Blogging | Experiencing New Beginnings

Blogging | Experiencing New Beginnings - Claude Hamilton

Blogging | Experiencing New Beginnings

Although my blogging journey seemed to begin and suddenly come to a halt, things have been moving at warp speed!  So much has happened over the past few months.  Things have been exciting, amazing, heart breaking, inspiring and all life changing!  It seems like I am always saying to myself:  “I really should blog about this because it’s amazing in some way”, then that event falls behind something else that happens.

So I do have to get a rhythm going and figure out how I can work best with this blog so that I can start sharing all of these moments with you.  I am starting to think that small posts more often are going to be the way to go. I feel like I have such an exciting life and there is so much to share with you – both the good and the bad.

I believe that this is a great way to share my life experiences with all of my best friends and loved ones.  I am also conscious that a few people who I wouldn’t necessarily normally give my attention to will be able to access or glimpse into my life, this part of blogging will take some getting used to for me.  I am usually a fly below the radar kind of guy but I guess change is good! Many of my friends have started blogs and have actually revealed their previously secret aptitude for blogging. I will link to them as much as I can and will include some of my favorite blogs on my homepage for you all to enjoy. Like I said, the past few months have included huge highs and huge lows but I realize that is what makes life so great, being able to recognize the range of emotions and events so that we can appreciate them.  I’m so thankful to God and I try to celebrate all experiences he chooses to bless me with.

One of the best moments of my entire life happened just recently when my son, Wyatt Claude Hamilton, was born. He arrived early and even though I knew he was going to soon be a part of my life, it still took me by surprise. I guess there is really no way to be fully prepared for your first child.  I will continue to share more about little Wyatt, and will also share a slideshow of some photos of him for you all soon. I am enjoying Wyatt so much. I cannot seem to hold him, feed him, burp him or change him enough.  I have already spent many hours with him in my arms through the night, rocking him in a special chair that I bought for that purpose.  I can’t remember the last time that I was able to sit still for that long and I can barely get through a movie without fidgeting, sending emails or talking but for some reason, I can sit silently for hours watching Wyatt’s face as he sleeps.  I think about his future and the role that I want to play in it and it is all so very exciting.

Despite the lack of posts since the inauguration of this blog, I am looking forward to getting better at maintaining it and adding value to anyone who wants to share my journey and I welcome you to share yours with me!  Although I struggle at times with finding the balance between sharing and keeping some privacy, I will have to walk that line as I go along.  Stay tuned for my best attempts to make this blog worth following!

Fight fiercely, yours in victory,


29 thoughts on “Blogging | Experiencing New Beginnings

  1. Thanks for sharing your life Claude. I can relate about blogging having started my personal blog a couple of years ago at to journal mostly my spiritual life. I got started then had difficulty keeping going. It’s kind of like developing the habit of listening to CDs and reading books – gotta keep working at it.
    I, for one, look forward to reading your posts. Twitter is “micro-blogging” and you’re doing we’ll at getting to in frequently. I suggest you set up your blog to submit your posts by email for those times you want to quickly share something and need more space than 140 characters.

  2. Claude, I am looking forward to reading your posts. You are an inspiration to so many people, keep on being you!

  3. Awesome! I already love baby Wyatt and I havent even meet him! Lol he is beyond bless to have you guys as parents. I don’t really have the best relationship with my farther and never wanted kids or let along a husband because of that and for other reasons! But, thanks to team & Life I changed my mind bc I know I can choose to have a horrible marriage or a great marriage. And I have hope in a man (whoever god has for me) because I see young men willing to do the uncommon thing in the business! Anyways! Thanks for sharing Claude!

  4. Dude! You are an inspiration. Not just as a new dad, nut with the unwavering passion for the business and the motivation you instill! Awesome!

  5. Without this business where would we be ? I’d be an old man in 20 years still laying on steel welding ,,Wow scary thought!!!

  6. Wow Claude thanks again for bringing this awesome business to the eastern Canada you guys rock!!!!!

  7. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blogs Claude! I love your talks too. I loved it when you said “Don’t whine, don’t complain.” It really hit me!


  8. Hey, Claude!

    I’m excited about your blog! I would like to humbly submit two things;

    – You’re a new father. That’s more important than blogging.

    – Remember what a blog is; an OnLine BioGraphy or BioGraphical OnLine Journal. Don’t try to be interesting or exciting; we all know that you already are. Just be you.

    And big-time congrats!

  9. Hello Claude,

    It is so great to see you blogging once again. Dawn & I really appreciate all that you and Lana do for the pursuit of Freedom for both our countries.

