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Perspective | Seeing Differently - Claude Hamilton

Perspective | Seeing Differently

I just spent the morning in the beautiful sun.  The temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) here in Halifax. I took my son Wyatt for a walk in the stroller for an hour then took him out and carried him. Soon after that, he fell asleep on my chest – my favorite position! He is such a good cuddler!!! Now, this is my problem. Most of the boys I know grow older and start to not like to cuddle. For example, I basically have to hold Action Nickerson (he is 2 years-old) down in a full nelson to get a hug or bribe him with candy.
Kaleb Dionne (8 months-old) literally puts his arms straight out like a football player when you try to hug him. So, I know that the days of Wyatt being defenseless to my hugs will be over soon.

I have been feeling like with each day that goes by, Wyatt gets bigger and I’m starting to lose him as a baby but at the same time, I’m excited every time he does something new, like smile. Just the other day Joce and Cynthia came by with Kaleb and we took a picture of them beside each other. WOW! Kaleb looked HUGE next to Wyatt and I loved it! It made me feel like Wyatt is still a baby and that I have many more days of him falling asleep on my chest. I added the picture below so you can see how much bigger Kaleb is than Wyatt. Kaleb is 8mths and Wyatt is 8 weeks!

Perspective - Looking DifferentlyPerspective - Looking Differently - Wyatt & LucasI was feeling good and looking forward to the next visit from our friends Pete and Tara who have a 5 day-old baby named Lucas. He is sooo small! In fact, so small that I couldn’t believe Wyatt was EVER that size.  Not only was Wyatt that small, he was actually born a few ounces smaller!  We took pictures of Wyatt beside Lucas and Wyatt is now a monster huge kid compared to Lucas! Now I’m feeling once again like Wyatt is growing up way too fast and I might be on an emotional roller coaster! LOL. 

My point, besides to explain the pictures I have shared, is that our perspective changes so much based on the circumstances and that it’s important to realize this as leaders in any area of life. I remember being broke and how every decision that I made wasn’t always based on where I wanted to go, but was often based on where I was.  That is what kept me perpetually broke. When I started making decisions based on my goals and dreams and where I wanted to be in life, that is when I started to move towards those goals. It was when I made decisions based on my circumstances that I got to keep those circumstances. A mentor once said to me: “Be carful arguing for your limitations, you may get to keep them.”

I am looking forward to an upcoming trip to Florida to see my good friend Orrin Woodward. This is an exciting time for our newly launched LIFE business.  People are looking to increase their mental fitness and as I am out in the field, there seems to be a hunger not just to make money but also to get truth in all areas of their life. The pursuit of truth is a challenge that we should never stop fighting. Fight fiercely.

Yours in victory,


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  1. This is an old one that I am just reading but the lesson here I am now able to receive. Not that I am not and have not always been a believer in Team, Orrin, You, LIFE, the business. Just now I feel I am actually moving forward. Not just sitting on the side lines as a watcher and a cheer leader. I have always struggled with not believing in what I can do or have or achieve, but with moving out of the day to day habits of life that I have been trapped in for way to long. I have work to do.

  2. More people should take a look at life as you have described it, it just makes sense. This journey becomes more amazing each day, thank you.

  3. Hey Claude! Thank you for sharing! Living on principle and makng decisions based on goals is a great way to live. Chasing the dream everyday is thrilling. :)
    God Bless

  4. That roller coaster you feel your on.. I’m sure all parents feel like that. Our little girls are 3.5 and 2 , and some days I watch them play, and tear up because I am so amazed, I had a part in making them.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for sharing tonight at the 200 promo. I really appreciated the part about attitude and how if we make our decisions based on today’s circumstances or attitude we will repeat the past, as our past is what created today’s circumstances. Anyway you said is way better! Just wanted to say your words really hit home.

    Thanks again for sharing your time with us, and the picture of Wyatt were great:)

    Love & Blessing,
    Karen Ellis

  6. Great post Claude. Perspective always changes as we grow, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  7. Hey Claude, great post buddy. Bonnie and I really cherish our friendship with you and Lana. It will be great raising our little boys into men together. I look forward to our future. Thanks for being such and great friend and mentor.

