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Revolutionary Product | Mental Fitness Challenge - Claude Hamilton

Revolutionary Product | Mental Fitness Challenge

Result Oriented & Changing Lives…

I recently drove the coach home from Columbus, Ohio where LIFE launched our flagship product, the Mental Fitness Challenge.  I plan to blog about this often, as I am very excited about the positive results that it can have in people’s lives. Our “product” in LIFE isn’t necessarily the CD’s and books and the seminars, it’s really about the results that come with utilizing these tools that can change your life.

We cannot change the world until we change ourselves first. The product of the LIFE opportunity is providing you with the necessary tools to improving your relationships, becoming a better parent, increasing your faith or providing financial literacy.  The LIFE products provide the tools to change yourself for the better so that you can live the life you always wanted.  Personally, I have already contacted a few friends and family members interested in purchasing a MFC.  It’s funny that just by doing the self-assessment test, they have already identified certain areas in their lives that they want to change and improve on.

We are still learning about how best to use the Mental Fitness Challenge in our business but the first step is for us all to complete the challenge for ourselves. Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward have written some great blog posts about the Mental Fitness Challenge and I encourage you to read them ASAP.  You won’t be disappointed!

I will be posting again very soon on the amazing trip programs that LIFE has recently launched as well as the adding of points to opens, and soon seminars!  There is so much happening and I know many of you are exploding your communities.  I am very proud to be in business with all of you!

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Mental Fitness Challenge

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  1. […] Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward have made this all possible. Can you believe there is a business out there that provides people with not only more free time and tons of money but also your able to make a huge difference in people’s lives. Thanks again to Claude and Orrin and the Policy council. […]

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you and Lana are my favorite speakers! You guys are hilarious!! “Attitude” cd #6 on mod 1 of the MFC is one of my all time favorite cds. I got a ton out of it and a lot things “clicked” for me when I listened to it. Thank you for all you do!! See you at the major. :-)

  3. As you say, we can’t change the world until we first change ourselves. MFC gives us the tools to change and grow.

  4. The great thing about the MFC is that it is for anyone. It breaks down you thinking to something you can relate and presents it a way that will stretch and grow you. It is only a short period of time before results start to show up.

  5. Really enjoying the Mental Fitness Challenge! Our habits determine our success in life. The MFC is a great way to develop & reinforce those good habits.

  6. My life is a living testimony of the product! Just ask my wife and family! My life coming, and the future will only prove the necessity for ongoing education, and why this will last forever! Thank you LIFE founders and Orrin Woodward, thank you for holding your head high. The only scam with this business, is if you think it won’t change you! I am talking to you! The skeptical person reading this right now. TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

  7. Thanks for the post Claude! We are really enjoying the MFC. The challenge groups tonight were the best we have had yet!

  8. Spot on post, Claude – meant to comment on it sooner. Down here in the states, like in the rest of the Western “1st” world, we have lost our focus on many crucial things that kept our nations strong from an “inside out” , core way – i.e., the things found as spokes on the ‘circle of life’ diagram from the MFC’s self assessment test. For those who haven’t yet taken the “SAT” ( a WAY better test than currently better known one, especially to predict leadership success ) – these things include financial intelligence, legacy, adversity quotient, character, & friendship.

    How much better our nations would be if even 3-5% of the population took its eyes off endless entertainment and put those hours and energy into resolutions! The ‘Slight Edge’ impact would be huge!

    In short – the MFC is fantastic. The product is clearly a better you … which leads me to this quote to close this comment :

    “When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world.

    As I grew older and wiser, I discovered the world would not change, so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change only my country. But it, too, seemed immovable. As I grew into my twilight years, in one last desperate attempt, I settled for changing only my family, those closest to me, but alas, they would have none of it.

    And now as I lie on my deathbed, I suddenly realize: If I had only changed myself first, then by example I would have changed my family. From their inspiration and encouragement, I would then have been able to better my country and, who knows, I may have even changed the world.”

    – Bishop’s tomb, Westminster Abbey.

