Social Media Etiquette | Rescue Me

Social Media Etiquette | Rescue Me

Social Media Etiquette: I found this article: Revealing the unwritten, and often complicated, rules of Facebook etiquette, by Allison Cross at the National Post.  Facebook etiquette, I thought this was both interesting and relevant in today’s world of social media.  Although the many online tools that we use each day make our lives easier to connect with one another, they can also make it easy to lose that ‘personal touch’ within our online relationships.  I thought this was a great reminder about how to use social media in a positive way and make it work for us, instead of against us.

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Social Media Etiquette | Rescue Me - Claude Hamilton

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  1. Thanks Claude, we always appreciate the Canadian flavour in this media war. I read from “Banking has been dinner table conversation at the Grant household for some time. Zane has a bee in his bonnet about private banks, profits and national debt and has been sharing with the family.” This was not a speech that she memorized for class. She understood the concepts because of the education she received from her parents. Team and LIFE are changing the conversations around the dinner tables of North America – actually the are bringing back eating together as a family. Thanks for all you do!

  2. This article is so true. Many of us use Facebook for the wrong reasons. We need to communicate with people not just of Facebook but actually face to face. I feel that though I have used and currently still do use this social network of interacting with people- In the past I used it too much and got addicted to a time waster. We need to remember that technology is a good thing but can also interfere with our priorities of getting us one day closer to our goal of freedom. Start putting your big rocks in first. Remember face to face is the best way to have a relationship and don’t let Facebook hinder that use it for a tool but not the only one. Remember always that we need to have genuine friendships I miss getting a note in the mail and talking face to face with friends with friends that are passionate about the same things. If you post something on Facebook make sure it is uplifting and thought provoking in a positive way … moving to make change.

  3. I found this interesting. I am not a big facebook person, but I suppose maintaining a positive facebook image will be prudent for someone wanting to be a leader in today’s age. Thank you.

  4. Thanks Claude,
    I’m glad someone has finally decided to do this. I have a face book account but don;t use it much just for some of the reasons listed in the rules. I much prefer the personal touch, face to face, by phone or if I have to use technology, text message. I use Face Book for pictures, birthday’s that kind of stuff. Not much else.

  5. I saw this article the other day and really enjoyed it. I love how the rules could pretty much be boiled down to “don’t be a jerk.” It just goes to show most people really do want a safe place to interact with friends and share that sense of comradery. Almost like…a community. Lol.

  6. Saw this article the other day and really liked it. I love how most of it can all be boiled down to “don’t be a jerk.” I think it exemplifies again that people really do have far more in common with each other than much of the media often portrays- we’re all looking for a safe place to interact with friends and share that sense of comradery. Almost like…a community. Lol.

  7. Its shamefull how we all use electonics instead of the personal touch. How many people txt or emailed Mom for Mothers Day? The answer is too many. If my mother hadent passed years ago I would have sailed the world to just wish her a happy day and spend it with her.
    People also don’t realize once its there in cyber space it there, you can’t take it back. “Fake Book” is a good example of this.

    Let’s all do better to pick up the phone or go to the person and get back what society once had!

    Chad Waters

  8. Thanks for the reminder Claude. We are part of a community and communication is key for our growth and prosperity.

  9. Great post Claude! Nothing replaces face to face interaction but it’s good to know that social media can have a positive impact when it’s used wisely. Most employers today would rather check your facebook page than call your references listed on your resume!

  10. This is a great article Claude. In our Social Media society today, where the “personal touch” part of communication is almost nonexistent, it’s so easy for people to take the wrong meaning or message from an online communication. We all need to be continuously reminded of this fact and that all forms of Social Media including tools like texting, e-mail and even voicemail are just tools to help. They do not replace the “personal touch” phone call or face to face communications.

    Take Care

  11. Hey Claude, I may have to re-post this article on the site in question! Like they say “Common sense isn’t common”, and the fact that this list was devised, is a sad commentary on our times! More proof the world needs to hear what we have to say!

  12. thanks for sharing this Claude. Great nugget on social media. Despite not wanting to admit it, we all need to adapt to social media and learn the ABC’s of it. This article is the perfect information for us.

  13. Hi tech, low touch common sense isn’t always common. I think it’s informative about the potential consequences of our actions. All those ‘rules’ didn’t show up ‘just in case’. They will all represent numerous injured relationships due to a lack of fore thought about personal actions.

    Great article – I hope people take the suggestions to heart and think through their comments – before they’re made!

  14. Thanks Claude! Represent the LIFE culture everywhere you are, whether it’s online or around town, live the dream!

  15. As I read the article I realized just how much common sense is really is no longer common and just how right you were about losing the personal touch. Information rich and knowledge poor today we are looking at the diminishing communication skills of the upcoming generation that has more ways to communicate than ever before. Between Facebook, email and text the art of communication is being lost at a fast pace to the cold technological
    age. Don’t get me wrong I love my technology and keeping up with family pictures on Facebook, but its time to bring that personal touch back to grow social skills to grow personally and make the changes you would like to see in society that will lead to the life you’ve always wanted.
    It goes to show just how large a group there is for the mental fitness challenge these days and it all starts with offering it to the next person. So many really need to see this article for its positive effect to happen so I will send it on. Its time to be the positive change out there to uplift and to get people thinking again I know I had to dust off my hat rack. Lets use it in the positive way and not forget what personal touch really is.
    Thanks Claude

  16. It’s amazing how Facebook changed the way we keep in touch with one and another. Theirs more ways to communicate with each other than ever before but we are less connected also. Like you mentioned, personal touch.

  17. Good find Claude. I agree with the losing the personal touch quote, especailly when it comes with conflict resolution. A father of older girls, I see this quite often in the world of social media! I am finding a whole new language has been developed, maybe this show my age! Lol.


  18. Yup, great article and good points to be aware of when on The Book. I used to think I was pretty funny posting sarcastic remarks on my wall as well as my friends walls. It wasn’t till recently that I’ve come to realize that I was probably the only one laughing most of the time. As ridiculous as it seemed to me when folks let the world know their every move, for some reason it was important to them, who was I to say anything about it.

    Facebook is our stage, people are watching and I for one want to be a positive example in every way possible. One thing I didn’t read in that article was how to lift people up with positive comments towards the photos, articles and comments folks post on their walls. I know how much I like it when I get positive comments towards the things I put up. Even a silly thing like a thumbs up can make my day (=^_^=).

    Thanks for the reminder Claude

  19. Hey Claude, insightful article man! I have seen those rules come into play so much in facebook endeavors in my own life, and in the lives of friends. Some people get offended that you won’t play farmville with them! What! They’re not even real carrots! Anyways, this link is awesome check it out. Has a ton to do with what you posted about and I’ve seen Brady reference some stuff from this site before.

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