    I look forward to your up coming posts. Your wisdom is
    definitely worth sharing & learning from regardless of what the critics think.

    Though we have not been blessed yet with children, we look forward to your future updates of Wyatt & his journey as well…he is so cute!

    Thank you for all you do!

    Best Regards,

  10. We are so blessed to be part of this amazing jouney through LIFE. Your amazing leadership and vision have inspired us to dream big and stretch and grow to be the people God intended us to be. Thanks for your quest for excellence!

  11. Looking forward to the wisdom that you are going to share with us Claude. I’m super excited and looking forward to reading your blogs. You are an amazing man with a heart of gold and I look forward to learning as much as possible from you.

  12. So glad that you are going to be blogging consistently!! My husband and I have been part of the Team for several years, and we have really been blessed by you and Lana. We have 4 children and it is wonderful to see you cherish your son the way you do! Please tell Lana congratulations from us and the Band of Brothers (we are on Steve and Beth’s team)! Now I must go, as my 18 month old is currently dumping my coffee beans out onto the floor! :)

  13. It is great that you are blogging again. Your wisdom is to valuable to not share with others. Critics cannot stop the truth and I for one am really looking forward to some great posts.

    Thanks for bringing belief back into my life.

  14. Morning Claude!

    A pleasure to check your blog and see this post – I remember what you were saying in Woodstock at the 2012 Training / kick off re: posting ;-) Your two talks yesterday at the Feb Leadership open were excellent, sandwiched right around Terry’s awesome plan talk. I sent Terry one of your older quotes via text – from ‘The Other Side of Adversity’ system CD & then I have ‘Freedom is Sacred’ coming up in my latest ‘Top 50’ rotation coming up soon. It was a pleasure to again shake your hand in Canada & look forward more of your talks, CDs, Tweets, & in person meetings. Nothing but the best to you, Lana, and Wyatt. Cheers! [ ROK of Kaizen in the Buckeye State ]

  15. Congratulations again for Wyatt!! You really derserve it! Thanks for sharing your stories!! We can’t wait to read more..

    Étienne Gilbert

  16. Wyatt is blessed to have such great parents. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for deciding to share through this media.

    Pierre & Lise

  17. Claude, I can not wait to grasp and learn from your experiences . Define, Learn, Do and your dreams, Struggles and then the victory after you learned how to overcome and grow to jump over the hurdles that were thrown most likely at you and Lana. But, Those made you stronger and allowed your to get to where you are today because you had the power to pick yourself up stand tall and KEEP STROKING. If it wasn’t for you the Halifax team would not be as strong as it is. So looking forward to the knowledge you can give. As well as the new journey you will have as a father.So happy for you and Lana :)

  18. Claude,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us and giving us a little insight into your life. I am so exacited to learn what you have to teach me and my children. Congratulations on your new addition. Thank you for the reminder of how precious children are to us. May God richly bless you and direct as you lead us.


  19. Hi Claude, thanks for sharing its always good to read the tots of a great leader like you. It is great to hear your appreciating the time you have with Wyatt, you guys deserve every minute of it, because you help so many people get the same.


  20. Hey Claude, its almost like I feel a little weird that I’m reading your blog especially that we connect often. But I feel that if you are taking your time to share your thoughts and feelings via blog that its most likely a worthy investment of my time to read the thoughts of someone with a passion to follow a passion to lead a passion to learn and grow, someone who I can learn so much from.


  21. Claude,

    Thank you for sending out this blog. It is so neat to see you as a DAD. We were at the columbus major and saw some photos of you and Lana with your new baby. Congrats! This is a great blog and can’t wait to hear more.

  22. Thanks for sharing Claude! Really, it’s nice to see that side from our fearless leader. Yup, blogging potentially sends out our thoughts to billions of people, if they’re interested. You have many people interested in what you have to say, like it or not. Heck, what you just wrote, inspired us to start one of our own. Julie and I have nothing to hide, and we joined up with Team to learn how to effectively help the world, might as well work it from a blog as well.

    Savor every moment you have with Wyatt. I love my kids where they’re at right now and will be sure to appreciate all that will come through them in the future. But it sure was special to fall asleep with them on my chest back in the day, and it sure was an honor to change their diapers for them (=^_^=).

    Welcome to the parenting club,
    Deach & Julie

  23. Hi Claude, Thank You ever so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes when life gets rough, and one reads the words of a successful leader, and we become aware of his struggles; we understand that at every level there is always struggle before victory.


  24. It is so great to see you being so happy after all the great work to help other ppls get there’s. If anyone deserves it, is you and Lana. I know you guys will make great and patient parents.
    Di and I love yas

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