Happy New Year!!

Claude Hamilton son

I realize that January 2014 is already over, so it’s a belated Happy New Year. I wonder how many people have already given up on their New Year resolutions? Well it’s only February 5th and you can recommit! Wayne Macnamara has some great posts on his blog about setting goals.

2014 was such a great year. The LIFE business has been growing and many of my friends hit new goals, even more have a BIG 2014 planned. The upcoming LIFE Leadership convention will see many new announcements and also the unveiling of the Community Advancement Bonus program (CAB).

One of the cool new things in 2014 is the LIFE Leadership Forums. It’s a online destination where you can interact with other LIFE business owners. Check it out?

I have included pictures of some of my favourite moments of 2013, it is NOT an exhaustive list!! 2013 rocked! So many friends had babies, we had some great vacations with amazing friends and business partners. We hit goals, we missed goals, and overall just lived life the best we could!

Our newest addition to the family Gryffin Claude Hamilton was born Nov 7th. He is a lot of fun. Very phlegmatic, even more then Wyatt.

Wyatt turned 2, well that wasn’t in 2013, it was Jan 18th :) but lots of fun. he is growing up so quick and Lana and I are having so much fun with him.

Sawlor Construction built our home and we became great friends with many of the people involved in the project. Tony, who worked on the house for two years, heard how much Wyatt loved driving in the Hummer so he drew up plans and put his amazing woodworking skills to work. Months later he produced the coolest little boy’s bed ever!! Wyatt had a habit of getting out of his bed….every night….and sleeping on the floor. Since the Hummer bed arrived he hasn’t left it once through the night.

So cool spending my days with Wyatt and Gryffin, raising little men. It’s a blessing from the Lord and we never want to take it for granted! I love cuddling with them.

Fight Fiercely
Yours in Victory

10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Claude
    What a wonderful new adventure this year for us! We are blessed to be joining your Kaizen team, and building memories together.
    It’s such fun to see you in these photos, and enhancing our knowledge of what a wonderful family you have.
    You and Lana have made us all feel welcome. Love it!!

  2. What a beautiful blog post Claude! Thank You for sharing such special moments with us. Your “little men” are adorable!

    Looking forward to all that 2014 brings!

    Blessed to have you and Lana in our lives.

  3. 2014 is going to be a great year. Personal momentum is an amazing thing to have and a terrible thing to waste. Thanks for your insight Claude.

  4. Thanks for sharing some of your moments and pictures my Claude! What a fantastic year a head of us with all that will be announced this month in Columus. Can’t wait!!

  5. Great new website design! Thanks for the blog, and the pictures..it makes it much easier to dream about a life of freedom, being able to get glimpses into yours and Lana’s. You both have proved that hard work and leading from the front will make dreams become reality. WE are so blessed to have your great example to follow. God Bless you all!

  6. What an amazing year 2013 was and with a positive outlook we all can make 2014 even better. You have taught us for years to picture great things in order to make them appear. Thanks for leading by example and dreaming BIGGER than anyone I know! God Bless your amazing family!

    Luv Yas!!!

  7. Great blog Claude. As great as 2013 was, I too am excited for 2014 with all that is coming! Thanks for leading from the front – we appreciate and respect you very much for all you do.

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