    Blessings. ROK of Kaizen in the land o’ Buckeyes :)

  9. Being a 20 year old and learning all of the great information that the LIFE products and this new MFC Challenge have provided, I know I’m off to an excellent start. I’m two weeks into te challenge and have definitely seen improvements. An excellent new habit of reading and listening to CDs daily is taking hold of me. I can’t wait to see improvements in not only myself but in friends. It’s an amazing product I can use over and over again.

  10. Hey Claude on the road again making my way from another amazing eye opening challenge group in eastern ontario. What an amazing night building friendships getting a much broader outlook on life and all those that we touch. I feel blessed to be part of such a life changing event. Thanks

  11. Hi Claude

    Just got back from another MFC discussion night talking about Character! What a great night! Our group had several locations going on and we can wait for the next one!

    Everyone is truly excited about learning and adapting these priciples to change there lives

    See you soon

  12. thank you to Claude and Lana and all the policy council for giving us such a powerfull product that can not only touch, but help so many people in different ways…

  13. Isn’t itt great a business rewards you to get better in your own life with amazing trips. Awesome great job Claude

  14. Thank u so much Claude and Lana for never giving up and helping Wayne and Raylene having the life they have now. And U and Lana and Ray and Wayne never giving up on me, and being there for Gavyn. I can not thank u enough. The MFC is amazing and how its going to help others.

  15. Just attended my second Mental Fitness Challenge. What an amazing environment with people of all ages and background sharing ideas on character.. Its very promising to know that a small groups of people across north america are having constructive discussions on. Topics that impact the way future generation will see the world. If people of character commit to developing more, and influencing others in a positive way conditions can only get better.

  16. I took the self-assessment and requested my boss and two co-workers become my accountability partners and take the test on my behalf. They have found they are watching me more closely because of it, making me even more aware of myself. The setup has made it simple and exciting to make these changes in myself and help others to achieve great results. Many thanks to the leaders who worked (and continue to work) so hard on LIFE

  17. It’s pretty cool that a business will give you the opportunity to improve yourself and for actually implementing it over time will reward us with some pretty amazing trips. I personally like the fact that there is no luck in qualifying for these trips, it’s all about learning and a little work.

  18. I am loving the Mental Fitness Challenge. I am also loving the Challenge Groups that we are doing as part of it. Our second one starts in 40 minutes and I can’t wait! To discuss this material with a group of other like-minded individuals takes material that is already excellent and multiplies it by all the wisdom in the room! This material has already changed my life, the blessing lies in watching it change other lives as well.

  19. I love the excitement that MFC is generating! Headed toChallenge group meeting with new group of people who are super excited! Hard to believe that people are that excited to learn and growersonally – love it!

    • That true Scott the MFC is creating a lot of excitment and the challenge groups are truly awesome

      • Hey Scott. We just got back from our challenge tonight with Wayne & Raylene in London. It is the sharing that makes the learning even better. When you get around a group of like minded people it is so inspiring.
        John & Kim Ansty

  20. great post Claude. We been reading and listening to the life material and it is great information. After taking the MFC we are are more aware of what we are reading and how to start to apply it in our every day LIFE.

  21. Wow the mental fitness challege has given me insite I never thought possible allowing me to not only build on what I thought were strengths but to openly see weaknesses and take aim upon them throught the amazing materais of the MFC. Not only that but through these challenge groups walking in with my single oppiion and at the end of the night leaving with the knowlege strength of the complete group. Allowing me to see others points of view and begin the journey of self emprovment allowing me to grasp for the life I’ve always wanted. Thank you so much Orrin Claude and all the PC, and I must offer a extra special thanks to Wayne and Raylene MacNamara for without there sharing this amazing oppertunity and pouring their time and love into us and so many others we would not be where we wre today running for our dreams and goals.

  22. Great post Claude. I like the comment that our business isn’t about the CD’s and Books, its about the change that comes from listening and reading. Its about changing ourselves.
    The MFC is helping me develop discipline and create a habit. If you can be disciplined in one area of your life you can be in others – like finances and fitness.

