Explosion of Testimonials on New LIFE Results

Explosion of Testimonials on New LIFE Results

Explosion of Testimonials on New LIFE Results

The Life Mental Fitness Challenge

It has only been two weeks since LIFE launched the Mental Fitness Challenge created by LIFE founders Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady.  Since then, I have not only witnessed an explosion in my LIFE business but also an explosion of people providing testimonials about how the LIFE principles learned from the products have been changing their lives.
Many people are only two weeks into the Mental Fitness Challenge and already they are feeling the impact of the program in their lives.

For example, someone recently told me that over the past six months of following the information in the Finances pack they have paid off their vehicle, never having fully owned a car outright. Another couple told me about how listening to the Marriage pack has changed the way that they communicate with each other.  Already, their children have noticed Mom and Dad’s new way of doing things.  A mother mentioned to me how much better she understands her children’s personalities and is able to interact with them in a different way since reading Personality Plus for parents.

Couples are getting involved in the challenge together and finding that they are bonding and enjoying the journey together in a way they have not been able to in the past.  People are also getting results at their places of work.  One individual told me that his employer sat him down and said that he notices an almost instant change in his attitude and the way that he works with others.

I could go on and on about the excitement that the MFC has brought to the TEAM but I would like to open the conversation up to the Kaizen community, or anyone else who wishes to contribute.  I would really appreciate your comments and stories about how the MFC or any other LIFE product has changed your life. Fight fiercely, Claude Hamilton.

the Life Mental Fitness Challenge

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Yours in victory,


228 thoughts on “Explosion of Testimonials on New LIFE Results

  1. Claude the results that we are seeing from the mental fitness challenge are amazing – the best is when you get the 360 degree feedback – it is the best tool in the MFC

  2. The MFC is a pretty cool adventure to go on and see what results you can get! I also just can’t get over what a good deal the package is! Love it!

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  4. Since reading personality plus I have noticed a big change in myself and how I see other people as well. The most prominent change I have seen is being able to notice each and everyone’s different personalities and how they are not trying to be a certain way it is just how they are.

  5. I’m on day 21 of the Mental Fitness Challenge and it has been one of the most rewarding things I have done. The material put together by Orrin and Chris along with the Policy Council is amazing. I am proud to be part of the TEAM and Team Kaizen.

    Rock of Kaizen

  6. The Buzz over the MFC so sticking fired up.. wow-zers.. this is what I needed in my life to get me rocking. And to help others do the same thing so amazing give others the opportunity to do the same. LIVING THE LIFE YOU’VE ALWAYS WANTED and so much easier to talk to people about it. Thank you Orrin, Chris, Claude and the rest of the PC for standing strong with character and integrity. :0 God Bless for all the changed lives and the legacy you will leave behind for generations.

  7. Just dropping a note to let you know that we had our first group challenge last night and it was awesome! Everyone had positive feedback and can’t wait for the next one!

  8. Claude, being involved in the LIFE business as a family, I can really relate to a number of your comments about improvements in all different areas of peoples’ lives.

    The LIFE opportunity, and now the course that is being charted for the Mental Fitness Challenge is truly amazing!

    • Orrin, you told me this would happen!!! Because you have built the biggest community and the tightest team and most importantly have changed more peoples lives for the better i am so thankful to have you lead us. luv yah

  9. Last night’s challenge group was great! It feels good to have a meaningful conversation with a group of non-judgmental friends who truly care, can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Hey Claude,

    Just kicking off my MFC journey this week. It’s exciting to know that I have a tool that not only takes stock of where I stand currently but also provides a path to follow that guides me toward living the life I’ve always wanted. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, glad to be travelling in such fine company as all of you!

    Tonight’s challenge group was great – People really appreciated having a meaningful discussion and being given the opportunity to share their thoughts with others.

  11. MFC is, and will, continue to change this world – one family at a time. We feel truly blessed to be involved in a business that is allowing people to “live the life they have always wanted”. Thank you to Claude and Lana, and the rest of the LIFE founders for leading us all to a better way of life!

