You are the people you associate with

Blog post 14Think about the top five people you’re spending time with. Are they successful? Committed to a cause? Do they toughen up when they need to? If this sounds like the people you’ve surrounded yourself with, chances are good that you’re going to be pretty successful yourself.

On the other hand, if those five people aren’t working towards anything, quit when the going gets tough, and have poor lifestyle habits, you probably do the same things.

My mother smoked for 42 years. Eventually, she got to the point where she needed a machine to help her breathe at night. When she reached that point, she decided it was time to quit. But amazingly, some of her friends weren’t supportive. They would offer her cigarettes and try to convince her to start smoking again. Thankfully, she resisted, but those friends were no help at all.

Fortunately, we get to choose the people we spend time with. For example, in the early days, when I was still building my business, one of the men I was working with called me up and asked if we could talk. We met in person, and he told me that he wanted to take a break from the business. As I questioned him, I realized that this “break” was actually a subtle way of quitting. So I responded with, “Ah, man, we were doing so well. I was really relating to you, we were getting along really well, and I was enjoying my time with you. We were kickin’ butt. We were on a path to really growing our business, and I thought you’d become a leader in our company. And now you want to quit. It’s really sad.”

Harsh, right? Well, I was probably a little harder on him than I should have been, but it was really important to me to make sure I was surrounded by successful, likeminded people. After all, one of the pillars of my system is knowing that there’s only one way to turn a loser into a winner. It has nothing to do with giving them money and opportunity. It’s all about changing the way they think.

That was a tough conversation, but there was an important principle I needed to pass on. If you spend time with people who are willing to give up when they get tired, or when things get tough, their attitude will influence you. Having courage means loving yourself enough to say, “I will not let my goals be hindered by people who aren’t willing to work to achieve theirs.”

It’s possible that my former associate did have a good reason for taking a break–maybe he wanted to play baseball to strengthen his relationship with his son. If so, that’s wonderful. But we need to remember: we can’t achieve our goals if we’re constantly falling back on excuses.

Take a few minutes to think. Are you letting excuses stop you from achieving your goals? If so, it’s time to reconnect with your reason for pursuing that cause in the first place.

23 thoughts on “You are the people you associate with

  1. Excellent article Claude! I’m glad it was re-shared today on FB by Jason P. I can see evidence of this is my own past. I love associating with winners that are moving in the direction of their dreams! Thanks for the reminder

  2. Thanks so much for always having our backs .
    Not tough just the truth .
    I never take positive input as harsh.

    Thanks again
    Faye Coulstring

  3. Great post Claude, it’s an easy overlooked principle in our culture today, but one of the important ones if you are going to be successful in any field.

  4. Keep the great teaching coming Claude! The reasons for pursuing a successful business grow every day. And working with a great team is the best way to get there!

  5. What a great blog post Claude! It is a great reminder to be careful who you associate it.

  6. Thanks Claude you are so right about association .It influences all of my actions whether good or bad

    God Bless


  7. Good as always.. :-) It’s great to be able to read these and say “I was there when he gave that talk”

    You give such a great example for us to follow, and it’s amazing how your given so much to help build others up.

  8. Claude,
    right on !!! it’s so tangible when your in the precense of those that are in the fight & very much so when their not .

  9. I am blessed to say that the people I spend most of my time with people that are pushing forward in life and are seeking positive change for them and others. It is hard to spend time with those that aren’t, since there is little to talk about.

    I pray that I can have a positive influence on others that have not made the commitment to chase something bigger than themselves. It is by hanging with people like you, Terry and Tim that give me the courage to continue the fight.

    Thanks for being the example.

  10. Thanks for that great reminder Claude. I am thankful everyday for being introduced to a company who lives what they preach. It makes me want to improve everyday.

  11. Great blog Claude. I remember hearing someone say ‘mashed potatoes’ when someone started to tell them their reason (aka excuse) for quitting. In short – anything will do for an excuse once you start down the path of quitting!

    Thanks for leading from the front and setting an example worthy to follow.


  12. Good Morning Claude,

    Thanks for keeping people on the right track in success.
    Some times we do need to change who we hang out with because
    they are leading you down the wrong path.

    I’m glad I realized that before it was too late and never quit.

    Thank you and keep rocking

    Rico Goncalves

  13. Hi Claude!

    Great topic as always!

    I believe in everything you said and having those to associate with also keeps us out of our own ideas as well. Sometimes we can be our worst association! So great to have Life Leadership and the association it offers when alone, (cds). We will be called “lucky” one day but explain how consistent 6-10 cds a day is luck…. Just great association!

    See you soon!
    God Bless

  14. Thanks Claude for another great post! It really does matter who we spend time with. And staying in touch with our reason for building the business is also very key.

  15. Thanks for more great teaching, Claude. It is so amazing to be surrounded by leaders who choose to chase their dreams instead of making excuses.


  16. Thanks Claude, this is exactly the reminder I needed today. To be the person who clings closer to the reason why when circumstances are rough, or you’re tired, or a goal takes longer than planned. Then it’s time to re-awaken the dream by associating with the right crowd.

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