“Robbed” – Claude Hamilton

Hey everyone,

We recently held a few LIFE leadership conventions across the country. When I was speaking in Springfield, MA., I read the poem “Robbed.” I’ve had quite a few requests to share the poem online, so I’ve decided to post it on my blog for those of you who may have missed the convention, and for those who just want another look.

The poem has such an important message about how dangerous nay-sayers can be. It’s not the physical threats that pose a risk to us, but instead those who threaten our emotional well-being and our drive to work toward a better future.

Do you relate to this poem? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Remember, it can be done.

Claude Hamilton


“Robbed” – Author Unknown


12 thoughts on ““Robbed” – Claude Hamilton

  1. So very many dreams have been robbed by those who think they know what they do not know!!!
    Do not let anyone steal your dreams.

  2. The worst kind of thief is the one we allow within our own heads. When we allow our own negative thoughts, feelings and emotions to win, the thieves from outside have won their victories without taking a single verbal shot.
    I am so grateful to be part of LIFE leadership, and a team that is always seeking to win against our inward and outward thieves!

  3. Well I can say that has been a struggle through doing anything that is out of the normal. But thanks to Life Leadership and their constant leadership that I CAN DO IT and no one can change my mind. I would rather surround myself with people with goals and dreams then someone that tears them down.
    Keep leading from the front Claude and Lana. Thank you!!!!

    • Rico, from my very first Life Event, you have been one of the constant reasons why I am so passionate about our vehicle, to help others to achieve their Greatness.

      I see the growth in you, the confidence growing, and I know that you are becoming a Giant, and I look forward to one day reading your books, and sharing your story on CD!!

      I love you brother, and couldn’t ask for better leadership, and friendship in my life!

  4. The ending of the poem “… but what can replace your will to win?” Whether it’s robbed from us or we give it away willingly, either way it’s good stuff to ponder. Thanks, Claude!

  5. A stark realization that most of us do not stop to think about, or take notice of, who we let into our lives and what we allow them to do. We think the people in our lives have our best interests at heart, but fail to realize how often they cripple our confidence, and ultimately our goals, aspirations, and dreams. We do not notice it day by day, but we do when enough time goes by and we take stock of how far we have allowed them to steer us away from our confidence, goals, and dreams. It’s amazing how silent these killers can be.
    Thanks for the reminder to be mindful, Claude!!

  6. Once again Claude you have hit the nail on the head. Those words may not be yours originally but you have echoed those thoughts to us in many ways over the years. Thanks once again for sharing. It’s people like you who do believe in us that help us believe in ourselves, that gives us the strength to ignore those nay-sayers. 🙂

  7. Thanks Claude for reminding us about the dangers of listening to well-meaning friends & family who are stuck in the Industrial Age thinking of the 95% crowd.

  8. I agree Beware the friendly saboteur.
    I always thought a friend is one who Helps and supports you.
    My way of thinking has been re-aligned since I joined Life.
    Thankyou Claude
    Regards Rob

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