    • Awesome, it is like winning the Stanley Cup however it keeps changing you and winning the Stanley Cup changes you for a season.

  12. The LIFE product has tremendous impact on people and in our lives. Val and I are learning to become better people and learn to communicate better and understanding each other better. The financial pack has been a guide for us in making financial decisions and it helped us greatly.

    So far in the MFC program, we’re asking deeper question and really challenges your mind to think at another level, were both enjoying it a lot!

  13. Looking for the key to long lasting fitness? Think Mental Fitness Challenge « Christopher VanDevere says:

    […] diet programs or exercise programs, Orrin Woodward, Claude Hamilton and the LIFE/TEAM Policy Council have launched a 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge.  The Mental […]

  14. The |MFC is a great tool and it is going to help us live the life that we have always wanted.

  15. Claude,
    The MFC is fantastic. I’ve got more books scattered throughout my house then I can count. I’m addicted to reading and learning. My 9 year old has even joined the fun and is now reading The Ant and The Elephant by Vince Poscente.
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!!


  16. The launch of the MFC at the major in Ohio was incredible, what a weekend! Can’t wait to see what’s next. I’ve been part of this organization to realize that there is always something coming next.

  17. Claude, the MFC is a great way to launch our businesses, our thinking and our futures into a whole new level! The subscriptions can steer us from there!
    This is the best product I have ever seen in the industry, but it is a product that produces a unique and one of a kind end product…a better person!
    Ultimately there is really no competitor out there than can compete with that!

    Sandra Saunders

  18. Hey Claude, I am a 16 year old girl from PEI. I have been listening to the CDs and reading books alot! And I was never a big reader.. Actually you could say I hated reading lol. But ever since I started reading and listening to the Team/LIFE CDs and books they have changed the way I think about things and they taught me to look at things from other perspectives. I can not wait to be able to join the team for myself.. Only 2 more years!!
    “Mental Fitness Challenge.
    It’s like P90X for the brain, it’s sweeping the nation.” -Jenn Paul

    • That is awesome!!!
      Truly awesome
      I am sooooooooooo thankyou for youth like your self that desire truth in their life.
      Hats off to you!! and
      thanks Claude for leading!!!!!!
      about changing lives

    • That is so awesome!
      Good to know this material is getting to young people and having a great change.

  19. I love everything the MFC is; from the concept of a challenge to reach your goals, accountabilty partners, 360 feedback…so amazing. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with the MFC. I look forward to the challenge daily!

  20. Claude,

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to get involved in MFC. This product along with all the other LIFE products are life changing materials for sure. Each day there is a new challenge, and when reading the book and listening to the CD’s you can see where it makes LIFE something to be all “Fired Up” about.

    Great job to all of our Team up here in Canada, you should all be very proud of the hard work you have accomplished!!!!!

    Looking forward to our first MFC meeting this evening:)

  21. Just a quick to say that Team Kaizen has fabulous leaders and all the LIFE products have certainely helped us to became better leaders in all areas of our lives, and all though we have had some personal and family struggles and set backs over the past number of months, we are ” still in the game ” and continue to learn.

  22. Claude, thank you and the rest of the founders for LIFE. It is exciting and so full of great information. The Mental Fitness Challenge is so great I can hardly believe it. Thank you for mentoring Wayne and Raylene McNamara and for them to mentor Stuart and Carrianne Hall. With out them I would never have known about this business and I would be just slogging along in a lesser life than I have now. I and Jan are now so blessed with not only the LIFE products, but with such great friends and mentors.
    Keep up the excellent work that you and Lana are doing.

  23. The MFC is awesome, I tried reading the Resolved book before and never got alot out of it and now I’m getting a ton out of it!! My attitude will never be the same again I’m more conscious of how that was affecting my kids. I think they could tell you how its working on me already.

