Orrin Woodward $3 Million Secret Deal Exposed!

Orrin Woodward’s Three Million Dollar Secret deal exposed!

Orrin Woodward claims he does not like special deals or signing bonuses and yet he allegedly signed a 3 million dollar signing bonus with Monavie after he left Quixtar. I did some research to discover the facts, facts that I’m sure many would find shocking to say the least.

Orrin has never written or discussed publicly what he did with the signing bonus… to respect the wishes of the MonaVie owners

I have been business partners with Orrin Woodward for over 10 years now and have been in the Direct Sales industry for 23 years. I have seen and experienced a lot, but one of the most surprising and actually refreshingly honourable things I have seen is how Orrin handled a difficult and complex situation. In Quixtar, Orrin and Laurie had built a massive fast growing organization. Along with Chris and Terri Brady, they pioneered the “Team Approach” to building depth and perfected a duplicatable system. Nonetheless, the thing they did, that had the greatest impact and attracted the most people was the equitable compensation programs they developed.

One of the biggest components of joining with Monavie was a 3 million dollar signing bonus…

I know this because I was one of the people who was attracted to the system they created. Not just because it paid a lot of money and was efficient, but mainly because it was fair! Unlike every other training organization, I didn’t need a special deal or a backroom bargain to succeed. I just wanted to be on an even playing field and have transparency and that’s what Orrin and Chris provided.

I feel it’s time to reveal the secret because it explains why so many people follow Orrin, namely, his character

In late 2008, after sitting out of the industry for almost a year, Orrin and Chris worked out an agreement for Orrin’s large organization to work with Monavie. They did so because Quixtar refused to settle the numerous lawsuits against Orrin’s leaders, thus starting their own company was put on hold and helping the community survive was the number one priority. This included not only the large group Orrin had built, but also the people like me, who had built large organizations and wanted to be a part of what Orrin’s community. Without Orrin’s leadership I would never have been interested in joining Monavie, but realized without MonaVie’s support, Quixtar would bankrupt Orrin and Chris like they had other leaders in the past. I followed Orrin and Chris because of all the things I liked about them and how they conducted their lives and business.

…without MonaVie’s support, Quixtar would bankrupt Orrin and Chris like they had other leaders in the past…

One of the biggest components of joining with Monavie was a 3 million dollar signing bonus that Orrin received as a result of the large amount of business following him into Monavie, volume that Monavie would never have received without Orrin. This number is so big, it sounds like a pro sports signing bonus!! MonaVie originally asked Orrin to keep the signing bonus secret, but Orrin said he must tell his Policy Council, as they are involved in the policy decisions. The real question is: What did he do with the money? Orrin didn’t go buy a new boat or take a trip around the world vacation, which is something I probably would have probably done!! He put it into an account that he literally had no signing authority on to make it available to pay other’s legal bills.

At the time, “The Team” was incurring massive legal bills in their battle with Quixtar, and Orrin’s focus was on maintaining the community’s financial solvency. This signing bonus would make the difference between survival or bankruptcy for many on his team. I personally have friends in the business, some in my own team that had their legal bills paid for just because they were part of Orrin’s organization. And when the 3 million ran out, and the leadership of the team had smaller incomes because the legal bills needed to get paid, the office tracked those contributions and payed them back fully! I know this because I saw it with my own eyes. Also I asked the one person who did have signing authority for that account and he confirmed what I had heard was true!

My main point in all this is that Orrin has never written or discussed publicly what he did with the signing bonus. He has kept this information private to respect the wishes of the MonaVie owners. Now that MonaVie is no longer operating, however, I feel it’s time to reveal the secret because it explains why so many people follow Orrin, namely, his character.

Orrin’s success in business earned him a bonus, that many people would have used for their own pleasure and I wouldn’t blame them; instead Orrin used that bonus to make sure we survived our legal battles and had a business to build in the future. I know what I write is true, because I was one of those Policy Council members that Orrin notified when he signed for the 3 million dollar bonus. Now, the reader knows the rest of the story.

