HopeyWEB1_0The Chronicle Herald:  “Dream Big”

“The thing I love best about our house is that when people come over, although they are impressed and wowed by its features and size, they are most of all able to relax and feel like they are home. We are proud to have our home here and so happy to showcase the integrity of workmanship and talent that is here right in Nova Scotia — under our noses for all to enjoy. It’s a great place to raise a family because it’s the perfect blend of city and community and we look forward to many more years in this house of ours.”

Project34-1024x682East Coast Living:  “The Great Escape”

“Claude and Lana Hamilton entertain a lot. When the time came to build a new, 13,000-square foot home in Fall River, N.S., they knew a dedicated home theatre for playing Nintendo, taking in the big game, or watching a blockbuster movie was just the ticket.”

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  1. Claude,
    I was attending the seminar last night, in whitewater wi, and launa wasn’t there. First of all I respect you for being real and audibly trying to hold back your words at times. It is really cool that there is someone who is really real on stage. With all due respect I am not indirectly saying that everyone ELSE is fake. I’m just talking about you specifically.

    I have been to three majors,12 seminars and 28 opens… (what can I say. I had a lot of excuses). My favorite part is when the couples talk and edify each other! It seriously makes a cold heart, beat. … but when I see you talking through launa’s time and i could tell that you missed her. Even when you said “well, I’ll tell this to ya anyways, it’s launa’s time anyhow.” Of course I’m parafrazing. But one couldn’t help notice not that you just didn’t miss her you missed the very presence of her, or like the very thought of her made you week (even if for a second)…”to have that tethering of souls is just amazing” now don’t get me wrong I’m not trying g to kiss anyone’s butt here but I’m just sayin. Even when you would say her name and the smile you would give was warm and comforting, but ever so slightly it would fade even if for a second and i could see your pain for your wasn’t like actual external pain. But that kind of you miss her and need her next to you kind of pain. YOU Know that internal pain of the heart. Of course I’m not saying that you aren’t tough. I don’t know you well enough to even try and guess that. But because of your stories. It’s evident that you are resilient in your physical and mental strength.
    My point is this. When I seen your smile fade ever so gently after even the mear mention of her name from you. I felt the bond that you two share. I seen it. … you see in my opinion, so many people lack love now a days. You my friend do not. I can see and feel your energy in the tone of your voice for your companion. And me… that’s what I want. I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see your heart. Even though she wasn’t physically there. Anyone with a heart could feel your bond. I just pray that I’m able to feel that kind of love on stage with my soon to be wife Raylyn. Thank you soo much
    Best wishes my friend. I hope that your heart will heal soon so you and her will be on stage teaching again. (Your heart=launa) lol wow :)
    Wes H.

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