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Home Business Radio Network's Leadership Factory - Claude Hamilton

Home Business Radio Network’s Leadership Factory

Hi Everyone!

Orrin Woodward & myself just recently had a great hangout chat on Google+ that I want to share with you. Have you heard of  Tony Cannuli, marketing director for Home Business Radio Network’s Leadership Factory (HBRN)?

Tony is a good friend of Orrin and recently asked him to co-host the Leadership Factory sponsored by HBRN.  Co-founder of HBRN Doug Firebaugh and Orrin hit it off fabulously as they realized how their philosophy  tied in so well together.

Here is an exerpt from Orrin’s article.

Claude Hamilton


HBRN’s Leadership Factory

“I love when people use their talents and business acumen to focus on making a difference. And that is exactly what HBRN does in the marketplace by providing top content from top leaders in the home-based business profession.

The Leadership Factory will focus on interviews with top leaders across the home-based business field, seeking to understand the secrets of their leadership success. Remember, success leaves clues, and the goal of the Leadership Factory is to cull those clues to the surface so that hungry students from across the world can learn from them. Twice a month on Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern Time, Tony and I will be interviewing leaders and learning along with everyone else. The good news is, since we are utilizing Google Hangout, if you miss the live event, you can always watch the YouTube video of the event.

HBRN and the LIFE business have teamed together to provide top-notch leadership thinking to the home-based business profession free of charge! It doesn’t get much better than that! :)

Here is the first Leadership Factory video with our special guest Claude Hamilton(below) Enjoy.


Orrin Woodward”


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  1. “Home Business Radio Network’s Leadership Factory – Claude Hamilton” tomfury.com truly causes me imagine a little bit extra. I personally treasured each and every particular section of this post. Thank you ,Gino

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  3. It IS important to use your mentor, but I like what Claude said, that no matter who you leader is, it is UP TO YOU! Don’t be a victim. Just be a hungry student!

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