  24. I left High School and College knowing that I didn’t necessarily go to the best schools but I had teachers who taught from textbooks, syllabuses and their lengthy life experiences, so hey, I had to be well equipped to face the journey of life right! I did after all pay the money and spent my time so I had to have had the “right” information. I’ve been fortunate enough to bring a few friends from the “good ol’ days” with me through my life who have seen me make gains and seen me experience successes. But there’s always been a nagging feeling that I was missing something. A friend from the soccer fields of long ago resurfaced and took a chance on me by introducing me to LIFE. It wasn’t until I started reading these materials and listening to the Cd’s that I was sucker punched by the “AH HA”! I finally found what had been missing!!
    As if finding LIFE wasn’t a find in itself then along comes the MFC. This challenge is to me as the “Magic Mirror Gate” was to Atreyu in the Never Ending Story, in that by seeing my innermost self and making the necessary changes will I only then be able to turn off my road of mediocrity and on to the road of excellence. I’ve learned that gains, successes and happiness are not dependant upon circumstance, luck or where you come from, instead it all is dependant upon you.
    I truly believe I have found life-long friends in the Community of LIFE. I have never truly felt a sense of belonging without judgement at one level or another in where I’ve come from, where I’m going and what I have or don’t have. Enter LIFE. I’m grateful to finally have an upline in my life that includes you (Claude) and Lana, Wayne and Raylene MacNamara and Joe and Marianne Keller who has mine and so many other peoples’ best interests at heart not because of a pay check but out of selflessness.
    And now, back to my Cd’s :)

      • It never occured to me to reply to blogs before. I considered blogs to be reading material that you ingested and applied. Plus I never wanted my dramatic chattiness to out-run the blog itself. But with something like this, I figured now was a great opportunity to unleash my chattiness, because LIFE, the MFC and the Community is something that people are missing and needing and need to know about it. It’s about time Positivity took the centre stage away from Negativity .. Cheers to your next road trip mister !!

    • Thanks Mandie missed you this week the challenge group was amazing you are so going to love them. Marianne and I look forward to seeing you at the 200 club this weekend talk soon

  25. Hi Claude, After hearing from Jill Guzzardo at the ladies leadership on Friday night and how the MFC is impacting the individuals on the team I am even more excited. My perspective has changed once again and I thought of a few more people that I could reach with this opportunity that I hadn’t thought of before.

    As far as the other life products, to say the information has changed my life would not be an over statement. The biggest thing that has changed for me is in the area of parenting. I am raising 3 teens and before I was feeling pretty helpless and to be honest I had started feeling hopeless too. My children were struggling in school, getting in trouble and had started experimenting with drugs. My relationship with my oldest daughter was so tense that we literally could not be around each other without fighting.

    After learning & applying some of principles taught in the life information I have realized the impact I have as a parent and no longer feel helpless.

    My daughter & I now spend friction free time together and are building a new positive relationship. My 2 sons are being home schooled and have improved significantly academically. They no longer experiment with drugs and are choosing to associate with friends that do not participate in that lifestyle.

    My perspective has gone from a frustrated, hopeless parent to a grateful, proud parent who counts her blessings everyday. I am not perfect but I now have the tools to be better and become the parent I always wanted to be.

    I must to give credit and thanks to God for literally answering my prayers and leading me to this life changing information.

    Love & Blessings, Karen

  26. Hey Claude,

    The system, the subscriptions and the association have made an impact on my life immensely. I really don’t think Jon and I would be blessed to have our son Logan if it wasn’t for TEAM.

    I believe it was said in the introduction to Orrin’s book “Resolved” – “the soul can be schooled”…. The MFC is helping people all over to expand their knowledge and develop better characters, which is exactly what the world needs.

    We are blessed to have people like Alex and Leighann Nickerson as mentors and friends to help us through this journey of LIFE. I could make a list a mile long with people who have impacted our lives since we got in business and I appreciate every single one of them. (you know who you are!)

    Thank you Claude and Lana for being great leaders in our community and making a difference in so many peoples lives. Give that handsome little Wyatt a squeeze for me :-)

  27. Being involved in this business really has been a god send for us in our lives! since the launch of the Mental Fitness Challenge we have had the opportunity to set goals daily and stick to them with conviction!!! God bless the amazing leaders who have worked diligently to create such an amazing program for literally anyone and everyone!!!! This will change everything if you challenge yourself and I encourage anyone to take the challenge. It has enriched our lives to no end and we will be forever grateful!!! Claude and Lana; thank you for being so genuine and sincere! We are all so blessed to have crossed paths with your lives, you have become our role models!!!!

