Momentous LeaderShift To Significantly Alter Our Twenty First Century

Momentous LeaderShift To Significantly Alter Our Twenty First Century

Momentous LeaderShift To Significantly Alter Our Twenty First Century

Hey Everyone! Just got back from the amazing ”Chart Topper” weekend, what great speakers we have!! The Fun in the Sun meetings were some of the best talks I have ever heard in the industry. The tweaks that were introduced at the Chart Topper function are very exciting and all the leaders I spoke to felt the weekend was life changing. And all my friends from Michigan got to see some sun!

Also, very proud to give a shout out to Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille’s  new book, LEADERSHIFT, for hitting #6 on the GLOBE & Mail BESTSELLERS List.  Check it out! 

Leadershift hits best seller lists in first week of sales

Read on below for a great article written by our very own Dan Hawkins.

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Leadershift hits best seller lists in first week of sales

The first round of the LeaderShift book signings and the corresponding radio interviews is complete for Oliver DeMille and Orrin Woodward.

Through this effort and the many friends, fans, and concerned citizens of North America, LeaderShift has made the NY Times, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

lLeadershift hits best seller lists in first week of sales

The goal of Leadershift

The goal of the first book in the series was to begin a transformation in the dialog between citizens and government. Instead of asking government to do more and more for people, we believe government should be limited to the specific fields where “force” is needed, permitting “freedom” and responsibility to reign in the rest of society. Since responsibility demands leadership, the book was named LeaderShift to capture the essence of freedom, responsibility, and limits upon force within society.

How can I help create this Leadershift

First get your copy and study it, than get a couple extra copies and share with anyone you know that cares about freedom. Feel free, if so inclined, to write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and GoodReads, sharing the concepts and key distinctions learned from the book. The key to a Leadershift is creating a conversation about the principles of freedom. David Mersher and his team will not rest until their job is done. :) What part will you play in the LeaderShift? Join the Leadershift today!

The leaders at the LIFE business are assembling a community of people who truly want to see real change. We will see you at the next LIFE Live seminar!

Dan Hawkins

Leadershift hits best seller lists in first week of sales


18 thoughts on “Momentous LeaderShift To Significantly Alter Our Twenty First Century

  1. What a great read. History and current events all tied in together. Everyone, whether in the political arena or not, should ready this book. Small Government for everyone!!!

  2. Thanks for another inspiring post, Claude! Leadershift is an amazing book..not just focusing on the issues, like many books, but actually offering a solution. This world definately needs a leadershift..let’s make it happen!!

  3. I like the sound of “First in a Series of”! We need more Leadershift happening in Canada as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing Claude. Leadershift is a great thought provoking read and I believe it’s a great first step in raising awareness about our responsibility and role in correcting the societal ‘norm’ of expecting others to fix things for us.

  5. Hey Claude!

    Will there be any homeschool curriculum or books coming out before September? We will be starting our 4 year old in September and are going to start collecting resources… but obviously would rather buy it from LIFE.


    Rose MacDonald

  6. Amazing post Claude!
    Love your leadership!
    North America is going to see a leadershift.

  7. Hi Claude,
    Leadershift number 6 in Globe and mail!!
    This is a fantastic book written by two leaders who do not just “say” but they” do what they say” and not only once but over and over!!
    Truly a winner!!
    about changing lives

  8. The LeaderShift book is a GREAT product to discuss with anyone who complains about our government. Clearly we need to elevate the conversation in Canada and the U.S. to find solutions, not just sit back and complain. I am excited to think of the freedom shift that comes from those who are part of the 10 percent.

    Thanks CLaude, the weekend was spectacular! Thanks for everything you do to serve the LIFE Community.


  9. Great blog, Claude!

    LeaderShift was an extremely interesting and thought provoking read. It’s message will certainly open the way for a dialogue that is needed in our countries, for those that truly value freedom. This message needs to go mainstream; as action will only take place, when the citizens of Canada and the U.S., put pressure on their political leaders. Now is the time for us to draw our “line in the sand”.

    Many thanks to you, for your continued service, sharing this information with the masses.

  10. Leadershift is an excellent precursor to pondering how Canadians have lost their Freedoms and how we might recoup them. It is interesting as I write to note that the Federal Government cannot account for 3.1 Billion Dollars from an anti-terrorist budget. We seem to allow these things to happen a lot without any real concern being shown. I wonder when (or if!) we will wake up to our very own country’s harsh reality. It would be nice to have a Canadian Vision once again, that the average Joe would/could buy into in a meaningful way. Imagine a country with none of the citizens in debt!…and Canada, with a vital presence on the world stage again!

  11. Leadershift is a great book. Everyone I know that has read it gives it very high praise. Thanks for the post Claude.

  12. That book was fantastic! I love the way it leaves a lot for people to discuss among themselves, to figure out ‘why would that proposal be there?’ With them drawing there own conclusions from the information, it is much more likely to be accepted!

  13. Thanks for sharing Claude, it’s always amazing to see people you know attain success that affects more than a group or association. What Orrin and Oliver have done, is open up the possibilities for everyone in North America to open their eyes to not just identifying the issue but also a fix that can be achieved with the co-operative efforts of those who care about the future of our countries and the generations of kids who will one day need to live and lead in what we leave them.

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