To You My Fellow Canadians

To You My Fellow Canadians

A friend sent me this video and although I had seen it before, I appreciated him introducing it to me once again.  As I became successful in my business, I started to realize how so many people are kept broke by what they don’t know. That is why I like the TEAM so much.  It helps people THINK and it provides people with the TRUTH, making them hungry for more. The Mental Fitness Challenge is helping people learn they can change their lives by changing their wisdom.

I have fallen in love with the tag line: “Live the life you have always wanted.”  Whether it is fitness, finances or family, you can live those areas the way you have always wanted – just by changing your mental fitness!  What an amazing feeling.

My friend Orrin Woodward, is one of the best at digging into a subject and getting to the truth.  We can certainly see this by the results he has in his own life, including the many others who he has helped to become successful as well as get amazing results.  He is an amazing teacher of truth and I’m sure that he will love this video!


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  1. Ok I live in the USA and I wish that 12 year old girl would speak for the USA too… thank you for sharing this video.

  2. Wow! I am blown away by the insights so obvious to a 12-year-old!! And I love how she ended with the margret Meade quote!!

  3. We have also fell in love with the tag line “Live the life you’ve always wanted” because it quickly and accurately sums up what the LIFE business has set out to do for anyone who is up for the challenge to do just that.
    What an incredible video. The message she is portraying here goes so much deeper than her words. It just goes to show that if a preteen can learn this stuff, we can too.. and we need to.
    Her closing statement is so powerful “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed that is the only thing that ever has”. Another great post Claude!


  4. “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has” Wow powerful stuff right there!!! What a bright young lady! Thank you for sharing this video Claude, some very important information that should be shared!

  5. “Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed that is the only thing that ever has” Wow powerful stuff right there! What a bright young lady. Thank you for sharing this video Claude!!!

  6. This is the second time I’ve seen such a young mind touch so many people. Its amazing that we have let the Banks of North America and Canada ROB US BLIND!!! We will over come this.. Like Orrin says, We will take Life to a million People to make a difference.
    Awesome Claude.

    Greg B.

    Magnolia TX.

  7. Wow! Talk about impactful. Our country would do very well with her at the helm. Because of Life we will be able to reach more people with the truth and change the world one household at a time.

  8. […] second thing you have to love about the LIFE business is how it is all based on helping others better their lives. A great example of this is the people […]

  9. Wow, I had been referred to a video before on private banks and the creation of ‘fiat’ money that was an eye opener, but to see this young girl present it makes you see how simple the information is, just that most don’t get the information. I am thankful my wife and I have been able to work with Wayne and Raylene MacNamara in a journey of learning and growing with the TEAM system.

  10. the video makes me want to learn more. it is amazing that a young girl cares to learn this information. I love how being involved in LIFE is encouraging me to think more critically and be a life student.

  11. wow, banks can lend out 10 times more then they have, and charge compound interest on it all, they must have some good friends on parliament hill. How can i become a bank

  12. Thank you for sharing Claude. What a video from a young lady. She is teaching me. It is true “we don’t know what we don’t know”. This video is mindblowing! Thank you once again Claude! Good thing I am not the Financial Planner I was going through school for the second time around. Self- directed education is key learn what matters.

  13. Claude, this video aligns so well with the work LIFE and Team are doing. I love what has been created in the Mental Fitness Challenge. Like you’ve just stated, helping people “THINK”, providing them with “TRUTH” that leads them towards “Living the life you’ve always wanted”. I’m looking forward to where the MFC leads to!

    Thanks for all the work you do!

  14. Amazing what young people can accomplish when they are inspired, well read and turn off the TV and video games.
    Love it Claude!
    Mark Pruitt
    The Woodlands TX

  15. Claude, it is amazing that this little girl understands more than the average adult Canadian. Great Video!

  16. Hey Claude, great video, it’s interesting hearing some of those numbers, I think that a vital part to fixing the financial mess we have is done with better education, I’m reminded by Chris Brady’s cd “One man can make a difference”. I find that most people can’t actually think that we can attack such a large debt, but then of course how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time.

    Now about the banks, how do you have $1 in the vault, lend out $10, smile, and think you’re being honest? Still don’t get the overall fractional reserve banking thing. The banks would freak if I tried to pay them back at that same rate, “today I think I’ll pay you back at 10 cents on the dollar!!”

  17. Claude … thanks to you and Orrin and the entire PC for un-plugging us from matrix. I have been watching videos on this subject for 6 years now (mainly for the US Federal Reserve side of the crime). As in Orrins’ book Resolve, which encourages us to have character … we need to let people know of this ‘crime against our countries citizens’ so more and more people realize what is happening to them. We need have the courage to speak out, as this 12 year old girl does, and stop this from continuing. As my mother used to say, ‘Out of the mouth of babes.’

  18. Love the video! It’s crazy how our own government is run by private banks and it’s taking advantage of canadians!

    I find it interesting that a 12 year old girl knows what’s going on in our economic system and financial system and I never learned those Truths in my 4 years in University.

  19. It’s inspiring to see a 12 year old pondering such profound questions, and digging in to find the answers about our Canadian government. Thanks for helping get the video out there, hopefully this will help change the way Canadians think about the banking system.

  20. A concept so “complex” a twelve year old school girl gets it and yet our politicians in the US and Canada fail to understand. Or do they….

    Thanks for being apart of the TEAM and helping to lead our nations to a better future. Oh, and thank you for following my blog.

