Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Joce and Cynthia Dionne

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Today on the blog, we have part three of the “Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders” series.

This week Bethany interviewed Joce and Cynthia Dionne.

I first met Joce and Cynthia when they had just started dating. Since then, Lana and I have watched them get engaged, married, move into their first home, and most recently, have two children. It was especially awesome to see them both retire from their jobs!

Joce is one of the best people I know. He is a great, quality man. He and Cynthia are some of the funnest people in our life. Over the years, they’ve really become like family, and I’m excited for you all to be able to read about them.

Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Joce and Cynthia Dionne, as written by Bethany Sampson.



Steadfast. It isn’t just a word to Joce and Cynthia Dionne. It’s a lifestyle, a team name, a commitment they have to each other, their children, and team members.

Cynthia was doing an internship in her mid-twenties when she was introduced to Claude and Lana. After attending an Open, she immediately called up her then-boyfriend (and now-husband) Joce to tell him of the opportunity that had just been presented to her. Joce, however, was not as enthusiastic. Initially, he was skeptical of the business, thinking it sounded too good to be true.

In the next year, Cynthia worked on building the business, while Joce developed a relationship with Claude and began to look further into the industry. Once he started to understand it, he started to believe it.



Flash forward eleven years, and the couple’s business is continuously growing. Additionally, they now have two children: Kaleb is almost four and Ellia recently turned two.

Today, Joce considers the decision to join LIFE a “no-brainer,” comparing the traditional career plan—which involves working until you’re 60-70—with his and Cynthia’s more relaxed lifestyle that allows them both to be stay-at-home parents.



Joce’s life today is drastically different than his life growing up. He was raised in a typical Canadian household, and he says he never looked outside the boundaries. Now, as an entrepreneur, he’s able to look outside the box and scope out opportunities as they come.

That said, their journey into success was not one without trials or hard work.

“A lot of people get started and they expect quick results,” says Joce, “but that’s impossible.” LIFE, like any other industry, requires time. Joce reinforces that you must think in terms of years, as opposed to just weeks or months. There is no get rich quick plan; instead, there’s hard work and a time-proven business plan they chose to focus on.

While working to build a business, both Joce and Cynthia point out how important it is to surround yourself by positive people.

“You hang around people who are average, you’ll be average,” says Joce. “You hang around people who are successful, you’ll eventually become successful.”

Cynthia and Joce are hanging around Claude and Lana, and successful they are becoming.

When the couple finds themselves lacking motivation or if they’ve just set a goal, they spend time with Claude and Lana who, they say, have the life they want. That said, the Hamilton’s don’t just dream for themselves, but also for the Dionne’s.

“They speak a vision to us of where we can be before we even see it,” says Cynthia. “They believe in us before we believe in ourselves.”


Joce and Cynthia generously credit today’s success to the support provided by Claude and Lana. Cynthia says she and Joce stood on the shoulders of giants and that has made all the difference.

In addition to this business relationship, the two couples have also developed a personal relationship over the years.

Joce describes Claude as a best friend, business partner, mentor, and coach. He also points out how easy it is to trust someone when you know they care about you and have your best interest at heart.

That heart, by the way, both Joce and Cynthia describe as massive: generous, caring, supportive.

Cynthia is quick to chime in about her relationship with Lana, saying Lana helped her to learn and grow, and as a result, Cynthia has become a confident woman.

“She’s everything to me,” says Cynthia. “She just has a heart of gold.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard Lana’s heart described this way. In fact, I’ve heard this from each of the three couples I’ve spoken with thus far, prompting me to believe it’s true what they say: a fact is confirmed by three witnesses.

With the support of Claude and Lana, as well as other team members, the couple was able to focus on their goal to grow their business and drown out any naysayers.

When starting out, they struggled with the opinions of people who didn’t understand their decision to go against the status quo.

“I think if you’re going to chase a vision—something that nobody can see yet—and you’re telling people that you’re going somewhere, and they can’t see it, then you’re standing out,” says Cynthia.

Success can bring criticism, Joce says, but it’s important to turn your cheek and keep going, to keep chasing your dreams and the life you want.





This life now includes two children and a much busier household than when they first started out. The couple says they’re continuously working on their time management as they learn to balance their main priorities: children, business, and, of course, each other.

Taking has actually helped Joce and Cynthia’s parenting. They’re cognizant of the influence they have on their children, and because of this they make conscious decisions to parent on purpose.

“Everything we learn,” says Cynthia, “even if it’s just a principle that builds your business, you realize that you can apply it in all areas of your life, including parenting.”

Joce echoes this idea, saying he and Cynthia hope to teach their children the importance of having a positive attitude and how attitude has the power to influence a situation.

“Just like be an entrepreneur, everything in life is about your attitude,” he says. “Attitude is everything.”



And Joce and Cynthia’s attitude towards life is only positive.

With the freedom to control their time, they’re able to stay at home with their kids, prioritize their days, and do, as Cynthia says, what matters the most.