  23. We look forward to all your blogs Claude!

    The Mental Fitness Challenge is helping me in areas I never new how to tackle before. I love the step by step aproach/attck of bettering ourselves one week and one step at a time!

    These are exciting times that The Servant Leaders of Life have created.

    See you in July
    Chad Waters.

  24. Claude:

    I love this writeup on the Mental Fitness Challenge. It seems that people are ready to challenge their minds and get their entire life the way they want it to be. As the tag line says, the Mental Fitness Challenge will help people live the life they’ve always wanted to live! Thanks for showing the way!


    Chris Brady

  25. When people throw tomatoes at you, do good anyway! It is so awesome to see the MFC kicking up so much dust. You know that its a great product that is going to change a lot of lives when the competition starts shaking in their boots!

    • Kirk, I love that expression “do good anyway”. It ties in perfectly with our second challenge group tonight on character!
      Everyone is loving these groups.

  26. […] April the Founders of LIFE launched the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) as a way for people to grow mentally, setting goals growing in a step-by-step toward the life they […]

  27. The Mental Fitness Challenge is sweeping the nation! I can’t believe how powerful it is to experience information coming at you on similar topics from several different angles at the same time! I’ve been on a self directed education for a few years, but since I started the MFC I’ve seen more lasting change within myself in specific areas like character and attitude than ever before! I can’t wait to see the massive effects that the challenge will have on the North American continent as It continues to go more and more viral with each passing week.
    -Wes Loughrie
    A.k.a. Shazam’s sharp dressed, skinny tie wearin’ husband

  28. I love what Claude says in the second paragraph. You cant change the world until you change yourself. That is what the mental fitness challenge is all about. It is designed to help you grow yourself and once you do that it is easier to help others.

  29. Courage, Character, and a Sense of Duty « Orrin Woodward Leadership | Catherine Crichlow says:

    […] taken the dive headfirst into the Mental Fitness Challenge, I’m starting feel it’s both a blessing and a curse. The blessing is obviously that I […]

  30. 2 weeks into the MFC and already feeling a difference. I’m challenged to read more and there is more of an incentive to do “work”. I can see the results in my life are changing for the better and I can not wait until my 90 day challenge is complete. I can then continue to better myself for my entire life.

  31. Absolutely can’t wait for the new meeting format to roll out tonight!! LIFE and the MFC have made a huge differerence in my life, as well as making big changes in others around me.

  32. People will now have a choice in how they respond to the everyday situations in their life . Armed with knowledge and the right attitude nothing is impossible . Thanks Claude for your leadership and faith in LIFE and the MFC.

  33. […] I could go on and on about the excitement that the MFC has brought to the TEAM but I would like to open the conversation up to the Kaizen community, or anyone else who wishes to contribute.  I would really appreciate your comments and stories about how the MFC or any other LIFE product has changed your life. Fight fiercely, Claude Hamilton. […]

    • I think the community has made the biggest impact on my life. I was raised in an environment where nothing was ever good enough and worked in an environment where I was trained to find fault. Enter TEAM and LIFE and a group of positive encouraging people, and my outlook started to change too. The books and CD’s introduced me to a perspective I wasn’t used to.
      The MFC is just one more step in identifying areas where I can continue to improve (and with the 360 degree feedback, if you are brave enough, you can find out if your perspective of yourself is the same as others see you). All of this is great feedback to help us continue to improve (Kaizen!) towards having the “life you’ve always wanted”

      • That’s an interesting point about the environment – being trained to find fault (not always the good). I too was raised another trained (professionally) to find fault – never to find. The positive. I love the TEAM environment as I always feel positive about myself when im in the environment (group of people who are ‘good’ finders). The MFC is awesome as it helps us to walk through and identify aspects within ourself such as that. I know that relationships within my life are better when I can focus on the positiveaects of people vs the negative.