  21. WOW! Insert “United States” when Victoria says Canada and our issues are pretty well similar. This 12 year old knows more and will probably do more to protect her own freedom for her generation than the majority of the adult population in Canada and the US. As Margaret Mead says in her quote, thank God we are comprised of that small group that will change the world. Thanks for sharing Claude, great confirmation to know that what we are doing makes an impact!

  22. Great video! I really hope that Canadians wake up finally and realize it’s time for the people to make a stand and take our country back from the politicians! The Team is up for the challenge. To quote Orrin,” BRING IT!!!”

  23. I would love that all kids would learn that kind of information. Thanks Claude.

    Pierre and Lise

  24. Claude,
    Thanks for the video.
    I just got schooled by a 12 year old. I didn’t know what I didn’t know when it came to our Canadian Financial System. Ouch!.

  25. Wow! what a great video Thank you for sharing! It’s crazy how private banks controls our government. I love the quote that she ended with, describe exactly what Team can do.

  26. Thank you very much for sharing/posting, Claude! If I had seen this vid even 3 years ago, let alone back when I was pursuing my conveyor belt/professional educations, I would not have understood. I was fully in the camp that all we had to do was “cut taxes, cut spending, et al” to restore macro & micro-economic sanity to our nations. While both of these are valuable, they fail to get at the root issue, that being that the West has ceded control over its money to a private monopoly that has zero interest in its citizens’ well being. And this “money” is not anchored to anything real and it truly is a hidden tax on everyone except those who do the printing.

    It will not be easy to change things after 30+ years in Canada & nearly a century in the US, however, it will be worth it. I’m more than willing to share this fundamental truth with everyone. Blessings!

  27. Wow!!! I wish I had her wisdom when I was her age. I hope people hear her message. I guess community builders are that “small group of people” that can change the world.

  28. This was a totally amazing video! I’ve put copies to all of my media outlets challenging everyone to watch it and if even slightly affected to read Resolved. Thanks you for putting in the fight to keep us informed. Kyle

  29. Thanks for sharing that Claude! I love learning about our country through you. Please keep sharing!

  30. Claude, it looks like Canada took a little longer to get a privatized cartel-federal-reserve-like system, but it now does. This was fantastic and needs to be shared to every North American to end the special deals banking systems that milks the many to fatten a few. thanks, Orrin

  31. I love the ending quote of “never forget a small group of people can change the world, indeed its all that ever has.” I love that and its so empowering to know that we are out there doing just that in the living rooms of Canada and the US everyday!! Keep fighting the fight for Truth in all araes of your lives – you truly all are making a difference.

  32. Little 12 year old Victoria, well said, you are so informed……to bad 32,900,000 other Canadians don’t realize this. Well I guess it’s like you said Victoria….. It only takes a small group of Determined people to make a difference. I guess I’ll be part of that small group. Lead on Claude Hamilton.

  33. Wow!!!!
    What comes out of the mouth of our youth can stop us in our tracks and make us think.!!
    i do have a concern for our youth and the mess ( our finances as a country ) we may leave them if we do not act responsibly.
    I am often times amazed how complicated it is to read and understand the finances of our country when written by those who write on this subject.
    Often times it is not written to understand unless of course you do intense learning on this subject in your Leisure by reading and listening.
    May we all become measurably more responsible in our own personal finances and may we protect our dear country that we all treasure and the freedoms we enjoy that make this one of the greatest countries to live in.!!
    Thank you for your example Claude!!!!
    about changing lives

    • I agree Barry! The average Canadian does not even have a rudimentary understanding of this and it is hurting them and their children.

      Thanks Claude for leading the way…

  34. Thanks for sharing this amazing video Claude! Its rather scary at how truthful and simple this is. The key to prosperity is very obvious and yet our government would rather defraud Canadians every day. We are told to “leave it to the professionals” but even they aren’t doing the greatest job. Margaret Mead makes a great statement!


  35. Thank you for sharing this Claude. Even back to Biblical times, things/people don’t seem to change…Keep continuing to bring light to the truth.


  36. This is a clear reminder that ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’, and that it can hurt us. I love the TEAM environment as it makes me ‘hungry’ to learn and to eliminate as many blind spots as I can within my own thinking and beliefs.

    Thank you for being such a hungry student and pursuing truth voraciously. This is a trait which you’ve instilled into many others – and they in turn are influencing others to do the same. Good information should lead to action – and I love that about TEAM, it compels people to act on that information, thereby allowing people to effect positive changes in their own lives, then in others as well.

    I’m truly excited about the future and the many growth opportunities being provided through great information. Looking forward to seeing you and Lana soon!

  37. Out of the mouths of babes…I guess wisdom knows know age limit. Thanks for sharing Claude!

  38. Awesome video! I know exactly what you mean… Like Chris Brady says ‘new information is sweet to the ears’. When I started listening to the different audios and MfC recordings it opened a whole new chapter in my life. While I’m not 100 percent sure about her solution I LOVE that she is THINKING!

    Thanks for all you do buddy!

    Adriano and Marie

    • It is amazing that someone so young can understand so much that most adults can’t be bothered with. I was very impressed with her.

      I believe you are right about there being something wrong with the solution however, as a government in charge of it’s own money supply can take away the meager checks and balances that are on its spending, and inflation of the money supply. As bad as things are, it could get even worse if the government can create money without the worry of debt to go with it.

      I’m not an expert on the subject, but I believe that the temptation for the government to keep on printing money to please the populace will grow out of control and people will eventually lose confidence in our dollar; bringing hyperinflation in to the picture

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