The tough questions

Claude Hamilton Tough QuestionsDuring my talks, I like to ask my audience a few tough questions. These questions are difficult for many people, but the funny thing is, the people who would rather avoid these questions are usually the ones who need to think about them the most.

The tough questions:

  • Are you doing a good job? For your country, your family, your friends, and your career?
  • If you’re building a business, are you doing it for money? Or are you chasing a dream or fighting for a cause?
  • Do you believe so strongly in your life’s work that you’ve cried over it?
  • Have you felt the thrill of making a real difference in a part of your world?
  • Does your cause inspire you to be bigger, better, and stronger?
  • Are you willing to fight for your cause?


Although these questions can be uncomfortable, the answers will tell you if your life is on the right track. And if it’s not, your responses will put you on the path that your life is meant to take.

There’s a second way to know if you’ve veered off your life’s path, and it has to do with attitude. If you find that you’re spending a lot of time consciously adjusting your attitude, chances are good you’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere. Because if you’re truly heading in the right direction, you’ll be so excited, so passionate about your cause, that you won’t need to make adjustments—you’ll naturally make the right choices for the right reasons because you’ll be able to visualize your goal.

Some of us find our life’s purpose early on, but for others, finding that cause takes a lifetime. If you haven’t found your purpose yet, keep your attitude in check, do the right thing when you make your decisions, and keep thinking about your dreams. Eventually, something will click, your attitude will fall naturally into place, and you’ll know that you’ve found your cause.

It’s important to remember that even if you’ve found your life’s purpose, you’ll probably still spend some time in the Dissatisfaction stage, the place where most people give up because they think it’s just too hard to achieve their dreams. But if you’re tempted to throw in the towel, remember that everyone has something unique to offer and, if you’ve got the right attitude, your best efforts will make a big difference for others—your family, your friends, your colleagues, maybe even people you’ll never meet.

Want your dream life? Find the cause that you’d work towards for free, simply because you feel driven and passionate about it. I guarantee that if you find your purpose, you’ll also discover all the happiness and joy that your life has to offer. And remember, the first step is keeping a positive attitude.

There’s one sentence in my book that sums up today’s post perfectly, so I’ll leave you with this: “You will never, ever regret working your hardest for the thing you care about the most.”

17 thoughts on “The tough questions

  1. Very well said Claude, as always and any time I’ve ever heard you speak and or reading your book. So true

  2. Great blog, Claude. This speaks directly to me as it is right in line with where I’m placing my focus. Thank you for your great insights, leadership by example, and desire to pursue excellence in all things.

  3. I love this. My life purpose is to help as many people as possible to recognize their position and assist one another in various capacities of life. In helping each other we satisfy the most important commandment of all. Love thy neighbors as thy love self.

  4. “You will never, ever regret working your hardest for the thing you care about the most.” …AWESOME! Thanks Claude.

  5. Awesome post Claude! When you find your life cause it fuels you and what would be considered work by others becomes a pleasure.

    Thanks for your leadership!

  6. Claude I am so glad that there are people like you to challenge people like me .
    God Bless

  7. Very good questions Claude. I love that you are living this. I love seeing your heart, your care about causes, as you take the stage. You are inspiring!

  8. Dream – Struggle – Victory , Claude your articulate words resonate to application!! You and Lana are Masters at your craft, thanks for sharing with us daily the words on the steps you climbed to success.

  9. Great inspiration, as always, Claude. These are questions we should all be thinking about!

  10. Hi Claude!

    Great Blog!

    Spots you touch on here are good ones and true too finding your purpose. They key trick keeping your dream aligned with your purpose is one to master.

    Which should be stronger, the dream or the purpose? Personally in loosing a dream along the battle it has effected the other… one I’m still figuring out however for the general reader how do you balance that?

    Claude your awesome and a true Servant leader!
    God Bless
    Chad Waters

  11. Awesome post Claude! If we are wanting to live a life of significance then we have to face the toigh questions.

  12. Great post Claude. Timely advice for sure. I’m often asked how to tell of we’ve found our cause, or purpose. I love the steps you mention to help you stay on the path while you are on discovery mode!

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