Today as I sit here and write this blog post I look around and know I am amazingly blessed in so many ways, one of them is having a friend and business partner that is selfless and has priorities higher then just padding his bank account.

…because it paid a lot of money and was efficient, but mainly because it was fair!

Often times I get asked why LIFE doesn’t pay big bonuses to leaders bringing large organizations in from other businesses. The reason is LIFE isn’t looking for a quick buck or quick fix. We want to spread truth and impact lives thru our “Green Box” revolution. Everyone gets the same deal. They start just like everyone else does. I have never seen someone enroll and get offered a better deal from LIFE than anyone else. I always tell people to do whats best for the newest person, and in the long term, its what will be best for the team and your own personal success.

This is why as the LIFE grows around the world, serving tens of thousands of people.

When someone says something petty to me about Orrin Woodward, I can always reflect back upon the many examples of him doing the right thing because it was the right thing, doing what was best for the team instead of himself repeatedly. It’s never difficult to discover where Orrin will fall land on any topic because he focuses on what is the principle at stake and follows the principle, every time.

Orrin Woodward’s 3 million dollar secret has been revealed and, not surprisingly, the secret confirms, yet again, why I follow Orrin Woodward. I follow Orrin not because of the many accolades he has received, but because he lives a principle-centered life and inspires me to do the same.


Feel free to comment below if you have similar thoughts, history or experiences.

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New Policy Council Members Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

New Policy Council Members Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

New Policy Council Members

Wayne & Raylene MacNamara

Well, as much as I intend to blog more often then I do , it seems most of the time I don’t get to it.  However, the past few months have been amazing and so memorable that I have so much to share and can’t put it off any longer! Wayne and Raylene MacNamara are new Policy Council members!!

I remember crossing as a new PC and it was definitely a huge accomplishment that meant a lot to me. However, watching Wayne and Ray go PC was a million times better.

We met Wayne and Ray ten years ago, they were in their early 20’s and both working at factories.  Over 5 years we became best friends and although their business didn’t explode, our relationship grew to be rock solid. Wayne and Ray had been going to seminars and digesting books and listening to CDs, basically becoming professional students of success.

Then we joined TEAM led by Orrin Woodward and things changed.  Both the MacNamara’s and our business started to grow, fast then faster then crazy fast! Wayne had only a handful of people on his team, although super committed, and now those people are his closest friends and also big leaders themselves earning their own success.

That’s what I love about the LIFE business. No one makes it without helping others make it.

I loved watching MacNamara’s team so excited to celebrate their leaders success. I loved watching MacNamara’s families in the audience as Wayne and Ray crossed and gave an amazing inspiring heartfelt speech. I loved watching Orrin and Laurie, great mentors and best friends of mine, give Wayne and Ray, also great friends, their PC ring and pendant.

I loved Wayne’s first PC meeting, having him get to be part of such an amazing group of men is such a blessing. I loved all the stories and memories we shared with the MacNamara’s as we spent 2 weekends in a row with them celebrating and reminiscing about the journey to PC.

MOST AMAZINGLY WE LOVED meeting Wayne and Ray in Louisville, after they left at 3am in the morning from Toronto, having just gotten positive results in a pregnancy test!! THAT’S FREAKING RIGHT!!! They found out they were pregnant hours before crossing as PC for the first time!!! CAN U BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

I could barely hold myself together. Lana and Ray cried all weekend, we all thought Wayne would get too excited and just blurt it out on stage!!!

So there you have it, Wayne and Ray are new PC and expecting parents!!! WOWSERS!!!

I have a million great stories about the MacNamara’s. I will try to tell a lot of them over the next few blog posts. But one I will leave you with something Ray said about Wayne during their PC speech. Wayne and Ray met and fell in love when they were 15. (this is quite normal in Cape Breton Ha Ha!!!)

They have been together since then, 20 years!!! Ray said “I knew him as a boy, and watched him grow into the man he is today”.  Now she will get to watch him become an amazing father. I have so much passion for them as friends and partners.

We are so proud of them!!!!

Fight Fiercely