  28. When you first talked about MFC at the winter seminar in Ohio I was intregued. The wheels started turning and there was a buzz among the local groups as to what this MFC could be. Then with the spring launch a couple weeks ago it became a whirlwind stepping stone to jump start your business by self improvement. Knowing what parts of your life we can inprove on will have life changing effects on everyone that takes the MFC.

  29. The MFC is going VIRAL and I along witht he rest of us canadians are gonna do our part. Claude and Lana as well as Wayne and Ray are such great leaders and deserve to be where they are at and more for all the hard work they’ve done and the lives they have helped change for the good. You know someone is truly a great leader when he drives his coach across the country to come hang out with the members of his teams when he doesn’t have to. Thank you Claude for starting that giant ripple effect in our country that’s gonna reach so many needful people!

  30. The MFC is a course for you if you want to be wealthy and have a great marriage…. We finally have teachers to teach this course! Who doesn’t want the results that MFC and LIFE products can give you??? Take the challenge and see for yourself!

  31. It is a blast watching the excitment that Claude brings to a crowd but can also be very relatable with one on one

  32. Words cannot fully desribe what this information and what the Mental Fitness Challenge can do. It’s hard to believe that I used to think that things were “pretty good”, but man was I a victim of just good instead of great! This material has given me the keys to doors that I never knew could be opened. This has really helped me realize that all change starts within and begins to leak out, contributing to making this world a better place. I just feel so blessed to have this in my life now! I could not thank Claude and Lana enough for the impacts they have made on other’s lives! Thank you guys for leading people to the life they always wanted!

  33. I have always struggled to find my purpose in life, so I love how that is the first thing we dig into in this challenge!
    “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain

    I am looking forward to clarifying my WHY! Thank you Claude and all the PC for this amazing tool.

    • I couldn’t have said it better. We all just got goosebumps reading your post. Thanks for your inspiration! :)

      • Thank you Tonia. That is very sweet. I truly hope that we will be able to help have a positive impact on many lives.

  34. Its very exciting to see these amazing changes in peoples lives in such short periods of time! Imagine what the long term results are going to be!

  35. The information within the pack is so enlightening! I can’t think of anyone who couldn’t receive value from this program. Why wait? Improve yourself, improve your life!

  36. MFC has been a wonderful adventure to embark on with my husband as we are learning what each others goals are and working on understanding our purpose. Thank you to the LIFE business founders for bringing out this amazing product to market.

    • It has been such a privilege to meet you and your family. LIFE and MFC have opened so many doors for us! It is great to see the changes in our kids as well as yours. :)

  37. You don’t realize how much it changes your life untill u are faced with adversity and u come out thinking how the old you woulda have reacted

    • Very true, and the possible options that flow through your head about what you COULD have done but what you really did was the right thing and this is what the MFC can do.

  38. The MFC is an absolutely amazing self improvement product. Two weeks in and I can already notice a major change in my life and the way I think. Its an incentive to read more and to improve my daily results by tracking my progress and having a partner who is counting on me to complete my daily tasks. The MFC is absolutely for everyone and I truly believe the world can be a better place if everyone used this 90 day challenge.

  39. Hey Claude, It so cool to here from the people that the infromation is changing their LIFE and even see it being apply. MFC rocks. This will change boys into men, men into leaders of our family and world. that what we need.
    thanks Claude

  40. The work and help fr Claude and Lana what it has done to change mine, my son my sisters and brother in law lives, Gavyn, Karyn Campbell, Raylene and Wayne MacNamara. I can not thank them enough they are awesome people, for the founders and all the other PC for Life Business thank you so much.

    • I agree – their impact has reached far past their own efforts. Through great teaching and material, they’ve duplicated their efforts by developing great leaders that are doing the same!

    • Thank you Vicky for bringing Life and your family into our lives, and your so right with Claude and Lana and their vision and belief in us along with the rest of the Life founders we will get to a MILLION

  41. Hey Claude, knowing that if we want to change our circumstance, change our communities, change the world…. change starts with me! The MFC is just the perfect tool to make that happen!