    Troy Gallant
    Kaizen VanGuard

  8. So So true, I stil remember the day our first was born. She is the oldest of our 6 and she is graduating High School in a few weeks. Every time we start planning for this big event my wife and I get a lttle weapy. Hold tight to those babies, before you know it they will be planning for college.

  9. Thanks for sharing Claude. Once again you’ve shown that by using examples from your life experiences, you can pass on meaningful principals that we can use to improve our own lives.

  10. Claude, so true! I like what you say about making decisions based on where you want to go and not where you currently are. Great post keep them comming!

  11. Claude,
    Thanks for sharing. Perspective is an amazing thing. Operation Advance offered a brand new perspective to Jenn and myself. Much like Wyatt, our lives will be so much bigger than they are right now.
    Thanks again,
    Derek DeBruyn
    Kaizen Vision!

  12. Claude,

    Great blog post. Thanks for sharing your insights and perspectives.

    My family and I feel very blessed to be part of LIFE and TEAM and especially the Kaizen organization.

    Rock of Kaizen

  13. Hi Claude

    Great article, with great points from such a great servant leader! You could be anywhere and you came to Florida and showed us a great time at Orrin & Laurie Woodwards home. Thank you!
    Perspective is definatly the key to LIFE and LIFE. A little over a year ago I thought success was being busy owning a successful retail store, but how I was wrong. Life has changed our perspective on many things but most of all my views of freedom. Catherine & I no longer chase the buck but rather now chase free time, for me time with my five children is most important of all.
    Perspective can make you or brake you any where in the 8F’s of LIFE!

    Great article!
    See you soon!

  14. Claude you are such an amazing friend and leader. Such an awesome article on perspective and so true it is. The past 2 years of our life would have destroyed most marriages and families but with what we have learned from you and the other LIFE leaders Julie and I have never been closer to each other and to God. Focusing on our future kept us moving forward spiritually and personally. See you soon.

  15. Hi Claude: thanks for your perspective and analagy on adjusting to your circumstances. If one looks back in history the best leaders and those easily recognized by their name, tended to recognize that one must “play to the crowd”. Each time that a Leader finds themselves in a position to lead, they must recognize that all individuals and circumstances are different and adjustment may be necessary. You have that uncanny ability to lead in that fashion. We have watched you grow into a man of honesty, integrity and one of finely honed leadership skills.
    Thank You: Your sons and daughter will be proud of you.

  16. Claude, I love this post because as a father, I can totally relate to how you feel – and don’t worry, you’ve got several more years until he won’t want to cuddle- but after then, the “cuddles” will start to happen when you see him make great decisions because of the lessons you have taught him. Those times will give you a great feeling of love and pride.

    Your thoughts on perspective are so insightful. As a business owner, I have to remind myself to make decisions based on where we are headed and not where we are. I must also remember to keep the “ghosts” of our past from negatively affecting our decisions today for the same reasons.

    Also impactful to me is the reminder to let go of our limitations and to think big. Small thinking and looking at the limitations of our past will never resulting in anything significant. As the saying goes “go big – or go home”.

    Thank you for your continued great leadership.

    Have a great day!

  17. Thank you for your words and thoughts Claude. With the business of LIFE, this is a great way to to look at perspective. and looking to the future and not focusing on our circumstances. Dave Smale

  18. I love your ‘perspective’. Life is a great teacher, although sometimes (speaking from personal experience) we don’t pay attention to the lesson. I feel blessed to have both you and Lana in my life to help make me/us aware of the things that perhaps we may have missed and could benefit from.

    God bless

  19. Oh my Claude , you are such a great dad already.You are already bonding with your son ,he will always feel that .Also he looks so much like you ,and look Wyatt is having his friends over already.
    But when he gets a booboo and runs to Lana do not be sad.
    Thank you for taking the time away from Wyatt to help us move forward in LIFE.
    your Friend Faye

  20. Hi Claude

    I always look forward to your wisdom and perspective.Super excited about the LIFE biz and the awesome information.Thanks for having the courage to lead by example.Proud to be associated with Kaizen Fusion.Great blog