    • During our challenge group tonight it was awesome to hear different people talk about other books that we have read because of our involvement in LIFE. “Voyage of a Viking”, “Personality Plus”, “LLR”, “Love Languages” …. all of these were referenced in one way or another during our conversation. The number of cd’s quoted are too numerous to mention! All this just to say – the LIFE materials matter! They are world class, relevant, and life changing. Bring them to a community of 5%ers and we ARE changing the world because we ARE changing ourselves!!

  34. I’m in my first month of the Mental Fitness Challenge and already I feel more in control of my life. I always knew I could be doing better, but never felt like I had the tools till now.
    Thanks for all your help!!

  35. Absolutely correct, the “product” in LIFE isn’t necessarily the CD’s and books and the seminars, it’s really the results that come with utilizing these tools that can change your life!!!

  36. Thank you Claude and the rest of the PC for bringing us an opportunity to change our lives and the lives of others, while getting feedback and support from friends, family and mentors.

  37. […] the positive impact of the Mental Fitness Challenge in myself and in others. As leadership expert Claude Hamilton writes, “The LIFE products provide the tools to change yourself for the better so that you can live […]

  38. Amazing Post! Already on day 5 and we’re discovering a tons of stuff! The MFC Challenge is a great way for us and our community to learn and grow!

  39. Claude, It’s an exciting time to be a part of “LIFE” and even more exciting to envision where it will be in the next couple of years with the role out of the Mental Fitness Challenge (

    Take care, great post!


  40. Loving the MFC! What a great way to actually measure our leadership development!

  41. Hi Claude, I am taking the MFC myself, I am so impressed with it. I cannot wait to wake up in the morning and start a new day with more learning.


  42. Hey Claude

    There’s alot of exciting buzz about the MFC!! I love what Chris Brady ( says, its one thing to have a flabby body but to have a flabby mind is worse! I think there’s no better “challenge” that people can take then to do the MFC. Thank you and to all the PC for making all of this possible for us.

    Exciting times!!

    Denis & Lisa Leger

  43. Claude, I can’t keep enough MFCs on me. I brought back 3 of them in my luggage from Ohio and they are all gone. They are selling like hot cakes! Time to order a bunch more. I agree with what you said. First we must take the MFC personally and as Orrin says ( start changing ourselves first, with that we’ll slowly impact our society then eventually make this world a better place. Keep blogging bud!

  44. In a recent post by Catherine Crichlow she points out how a million people is the number that is needed to change our country. This program is the ticket!

  45. The Mental Fitness Challenge is AMAZING! It gives me a tool to accurately assess where I am in my life and obtain feedback on where others think that I am!

    I am so excited to be taking the challenge together with my wife and friends like Wayne MacNamara ( ). Thank you Claude and the rest of the LIFE Founders for putting together this incredible program.

    • This is so true John one more thing Kieran and I can do togetjer and watch each other grow

  46. The MFC is stinkin’ awesome! Everyone I’m talking to about it is loving it! Thanks for putting in your time and effort to make this product a reality.

  47. Claude, I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store. The MFC is opening so many doors to speed us on our way to making a difference in millions of people’s lives! God Bless, Orrin

  48. I took the self assessment test yesterday, 2/3 of the way through I was noticing a pattern about a few areas I was going to need better information in. Really excited to dive into the challenge and see where I can make a few changes. I really appreciate a business that has a purpose of improving peoples lives and relationships, it couldn’t come at a better time.

  49. Only on Day 4 of the MFC and already enjoying the benefits! Thanks to you Claude and the LIFE PC for putting together this great opportunity!

  50. I’m super excited about this Mental Fitness Challenge. Should be a lot of fun finding out about myself.

    • Love the 360 degree feedback option! It is so valuable to help us see where our blind spots are. Thanks to LIFE founders!

  51. We are very excited to start the MFC, Sonia and I truly feel that this information has been the difference maker in our marriage, our faith, and in so many other areas of our lives. Now that we have the self-assessment test it will make this information that much more potent. We appreciate all the hard work that the PC have put into making this possible for all of us to go out and change our countries.


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