  42. Loving the format of the MFC. It allows us all to identify where we need to tweek or to engage in a complete refit of our approach with Family and Friends. Thank You Claude and Lana for being part of laying out the path for the rest of us to Follow.

  43. Claude, the MFC allows us to learn without having to gain the experience that you and the founders had to. You’ve given us all such an amazing opportunity that I hope everyone takes advantage of!!

    • One home at a time, the MFC will make a difference in the world! Cant wait to hear more and more testimonies!!!

      • The testimonials are empowering!! Through reading them, I feel as though I have a lot of (indirect) accountability partners .. “Game on Mister”

  44. The material in the finance pack, has also helped me in many areas of my life and helping me to not spend when I don’t NEED to, on unnecessary things..Tim Horton’s Coffee or eating out. Thanks to the information. Doing the MFC test has made me really see where my weaknesses are! I thank LIFE and Team for being in my life on a daily basis.

  45. Such an amazing product with years of expertise behind it. Life changing information at the lowest possible price. This is a real game changer getting people to realize that there is so muich more to life and finding out just what there purpose in life is. I can’t wait to see my end result for the changes already seen in so many are stagering.

    • We have to start by changing ourselves!! Fired up Joe! Claude, Wayne and the LIFE founders and PC are giving us the ammo to make a serious difference out there!!!

    • First step .. ourselves .. Second step .. limitless possibilities. You and Marianne have been exemplary leaders to our team. The two of you as a couple equiped with the MFC are going to be a force that will have people talking about for a long time to come. You both possess leadership skills I aspire to have in my own mission in life and LIFE. All the best in your MFC quest :)

    • It’s fun to watch people change as they go through the challenge. Many people don’t realize the growth they’ve gone through (living it daily), bit for those of us who are watching – amazing growth and change taking place!

  46. The 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge is fantastic launch pad to a LIFE long journey of excellence! I’m taking the challenge and a am brave sole to get 360 degree feedback from close friends & business partners, family members, even my wife (really brave) and especially from my mentors Wayne & Raylene MacNamara. I can’t wait to see how the Challenge Group meetings (starting May 15th) will enhance the MFC.

    Wade Hamblin

  47. Being part of this Team -LIFE community has helped me discover the best leadership principles by reading the best leadership books out there!! Through them I have discovered my life purpose which has really changed the course of my life!! I love the MFC Challenge and can’t wait to see lives transformed in a positive way in our community and with those we unknowingly influence by changing ourselves….

    • There’s so many stories just like this. It’s amazing to see how this system and the MFC have given such fulfillment and joy to peoples’ lives.

      • Just think of the number of stories we’ll have to share tomorrow! The challenge groups are going to be truly exciting!

  48. A kind of humorous result of the great information we’ve been getting through the MFC is that my husband is getting job offers! He owns a couple businesses so thats the last thing hes looking for but people are noticing the changes in him and wanting him to build their dream! Thankfully he is out there chasing ours!!

  49. Thanks to Claude and the rest of the LIFE founders for launching this amazing addition to to the LIFE portfolio of products. If it wernt for the marriage and finance information I received thru LIFE my world would be upside down

  50. The MFC is a great way to use, 360 degree feedback and get a real honest look in the mirror! Love it! Great article Claude!

  51. I think my favorite thing about the MFC (and it’s hard to pick one favorite thing! Because it’s AWESOME!), is the way that it leads people into engaging with the life changing information in the LIFE products! It is so exciting to see the changes in my own life, but also in the lives of every other person applying this information to their lives.

    • I think my favourite thing about the whole concept is something I haven’t even done yet! The small challenge groups are going to be awesome. My experience with small groups has been phenomenal when used with great info and engaged people.

      The MFC groups should be all that and more.

