LIFE And The KAIZEN Explosion

LIFE And The KAIZEN Explosion

LIFE And The KAIZEN Explosion


This is seminar weekend coming up and as I look at the lineup of speakers across the country, I am very excited for everyone. The LIFE speakers we have are exceptional and we don’t put people on stage who don’t have a great growing business. So whatever location you are at, you can rest assured that you have an amazing speaker.

Wayne MacNamara and Joce Dionne are two of my favorite speakers. I obviously am biased as they are also huge leaders on the KAIZEN team.

The LIFE Business is Awesome

Since LIFE started, every organization we have has grown. Although the LIFE opportunity is not dialed in as awesome as we want it to be yet, for only being a bit over 1 year old, it’s growing like crazy.  It’s an unbelievable feeling to watch people start up a business for less then the cost of a tank of gas, to watch them build a community AND have awesome high quality, great priced products to market. To build a profitable business that makes a difference in their lives, not just in money and time but in all the 8 F’s.


I’m super proud of all the Kaizen teams; you guys are just crazy good at what you do! Kaizen has a goal to break 20  LIFE Coordinators this year. We call it KAIZEN 20. Anyone who is qualified as a LIFE Coordinator by July will all be going House Boating!

I am including a video of something that looks like a blast to do when we go house boating! Its called the “blob” and I just think if myself and Wayne MacNamara jump off the roof of a houseboat onto a Blob….we can launch Joce Dionne so high that we break a world record!!!

I invite all Kaizen Coordinators to come house boating. Any Coordinators by December will be invited to go snowmobiling in Northern Quebec for New Years! Everyone remembers how Kaizen performed in the KCB campaign – we aren’t competing with anyone this time, we are just setting the standard and raising the bar.

I have set a personal goal based on the Kaizen 20. If we succeed in helping 20 new Coordinators break in Kaizen, I am going to purchase 2 Flyboards to use on the lake I live on. Maybe we will call them the Coordinator Flyboards and only make them available to be used by LIFE coordinators!! Here is a video how much fun we can have on these Flyboards!  Maybe all the Coordinators can come with me to take the Flyboard course, we would have an awesome time!

Fight Fiercely


104 thoughts on “LIFE And The KAIZEN Explosion

  1. NO WAY! These look totally awesome!!!! I love how you and Lana are always coming up with fun and exciting ways to help everyone succeed! Love you guys!

  2. Claude, like hanging out with you and Lana wouldn’t be fun enough on its own! Have to thank you though, for providing such awesome incentives (besides the obvious) for us to grow and provide for our families. Morgan and I are looking forward to every second of the future!

  3. Amazing post Claude! I love how you expand our thinking and our dreaming. This just helps sweeten the push for Kaizen 20 this year. Have fun, make money and make a difference. Time to face our Goliath, cause our someday is today. Thanks for everything you do for us!


    • Have fun , make fun and make a difference in your fun ! Sounds like Team Kaizen ! The making money and a difference are our biggest side dishes ! Here is too fun summer 20wr

  4. You know Kaisen is a team that is built on moments that truly take your breath away ! Thanks Claude and Lana / Raylene and Wayne for providing us all the oppurtunity like this !!!!!!breath taking !

  5. Claude, I thank you for setting some great rewards for all the team to achieve! This will be a “significant” amount of fun!!!!
    Can’t wait to experience this with you!!!

  6. That looks awesome and a lot of fun, thank you and Lana for all that you guys do for each and everyone of us. To help us grow, dream and have a better life for ourselves, families and our friends!! Lol ya let’s see if Wayne ends up with another black eye!!

  7. This definitely covers the “have fun” part of the business!! Such an awesome idea, can’t wait to be there!

  8. The blob looks awesome – there is some significant height happening there! Thanks for being the spark and leading the way through your belief and constant encouragement!

  9. I’ve never been on a snowmobile. That would be a great way to break me in. Living life to it’s fullest and being job optional by chasing these dreams. Where else can we do this and retire at such a young age. Thank you for our future. Will you run for these promos and reach your dreams???

  10. What a foreign feeling to be rewarded for applying success principles rather than being thrown under the bus(which happens in many jobs). Learning from the best to become the best and then help someone else become even better…wow Kaizen is truly a quest for excellence!!