With all this success, it’s no wonder why this couple is swift to encourage others to get into business.



“It’s something anybody can do because of our system,” says Cynthia. “As long as you’re hungry to learn and you’re willing to listen, then you can have success.”

Joce is also quick to say this isn’t a business solely focused on making money. It’s about learning,having fun, making friends and a difference.

“I hope that if I leave this earth tomorrow that I’ve added significance, that I’ve made a difference somewhere,” says Cynthia. “I hope that I’ve changed someone’s life in some sort of way, whether it’s with my kids, my friends, or somebody in the business.”

It’s clear, however, that together they already have.




To find out more about Joce and Cynthia, you can visit their website or find them on Twitter.

If you know Joce and Cynthia, and have more to add, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!!


20 thoughts on “Getting to Know Kaizen Leaders: Joce and Cynthia Dionne

  1. Nathan and I are truly blessed to have Joce and Cynthia in our lives. Without them, I am not sure where we would be. Thank you Joce and Cynthia for your servant hearts.

  2. My wife and I have had the pleasure in building a friendship and a business with Joce and Cynthia. There is no telling where we’ll be with the Dionne’s leading the way. We love you guys.

  3. Me and my girlfriend are so glad we join this business and got to meet joce & cynthia dione, everytime we talk to them they only have posititive thing to tell us, its easy to see they are good people. We look forward to learn lots more from them because we know they went through all the difficulties we are gonna experience along with this business.
    Thanks guys

  4. I have only know this great couple a few weeks… right from the first time I met them, they graciously offered their help in building our business ! What a wonderful and committed team !! Thank you

  5. Awesome article about a truly real couple. The stories of their beginnings to now, not only entertaining, but inspiring!!!… and their vision for their future… a lesson in itself!

  6. We have the privilege of being in Joce and Cynthia downline and have enjoyed their contagious, optimistic spirit. I particularly appreciate that though they are enjoying incredible success that takes them all over the country, when they are in their home town, they make us feel as important as anyone else they meet!

  7. We feel truly blessed to be studying under the Dionne’s “mentorship”.and through the Rock and Roll leaders. We appreciate them greatly!

  8. I still remember the first time I met Joce and Cynthia Dionne. Although I though he could levitate thanks to Denis and Lisa Leger’s edification of this great couple, I got to see first hand on the authenticity of this great man and women making a different in our community and country.

    Although our discussion was short, I left our first introduction feeling amazed on how great I felt of the belief he had in me in being successful in my business.

    Finally, I remember during one quick discussion about a year ago, he put the vision in front of me so clear as to why I needed to continue building my business that I have never forgotten it. they have helped me tremendously.

    I am blessed to be a part of their organization.

  9. Joce and Cynthia are an exceptional couple. It was Joce who showed me the plan for the first time. I started off listening with a negative attitude and by the end I had signed up! Joce has given me hope that a phlegmatic can achieve great things. He is a great encourager and I know he can see further down the line then I can. Keep up the great work Joce and Cynthia!

  10. both sebastien and i coming in too this were accepted with open arms by all the leaders and i can honestly say that joce and cynthia are one of the most honest respected couple we’ve met ! FIRED UP !!

  11. Very recently I had the privilege to go to a Leadership seminar that Joce & Cynthia were the Keynote speakers. You know, when you hear a young couple like this speak from the heart the way they speak you know without a doubt they are the real deal. Its not 1year of expertise repeated over several years…. its continual personal growth year over year, you not only hear it you can see it. Cynthia said “she and Joce stood on the shoulders of giants and that has made all the difference”. Its clear they are paying this example forward, Joce & Cynthia have the shoulders of GIANTs for many to stand on. Thank you Joce & Cynthia for having the Guts to decide and then manage the decision to make a difference in peoples lives.

  12. Amazing couple great students and wonderful leaders love seeing them when there in Ottawa area. Counting the days til they come to Brockville.

  13. Great article and perfect representation of Joce and Cynthia. These two definitely have a big heart and are willing to serve their team.

    Thank you Joce and Cynthia for everything you do.

  14. The Dionnes are special people! It’s been an absolute blessing to have them as part of our lives as leaders, business partners, and best friends. They always lead by example and always put other before themselves.

    Looking forward to witnessing the continued success of this amazing couple.

    Love you guys!

    Jeff & Detry

  15. Joce and Cynthia truly are amazing servant leaders. I was blessed to have seen them speak at my very first seminar, June 9th of 2012 in Aylmer, Ontario. I told my sponsor repeatedly, ‘wow! They are speaking right to me!!’ We are all truly blessed to have them as leaders, and as our Kaizen cousins!

  16. Nicole and I are super glad that we got to meet Joce and Cynthia and become business partners with them over the years however having them become some of our best friends is truly awesome! With the Dionne’s what you see is what you get: Real people making a difference with everywhere around them…everywheres they go!…and loads of fun and laughter along to way! They are truly STEADFAST!

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