  52. Claude awsome blog! Catherine an English major and a couple university degrees and I’m dyslexic with learning disablilities and both of us take something different from the same information! Together doing as a couple and feeling equal is so rewarding for someone with such troubles I have. The mental fitness challenge doesn’t pick on me like teachers did and its helping me grow quickly!
    Thanks for the MFC as its changing our lives and my learning confidence!
    Chad & Catherine Waters

    • I’m proud to be associated with you guys. You’ve many strengths that I admire – including the willingness to grow and change. MFC is a great conduit for that.

    • Hey Claude,

      Patrick and I are so fired up about the MFC! We love the straightforwardness of the self assessment, then the ability to professionally ask our friends and family to provide us feedback. Believe me there were eye openers for both of us!!

      We love the LIFE products. Knowing that there is solid, time tested information out there for any questions or situations you come across in life is not only exciting, but reassuring that we’re not in our battles alone.

      We have been blessed to have amazing examples of leadership on the Kaizen team and closely thru Alex and Leighann. We admire their perseverance and their abilities as leaders to grab ahold of change and apply new found information to it then share that with everyone in such a relatable way!!

      Thank you for inviting us along on this crazy journey called LIFE!

      Pat & Alicia

  53. The mfc and life products have really helped me with my finances and with my relationship my wife, awesome stuff!

  54. I love hearing how the Life materials and the MFC are affecting families. We have seen families working together for common goals, sharing experiences, talking about ideas they are learning, addressing the big issues (often finances) and involving their children in all of it. These are families that previously just “co-existed”. They are excited to be relating to one another again.
    For me, its exciting to see something changing peoples’ lives!

    Thank you to the leaders for such great information packed in a format that is fun and easy to follow. We are all developing great habits of reading and listening to good information!!

  55. Such an uplifting and life changing experience. Only positive things to say about LIFE, Team, the MFC and this community. So excited to be part of this.

  56. Wow Claude. Reading that explains exactly what the MFC is all about. Those examples of Families just communicating better from ONE book blows my mind in how some families will be stuck in a rut for 20 years when ONE single book could drastically change their lives and improve them in days. Also with the financial information I can say that my financial knowledge has increased greatly and being 23 years old I’m on a great path for financial freedom. I’m so excited for more information coming into my life and changing it for the better. I know my Friends and Family have seen a big difference because of this specific information.

    • Man! I always great freaked out when I realize the amazing information that we have access to now….. I wish that someone had shared this with me when I was …. younger! I’m excited to see the positive impact that the information will have throughout the years for all the younger people getting actively engaged in effecting positive changes into their lives.

  57. LIFE and MFC are an amazing way to make a difference in your own life and to helps others succeed. We are privileged to have this opportunity in our life and look forward to much more success!

  58. With this amazing product and such servant leaders our world is truly changing for the better. Our community is becoming a force for good as our members continue to improve and live intentional lives. Thank you Claude and Lana for your tremendous example.

  59. For me the MFC is another tool in my arsenal for working to change my own thinking and for helping others do the same.

    For years, I would be working on a personal challenge or just gotten through something and run into someone who was in the same boat. I would catch myself thinking, “I so wish I had some way to help them get through that, cause I really know how they feel!”. But I had nothing more to offer than my limited personal wisdom.

    Now I have a whole quiver full of options with the MFC being the best one yet!

    Thanks are in order to everyone I work with and who works to get the word out about how to get the live you’ve always wanted!

    • You are an inspiration Colleen. You and Lenny are amazing and we are so honoured to count you among our friends. You are growing by leaps and bounds and I love that we are on this journey together!

      • I have spent a few months on my own personal growth. I had some healing to do and these products have made me feel so much better and I am finding myself again. Now it is time for me to step out of my comfort zone and get this started as a business and help my team grow which is a challenge for me, but I know I can do this; I have great support and I am thankful for that.

    • I’ll keep it short and sweet….. What my beautiful wife said hits the nail on the head. Loop Anyone??

    • Thanks to Jamie and you for being such incredible leaders, and for bringing this LIFE and MFC opportunity to our lives!

    • I’ve had more than one person say that it helped them realize that they even had blind spots! So true of me too! What a shock when you find that you don’t know what you don’t know (as Chris Brady says so well).

