3 thoughts on “Think back to when you first received The Gift

  1. Life is a gift, & LIFE is a gift!! My life would be totally different and lacking if it weren’t for LIFE!!! Praise God for the leaders He has put in my life and my parents lives so we have this chance to
    ‘play the game we’ve been given’! -Chris Brady.

    may we each play it to our fullest.

    God bless,

  2. Hi Claude, we talked at your book signing in Milwaukee last fall. Your book was great. As we talked I mentioned that I would have something for you and Lana for the next Major. My wife is a knitter and she has made a lovers mitten set for both of you. I am not sure how I can get it to you at the Major next week. I hope you know how much your book and your talks have helped us through our financial times. Delayed gratification was a new and well worth the change to better our lives. I hope to be able to get this small gift of appreciation to both of you.
    Thanks for everything Ray and Karla Powell

  3. “Receiving the GIFT”-what a perfect description!! The business, the information and the association are a huge gift..and have changed my life in numerous ways, in so many different aspects: my family, my faith in God, my belief in myself, my friends and associations, my finances, my attitude, my confidence, my relationships…the list goes on and on. I will forever be thankful and grateful for receiving this gift. Thanks for sharing Claude! You and Lana are a blessing to so many!!

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