    Take care J Kraft

  21. Claude…I just listened to your CD this morning & fully enjoyed it! We were in Visalia so we didn’t get to see the pics! Congrats to you & Lana. As a Mommy of 4 Little Boys under the age of 6, I will say they have there moments of cuddle time. My Boys cuddle only when they want but when they do its amazing! Sometimes they even fight to cuddle with Mommy all at the same time. That’s always fun ;) I love cuddle time but will say watching my boys with there Daddy is the most incredible thing in the world. The second they hear that garage door open they scream “DADDY is home!” They run to the door & as soon as the door opens they all jump into Daddy’s arms as if he has 4 sets of arms to catch them all. That of course is when wrestle mania begins at our house. SO much to look forward to as Wyatt grows and bonds with his Daddy!There is something about a little boy and how he loves his Mommy but the bond between Father & Son in powerful! It’s so magical & I am excited for you & Lana! Hope all is well & God Bless to You, Lana & your Sweet Mini MR.!!!

  22. Proud to be a member of Claude Hamilton’s LIFE TEAM!! His teaching has changed our lives and we only hope that we can pass on Claude and Lana’s teachings to more and more people. Mr Claude Hamilton has given us a perspective on LIFE and our future that we never thought was possible before meeting him. I am honored to know, follow and work with this man of incredible character.

  23. Awesome Claude!

    I can tottally relate to your feelings in regards to Wyatt growing up. As a father of two I get that perspective shock at home now daily. Compairing our daughter to her older brother it is easy to see how far she has come, but we see where she is going as well. And that is so true in the LIFE business like you said, when we spend time with our mentors we see how far we have to go, but we can also look back and see how far we’ve come.

    Exciting times ahead!

    Rhys Plant

  24. Great post Claude! My husband and I have been with TEAM for 13 months now, and I can’t believe that we ever thought our situation was going to change by doing the same thing. I believe we are relatively smart people– so why did we think such nonsence?? Hmmm….because it’s what we were taught? Because it’s what we see all around us?? I’m so thankful for the information we’ve learned during this journey and the growth we’ve seen thus far, and looking forward to continually learning how to better our lives and those lives around us!!! Our future outlook has drastically changed since learning how/ why to set goals and keep our eyes on our dream, not our current circumstances!
    We always enjoy when you and Lana speak! Keep us thinking and laughing and congrats again on the birth of little Wyatt!
    — Jessica (& Brian) Suddeth
    Team Porthos, Musketeers

  25. Love this post! It’s always heart warming to hear, read stories of children and then the lessons that they “teach” us. Thanks for the perspective – “It was when I made decisions based on my circumstances that I got to keep those circumstances. When I started making decisions based on my goals and dreams and where I wanted to be in life, that is when I started to move towards those goals.” Looking forward to more of your blogs! Regards to Lana and Wyatt! God bless!
    Alain and Maribel
    Team Central, MB

  26. Great perspective! Your son is beautiful! We know how you feel about the cuddling….but I can tell you if you never let a time lapse where you don’t hug…..the hugs will last a lifetime! Cuddling will just change “forms”….it suddenly becomes the picture they colored for you or the smile….or the spaghetti face pictures….but you will experience the feeling of closeness to your son and those “chest naps” through so many things….its not the chest nap that feels so great….its the closeness of him to your heart that will never ever go away! Congrats on parenthood!

  27. I know just how you feel Claude. As my three daughters grow I can look from the oldest to the youngest and see the real time growth chart happening before me. I see the chubby cuteness of the youngest(16 months) and how fast the oldest(6 years)has grown and I can’t help but think ahead to the time when they will all be grown. It’s like I’m standing at the station and the frieght train of my girls lives is steaming by and I’m trying to hang on the caboose for a few more hugs and kisses. My only solace is that I know God at the end of the line and I’m so blessed just to be on the train. Being a Dad is such a great joy! Aren’t you glad you bought a ticket!

  28. Hello there Claude!

    Very neatly woven together blog post – elements of numerous “F”s – Family, Following, Fun, Friends, & Finances – and a spot on thesis!

    Absolutely got a kick out of reliving the CBus Major with the just arrived DF CD of yours — that 2-3 mins of looping vid & audio clip of Tim saying “Claude, it’s a girl!” cracked me up – LOL.

    The PC surely knows how to have Fun, and it’s an honour to be part of the ROK of Kaizen. Nothing but the best!

  29. A very unique way to look at perspective! Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us…you are very inspiring. Thank you.

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