would they be? Great job and look forward to hearing more stories about these two. :)

  2. It was incredible to see Wayne and Raylene get recognized as PC for the first time in Ottawa. We got as close to the stage as we could and loved getting close enough to see not just Wayne & Raylene, but the other leaders as they stood to the side.

    We wish everyone could’ve had the ability to see the emotions on the other PCs faces, especially you and Lana. It just shows what loving leaders you are.

    It makes us so proud to be called Kaizen.

  3. Fantastic, terrific, & wonderful news all rolled into two weekends! :)

    I had the privilege to see the recognition in Louisville up close – it was a blessing to be surrounded by Kaizen yellow towels, flowers being tossed, signs, and banners right near the stage and see two awesome folks be accorded the fruits of their labours over the past decade.

    Kudos to Wayne & Raylene from your ROK of Kaizen brothers (and sisters) in Terry & Ann’s tribe :D

  4. The MacNamara’s have such an inspiring story. I am so thankful they chose to overcome their obstacles and share their hearts to touch the lives of others.

    God does honour commitment. Congratulations to Wayne & Raylene, they truly have been doubly blessed!!

  5. What a great celebration that was. The most amazing thing about it was thar even when the light was shining on them, they kept shining it back to the TEAM. it is clear that this is a result of the way things work in the LIFE business which is why my wife and I are so proud and honored to be involved and contribute to that culture. Congrats to Wayne and Raylene and you both, Claude and Lana. We appreciate all you do for us (even when a ‘storm’ is upon us’. Michel.

  6. Claude,

    WOW. Such an inspiring story. Being in California, I didn’t have a chance to witness either live recognition, but even the video from Louisville was powerful. I’m so grateful to be a part of this business! Thank you for your inspiring words and great leadership Claude!

    Jeff Campbell :)

  7. Congrat to Wayne and Ray not just for accomplishing PC, which is awesome in itself but to find out that they are going to be parents is amazing. We wish them great success not just with their business but being a parent.

    Congrats Wayne & Ray, we are really proud of you.

  8. We are so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team. Wayne and Raylene have been phenomenal examples of what a leader is. The depth of friendship that has developed between you & Lana and Wayne & Ray is something that we all strive for. Thank you for being the kind of leader that truly has the best interest of their team-mates in mind.

  9. What an amazing journey that really has begun and with moving into parent hood at the same time! They are blessed in many ways and one is having you and Lana as mentors to help them be who they are today!
    Wayne and Ray will help millions of people over their journey and we couldn’t be prouder to be helping them in any way we can! Truly an insperational couple to follow!
    Thanks for the Blog Claude!

  10. Thanks for this great article. Wayne and Raylene are truly students of the system. They have set an awesome example for all of us to follow! What I too love about the Life business is that that no one makes it without helping others make it. Wayne and Raylene have touched 1000 of lives as you have and will continue to do so. We are blessed to have such wonderful friends and mentors in our lives and look forward to the journey that lays ahead.
    We appreciate all the love and time you and Lana have poured into Wayne and Raylene as they are now paying if forward. Marianne

  11. I have so many emotions still running in throuh mefrom last major, Thanks so much Claude and Lana for being such awesome mentors and friends to Wayne and Raylene, being in business with all 4 of you for many years have brought so much into my life words cannot express it. The friendship we have with Wayne and Raylene is so precious to me, watching them cross as new PC’s was so awesome and finding out their EXPECTING was just the icing on the cake. We will follow them anywhere.

  12. Wow what an amazing weekend and Wayne and Raylene topped it off with such class. They are true students of the system proving that anything is possible if you do the work for it. We are so blessed to have them as mentors, biz partners and friends. Their personal growth is something that I have never witnessed ever before in my life to see this couple move from success to significance has been amazing. The Legacy that you have started is going to help millions upon millions of people change there lives and give them the chance to stand up and be counted. Thank you Claude and Lana for helping to shape Wayne and Raylene into the Policy Council Couple that we see today and may this only be the beginning of policy council members to come.

  13. I love hearing and seeing success stories; hover, there is nothing like watching your friends achieve massive success in all areas of their lives. Thank you for being the example, and leading not just Wayne and Raylene to greater successes – but the 100’s and 1000’s that will follow!

  14. I love your team and was impressed to watch this recognition happen! It is amazing the bonds that are built in LIFE and I can’t wait to have friends that are that close! Thanks for being the example!


  15. Claude,
    We were at Louisville for the MacNamaras PC celebration. What can I say, wow how awesome. My wife and I are relatively new to LIFE and have expeiranced some ups and downs in both our business and in our personal lives. We have the privilidge this weekend to have the MacNamaras for our seminar speakers this weekend in St. Louis. Just wanted to drop a note to you and Lana to say how proud we are to be part of the team and what an inspiration you guys are to Team members everywhere. Thanks for all you do the big things and yes even the small unnoteiced things. God Bless you and your family and all you do. Ron Denny

  16. Thanks for the tears, Claude! Wayne and Raylene are truly amazing leaders. They lead with their hearts, and truly care about everyone in all of their teams. We are all so blessed to have been able to share their PC moments with them, and will watch their journey to parenthood with much love. 2013 is incredible!!!!

  17. Witnessing the outpouring of love and admiration that weekend, in Ottawa, between the “Clans” was truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  18. This is an incredable story of dream, struggle, victory!! We are so proud to be associated with such passionate leaders as Wayne and Rayelene. Their vision for the future is truely contagious, how can you not believe you will win when you are part of their team??

  19. What an incredible reward (and blessing) for an amazing couple! Looking forward to seeing the story unfold on your blog Claude.


  20. Wayne & Ray have set such a great example for us to follow. They have been amazing students and gotten the results necessary to live the life they’ve always wanted. What tremendous friends and wise mentors they are! And you & Lana are a huge influence in their lives.

    We appreciate them so much.

    John & Michele

  21. What amazing leaders they have become. Thanks to yourself and Lana for being there for them over the last 10 years. Seeing them go PC was such an amazing experience and so glad we were a part of it. They will make amazing parents and will continue to change the world.

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