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I was so humbled and excited to hear this past week that my book Toughen Up! won a Reader’s Legacy Award!

Writing a book was not something I’d ever planned to do, and I can’t even say I really enjoyed the writing process. That said, once Toughen Up was finished, I was able to recognize just how worth it this journey had been. It was so awesome to see the final product, and I’m so glad I stuck with it!

The book, I realize now, was like most long-term projects: hard in the middle, but ultimately you never regret undertaking them, because in the end you have something you can be really proud of. In this case, the hard work redeemed itself with an ultimately gratifying experience.

Just to get this book published was such a great feeling, but to then be nominated for a Reader’s Legacy Award alongside Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady who are New York Times bestselling authors. They aren’t little guys who wrote a book and published it themselves—these are bestselling authors!

To be nominated alongside Orrin and Chris was spectacular and humbling.

To actually win the Reader’s Legacy Choice Gold Best-Seller Award is the cherry on top! What a phenomenal surprise!

Reader’s Legacy Founder Ken Dunn is such a great guy. He thinks like a winner and he set a goal to put together the Reader’s Legacy Awards and he pulled it off amazingly.

If you have a chance, I encourage you all to visit Reader’s Legacy site and create a profile. It’s been really neat to see what other people are reading. I’ve also had a lot of fun adding books and authors to my virtual library.

The founders of LIFE have written so many outstanding books. Tim Marks is one of my favorite authors. His two books, Voyage of a Viking and Confidence of a Champion are awesome. Dan Hawkins and George Guzzardo also have books being released in the coming months, and I cannot wait to dive into those next! I’m sure I’m going to love those, too.

Most importantly, I can’t wait to read the book that you write someday.

Below is a great blog post from the LIFE Leadership blog with more information about the Reader’s Legacy Awards. It’s another awesome blog from LIFE and I hope you all go read it and leave comments. It’s a great way to stay in the heartbeat of what LIFE is doing out in the world. Enjoy the post! (And have fun setting up those Reader’s Legacy profiles!)


Life Leadership Founders Won Reader’s Legacy Choice Awards

Originally published on Life Leadership’s blog
By Kristen Seidl

Anyone who has read an Obstaclés Press published book have recognized that the authors are not amateurs. Executive Publisher, Chris Brady and Chairman of the Board, Orrin Woodward sought to start a publishing company within Life Leadershipthat would ‘expose the truth, no matter what the barriers.’ Since its inception, the company has printed nearly 40 books–with many titles earning multiple awards, including NY Times & Wall-Street Journal Best-Seller, Lauching a Leadership Revolution–and this is just the start. On average, Obstaclés Press releases one to three books per quarter and the pace of printing will only continue to increase as the company grows.

Obstacles Press

Recently, three books from the Obstaclés Press library received recognition at the Reader’s Legacy Choice Awards in Las Vegas:

“With over one million books being published every year in North America alone, the competition for best-selling status has become fierce. In addition to the sheer volume of new books, self-reporting book launch gurus are now teaching writers how to work the system and fake best-selling status on websites like Amazon and B&N. The Reader’s Legacy Writers Conference brings together real best-selling authors from the NY Times, LA Times and Amazon in an intimate setting, and gives them a forum to share real experiences of writing and marketing a best-selling book. The faculty are world-renowned authors, speakers and experts who have been hand selected for their successes and their abilities to share valuable information with attendees whose dreams include becoming a best-selling author.” ~ Reader’s Legacy


The number of authors who actually receive accolades for their content is very small. For a book to be voted on, it must attract the attention of thousands of readers. Needless to say, in order to win a Reader’s Legacy Choice Award, the work must be extraordinary. Not suprisingly, Life Leadership is proud to have had three of its founders be among the 18 winners for an award at this unique function. The titles include:

And Justice For All – by Orrin Woodward

PAiLS – by Chris Brady

Toughen Up – by Claude Hamilton.


In addition, Orrin was chosen among the other brilliant panel of speakers to talk on a subject he is passionate about– specifically his recent publication, The Financial Matrix–to the aspiring writers at the Writer’s Conference:

“I loved the fact that Orrin showed how history is repeating itself. For me knowing that the financial matrix is a vicious circle gives me the strength to know that I have to break it.” Ken Dunn (Founder/CEO of Reader’s Legacy, Inc)


Orrin Woodward‘s arsenal of best-seller’s continue to make him a sought-after speaker around the globe. He knows how to deliever truth in his writing and in his speaking and I’m sure those in attendance were captured by his wisdom. Life Leadership is proud to have some of the best thinkers in the industry–including co-founders of the company Chris Brady and Claude Hamilton–who were also recognized for their work. The fact that these authors and leaders are able to produce content that is recognized by credible platforms such as Reader’s Legacy is a testament to the authenticity of the company.

We would love to hear your feedback in the comments section:

What do you enjoy most about Orrin Woodward’s writing? 

What is your favorite book in the Obstaclés Press book collection and why?

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  1. I am not surprised the book won this award. It has become one of my favorite books. Catherine quotes from it all the time. Congratulations my friend. It is well deserved.

  2. Congratulations Claude!!! This is extremely exciting. Toughen up is an absolute favorite of mine and a definite must read for everyone. We are blessed to have you and Lana in our lives.

  3. What a great honor! Congratulations. I love your attitude, style and raw emotion you display in print and on stage. It’s both transparent and compelling. It’s the stuff that makes champions want to dig in, fight and win.

  4. So I am going to go hunt down this book. A must read I am sure. Just wondering how to get it signed by the author.

  5. Congratulations Claude!!! I’m so proud of your accomplishment, and to be associated with the most amazing leaders!!! Thank you for leading the way!

  6. Congrats Claude. I am not at all surprised. That book is one of my favorite books. It brought up so many emotions including a few tears. I’m very proud to be part of such an amazing team with an inspiring leader like yourself leading the way.

  7. Congratulations Claude! Toughen Up is an Awesome book . So Proud to be a part of Kaizen. Congratulations again!!

  8. Congrats! What a wonderful honor for you to get this award. And what an honor for us to be among those who are blessed by your writing and our Kaizen Team!!
    Your book is a wonderful read, and and share with others.

  9. Congratulations Claude!! A well deserved award for a fantastic book!! You may have been surprised, but any of us who have read ‘Toughen Up’ knew upon reading it that it truly is ‘Gold’. We are so blessed to have such amazing leaders as yourself and Lana, Orrin, Laurie, Chris and Terri and all of the other founders!! I personally can’t wait until my shelves are full of books all written by Life Leadership Leaders.

    God Bless and Keep Stroking!!

    • Congrats Claude! Reading it with my oldest daughter right now. Such great principles for her and I to learn together:)

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