10 thoughts on “Entrepreneurial vs. Employee Thinking

  1. Thank you Claude. I go through your blog often to add to my 5% thinking. I’m on the march to a better life & a real legacy of service. Your videos, stories & posts encourage, inform and inspire – I’ve got to get to work now, on my community building! God bless.

  2. So true. Reminds me of a lot of the hourly employees I used to work with at the auto assembly plant. Sadly, but not surprisingly, those 2 plants were demolished about 5 years ago. My co-workers used to tell me I was “burning the candle at both ends…”

  3. Hi Claude

    What a great example of the extra mile theory . business owners are always going out of their way for the customer .

    God bless

  4. Excellent piece, Claude! I remember during Basic Training our Police Academy took a field trip to the State’s Div. of Criminal Justice Services where fingerprint cards are processed and being amazed that the workers were all sitting at their desks with their hands folded ONE HOUR before quitting time. So true what you say!!

  5. Very good explanation of the differences between the two. Keep up the good work with the blogs as they are always filled with such wisdom and nuggets.

  6. Nice video that had great examples of the difference between business owner n employee. Thanks Claude

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