  11. Not sure I would want to be on the launching end of the Blob, but the weekend will surely be a blast. Thanks for your vision and leadership.

    • Don’t worry Neil, we’ll let you try out the blob and we won’t launch you……nah…. We’ll totally lauch anyone since it looks like so much fun!! Can’t wait to share this experience with you and Sue!

  12. Claude, I can see you and Wayne strapping on the flyboards, and diving into the blob thing to launch each other!! WEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOO! Awesome idea! Can’t wait to see it Live! Thank you to you and Lana for everything you guys do! Love ya’s tons!

  13. Claude, you certainly know how to put the fun in that “F” of the Life Biz! Your awesome and we will do whatever it takes to be on or in the water with you!

  14. Great Blog Claude, again and again you demonstrate that the Life business not only works but that the rewards far exceed anything else we’ve ever heard about. I threw ours names into the Kaizen 20 hat and have no intentions of missing any chance to spend time with you, Wayne or any of the other leaders in Kaizen. Where else do you get to tap into the “FUN” “F” just for winning in this business, man alive, soon people will line up for this opportunity!

  15. Claude, thank you for always setting the standard to work hard then to play hard! This Houseboating trip and snowmobiling in Quebec is going to ROCK!!

  16. Two awesome ideas on how to get the most out of the lake. I’m sure more will come. They both look like a ” boatload of fun”.

    P.S. Is anybody else concerned for Joce’s safety?

  17. Claude this is so amazing! I love how life has incentives and feeds the elephant for the things that are available to us. Things that we wouldn;t even think of. Thank you for casting a vision and giving us great things to run for and giving us a chance to associate with big thinkers and great leaders in LIFE.

  18. When you reward performance, initiative, persistence, and help folks bring out their inner geniuses and scrap off the glaze, the end zone will be filled with winners! There are far too many places that don’t practice this, and quite often, mediocrity and settling for is the result. So blessed to have developed the mindset of those in the former, yet, my journey is far from complete. I know that the more I serve, and the better I serve them, round table & Fun “F” activities like this are the fruits of the labour spent for a completely worthwhile mission :-)

  19. Those things look fantastic! Perhaps we’d better warn Chris Hadfield on the International Space Station to keep the hatch open for when Joce arrives!

    Thanks for the vision and inspiration that you and Joce provide.

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  21. this looks like a lot of fun. As long as I can get rid of this lousy a-fib in my heart and learn how to swim.
    Growing up around lake erie I hate undertows!!
    Kove you guys a lot!! thanks

  22. This looks awesome Claude!!!! Great tm yesterday, thanks for visiting with us!!! Will be praying for you, as well as your family and all the PC Leaders!!!! Keep on keepen on!!! God Bless!!! On to a Million!!!! We definitely need Life/Team and our PC Leaders in this country!!! Dean Johnson/Rock of Kaizen/Life Spring Church of Akron, Oh PS/U tube Christian videos are very inspiring!!!!! T. Care!

  23. Claude and Lana, you guys are full of greatness, this is such an awesome idea. We are running the roads, listening, reading and growing every day. We cant wait to share some time with you guys, especially with fun filled promos like this, we will see you there for sure!!! Hey Claude… your gonna fly too, all us girls will have to group together and send you into orbit LOL……..Can’t wait for the future, it’s full of wonderful things thanks to the LIFE Business, and the leaders who make it all happen!!! See you soon!!!!

    • I can’t wait for you to get that time around Claude & Lana! Lindsay you and Rick will have a blast with everyone there but especiall around these great servant leaders!!!

  24. Claude,
    Teams are exploding throughout NS!!! Your Open in Antigonish and the the Thursday Open in Truro were jam packed. Cant wait to see you flung into the air off the BLOB! #Kaizen20

  25. I think I saw claude on the jet pack commercial! The one that dives in & out of the water like a fish! He does have navy seal background you know… Go Kaizen!!! Let’s do it

  26. Claude, we can not wait to go on these trips with everyone. It will be a blast!!! We really need to look into getting one of these BLOBS!!! I would love to see how high Joce would go….LOL Thanks for taking the time and serving all the leaders – it’s going to be trips we will all remember for a lifetime!!

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