    • I’m looking forward to not only finding my blind spots, but to FOCUS on improving myself in those areas. I am confident that the MFC program will help me resolve to improve myself and serve others.

    • Thank you so much Gracie and Jamie for introducing us to this wonderful community. We’re blessed to know you and be a part of your team. <3

  60. Hi Claude, This MFC is helping Mike and I get our family to the Life we always wanted. This is amazing material, every family across the world should have this challenge in their homes. So every person we as a team go reach we are one step closer.

  61. Claude, I’m so thankful to the LIFE Founders for creating the LIFE products, including the MFC. After being involved a very short time, I am seeing differences in how I approach situations, how I deal with people, and in my relationships with my wife and children. This has been (and will continue to be) a positive impact in our lives.

    • That is wonderful to hear Jamie! I am so excited for our first challenge group tonight so I can hear about all the amazing personal growth in our community!

    • We can all see the difference Jamie; you and Lisa are on the road to living the lives you’ve always wanted! So excited for you and the kids.

  62. Thank you, Claude, and the rest of the LIFE founders, for putting together such an amazing, step by step guide to living the life we’ve always wanted. We have so much trust in you and the other leaders of Team Life. You have always put the most important things first and give EVERYONE a chance to really succeed. We are truly inspired by what you have done and you give us the belief that we can achieve great things too.

    • Also, want to thank Joe and Marianne Keller for sticking with us and Wayne and Raylene for leading from the front. This is such an amazing group of people to be involved with. We’re going to make sure that the MFC is a household name in the Nation’s Capital!!!

    • Couldn’t agree more. This group of leaders and what they are doing are changing the way of how people act and bringing back big things like Character, Integrity, and Honesty

  63. The excitement around the MFC is incredible, and as you said its great to hear all the testimonies from people of how its improving their lives. Everyone definitely is talking MFC!!!

    • It’s so amazing to have such a pipeline to the originators of the program providing direct feedback for the PDCA process.

    • It is so exciting to hear from so many people from so many places, the success they are having because of the MFC and LIFE products!!

  64. The absolute genius with MFC is that we have the most humble men and women who have authored a program that will enable the willing participants to make changes in their lives that will create a ripple effect starting from them, to family, to friends, to community etc… Thank you Orrin, Chris, Claude and the rest of the PC’s and of course Wayne and Raylene for guiding us through the good and the challenging stuff.

  65. Thanks for sharing those stories, Claude! I will never tire of hearing how LIFE and the MFC are impacting so many lives, and in such different areas and ways.

    • I agree! LIFE is an amazing opportunity to get better. The tough thing is knowing where to start to make the changes, but LIFE and MFC do it for you. It’s a no-brainer, really!

    • Its changing/helping this dyslexic come over many obstacles in life! I have choosen to fight the negativity and now the “MFC” is prooving I can do it as the with the rest! How the teachers labeled me so wrong! Thanks for developing MFC and LIFE it truly is a blessing.

      • Chad Waters for PC!!! love ya Chad, you are a true servant leader and have been an inspiration to both Mike, myself, and so many others!!!

    • Thanks to you and Orrin we here in Canada now have a chance to totally change our country, one person at a time. God Bless!

    • We’re so thankful for what has already been accomplished and for the future of all these exceptional families.

  66. Claude, you are right about that Personality Plus for Parents book. It’s amazing! That book truly helped me improve my parenting skills with my son Kaleb!!

    • Joce, you and Cynthia are great leaders! Always in the front and leading with great example!

      • We agree, Joce & Cynthia rock as leaders! PP for parents;We just became brand new grandparents and giving this book to our son & wife, while they still have time to read and baby Emma Rose sleeps! =)

    • Well Joce-you led me to the fist Personality + and I loved the results. Look like a got a new book to place near the top of the pile!

  67. Hi Claude,
    I can’t speak enough about the impact The Five Love Languages has had on me and my wifes relationship. I used to take things a little too personal when “certain things” wouldn’t go may way but what I realized is that we weren’t talking the same love language. I found out that I was physical touch and she was acts of service. Man things have really gotten better since that book!

    • That Book Five Love Languages is a Game Changer for relationships. Its takes a lot of what I did before (banging my head against the wall trying to figure out stuff in relationships) to now understanding and avoiding a lot of heart ache and frustration. Excited for more information

  68. I love the systematic approach of MFC to help instill positive life changing habits into our lives. It’s only been a couple of weeks since ‘launch’ and the feedback is amazing. 90 days to begin living the life you’ve always wanted…. Who wouldn’t want to do that!

      • I love it too. So many people are working hard, and not getting any closer to that ‘life’. Obviously, there must be something that we/they are missing preventing us from achieving the results we’re looking for. MFC bridges us from here and now to that life we want. It equips us with the tools to begin living that life.

      • I love it too. We are bombarded with messages that tell us to live the life others think we should live.
        So few people are living with passion and a purpose. This is a great message to people, its your life, figure out what it was meant to be, go out and live it on purpose!
        The MFC gets people thinking about this right at the start and all the way through are reminded that this is the underlying principle. Looking forward to digging into it deeper at the Challenge Groups!

      • “Live the life you have always wanted” would not have the same meaning without you and Lana being a huge part of our life. Thanks for leading from the front lines.

      • Living the life…. Or just existing? I was tired of existing (which included living out the expectations of others). MFC can switch the lights on for others who are doing the same!

  69. The MFC is Great ! I get so excited about it when I’m talking to people that I have to have my Loving Husband explain to them what the heck I’m trying to say. :-)
    I am so Proud to be a member of the Kaizen Team. Having the opportunity to talk with you and Lana, has been incredible.
    Working with Wayne and Rayleen MacNamara is like having a pipe line to all the great information and experience that you have.
    Keep teaching, and we’ll see you from stage someday.

      • Wayne and Raylene are great connectors to life changing information. They are creating a leadership vacuum for people to follow behind them and impact 100’s and 1000’s of families in a positive manner by sharing the world class information from LIFE and MFC.

      • If only some spot franchises could pick winners like you, Lana, Wayne and Raylene, there might then be a championship back in Toronto!!

    • It is wonderful to hear about all the couples working so hard together! We couldn’t ask for better leaders than Claude & Lana or Wayne & Raylene. With the example of these two couples and their servant attitude towards leadership, Scott is right about the leadership vacuum and we are working to earn our place in the stream! Thank you Claude for keeping us all on track!

      • Thanks Wayne and Raylene, the impact you both are making in people’s lives are outstanding, thanks for setting the example, we love you both.

  70. Hi Claude,

    The information that LIFE had to offer was always amazing, but now it has been packaged in an incredible 90 day Boot Camp for the Brain! Once you go through this program and seeing the results in their lives, it will be impossible for someone not to want to continue with improving themselves!

    Thanks Claude and the rest of the LIFE founders for putting together this great program!

      • We’ve started using the “Boot Camp for the Brain” as our catch phrase! What a way to get people to realize that it is a focused effort to improve their thinking! It also sets the tone for the challenge and gets people ready for the work!

      • “Boot camp for the brain” I ilke that. Gives new meaning to the phrase I heard when I was a kid “like a kick in the head”

    • I like how people will do a 90 day fitness challenge for their body but won’t even think about doing one for their brain. Boot camp for your brain is a great description.

      • Not only that, but until they learn how to train their brain, the thinking part will always go back to their “comfort zone”, MFC is truly all that and a bag of chips!!(healthy ones)lol

  71. Well Claude I can tell you that I think the Mental Fitness Challenge is the most significant tool today to bring this world back to health and morals. I am enjoying this challenge so much and I feel better about working on areas I need to improve in

  72. We have been involved in a couple of training systems in the past but nothing compares to the professional system that Team has developed. The MFC is going to be a game breaker and affect thousands of people that we haven’t even met yet. Fired up!!!

  73. Hey Claude, you are absolutely right that people are buzzing about the MFC!! It has just been launched and the feedback is pouring in. We all have issues in our life but to have a product that helps you get to the core of it all and then work your way out is tremendous! I’m sure you’ll get alot more great testimonials on this! Thanks for everything!

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